New ritualists den in Ibadan discovered – Pants, bras recovered

A new ritualists den in Ibadan has been discovered in Benjamin, a popular area in Eleyele, a major suburb in the Oyo state capital.

The news of the ritualists’ underground tunnel, hit the city, the development that made many people to troop out to catch a glimpse of the said spot.

New ritualists den in Ibadan discovered - Pants, bras recovered lailasnews 4
New ritualists den in Ibadan discovered – Pants, bras recovered

It was discovered that there was a tunnel for the control of the flooding on the Dugbe/Eleyele expressway, few metres away from the state police command headquarters in Eleyele.

According to a report by Daily Post, female under wears and other shanties, which looked like charms, littered the tunnel area, fueling suspicion that nefarious activities were going on in the area before the discovery.

Reports have it that unidentified security personnel had come to raid the tunnel and caught one man with alleged human parts.

There were human footprints to indicate human activities in the tunnel which lie under the main road.

The tunnel led to an abandoned filing station on the road, where other items, including brassieres were spotted.

A source in the area told newsmen that policemen were at the scene to arrest the suspected ritualists.

He said

“I have been plying this route; you can never believe something like this was here. People have been gathering here since morning. They found people there with human parts. The police came and found people inside the hole.

“They took the suspects away. One of them was looking like a mad man, but he was just disguising so that he can do his evil acts without suspicion.

But, the acting spokesman of the state police command, Mr. Akeem Adeyemo said, it was not a ritualists’ den.

He informed journalists that he made calls to the divisional police close to the area to authenticate the claim but found out it was not true.

Adeyemo said,

“Some mad people were seen around the area by passersby who suspected they could be ritualists. They pounced on them and started beating them when the police was alerted.

“On investigation, it was discovered that they were mere destitute. They (destitute) were later arrested. It is just a false alarm, which should be discountenanced”.


  1. You can imagine this, I pray That God will always continue to expose them where ever they are. And they should be investigated properly to know if there’s still another hide out for them.

  2. It unfortunate how human being don’t have feelings for others. Cannibalism should be thing of the past.

  3. You can imagine this, I pray That God will continue to expose them where ever they are.
    Thoroughly investigation should be made on this issue not just discard it.

  4. Ritualisrs could also pretend to be mad when they are about to be caught. They should be thoroughly investigated before declaring it to be false alert. May God help us

  5. God have mercy, the wicked shall run when no one chaseth, please proper investigation should be conducted and those involved should be bought to book.

  6. I pray that God exposes all the evil doers and may they be caught soon. More investigation should be carried on to ascertain their innocent.

  7. We hope to see more recoveries in the coming days. The security should carry out more raids as they receive tip offs. These wicked people must be exposed and prosecuted.

  8. may God help us from this problem we are facing in the hands of ritualist..
    i dont know what they gain..
    the police should keep on catching them

  9. Hope thorough investigation was made before declaring it a false alarm? May God be with us & protect us against all evils

  10. I pray that they are destitutes truly,more investigations should be carried out incase they are ritualist in disguise

  11. God will continue to expose and judge this wicked people. How will Nigeria move forward with all this nonsense

  12. So is it a den for ritualists or they are innocent destitutes? Then how did the female underwears get there? These questions need answers

  13. A popular site as this even close to a police command. This is to tell you that there is more than meets the eye.

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