New Amaechi audio leak – Lagos is a glorified village

In a new Amaechi audio leak on Monday, the director-general of President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign organisation, has said Lagos is a glorified village.

The transportation minister said there is insufficient water and roads in Lagos while lamenting the spate of traffic jams in the state.

New Amaechi audio leak - Lagos is a glorified village lailasnews 2
New Amaechi audio leak – Lagos is a glorified village

The audio tape was released by Phrank Shaibu, an aide of Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Shaibu had on Sunday released an audio where Amaechi said the only way Nigeria can change is for everybody to be killed.

The minister made the comments during a conversation with some journalists.

He said:

“I live in Abuja, tell me where else we have infrastructure. Lagos is a glorified village. The only difference between Lagos and other cities is the fact that business is in Lagos, everybody is there doing business, so you can at least have food,” he said in the new audio clip.

“If not tell me what else you have in Lagos? 1,000 plus megawatts. That’s all. That’s what you have. What else do you have? No water, there are no roads. The reason why you meet traffic jams in Lagos is because there are no roads.”


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  1. Lagos is more good than some of the state in this county, you can see so many opportunities there

  2. Yes, he said a fact in the audio clip; The only difference between Lagos and other cities is the fact that business is in Lagos, everybody is there doing business, so you can at least have food. I think that’s very true.

  3. Lagos is still better than other state as long as there’s peace in the state also there has been no tension or terrorisms attack

  4. Lagos State is a glorious state.just like Unite state of america.every one is good in what they do in Lagos

  5. Lagos is a better place for business and we don’t need propaganda new to know what is going on Lagos is the best state so far

  6. So you politicians are aware of the social amenities we lack in this nation yet you pretend as if you are unaware and make unfulfilled promises you never fulfill. God help nigeria

  7. Amechi said this Amechi said that, is all these not propaganda of the opposition party, is it only Amechi now that has the licence to speak, let everyone be cautious what you say and what you do.

  8. Mr minister go seat and mind your business, you keep talking about pple and know one talk’s about you at the end you deny it come off this baby act of your Mr man

  9. If the audio is truly from him, then it is wrong, Lagos isn’t a village, if he was the governor of Lagos would he say such a thing, you are all playing politics

  10. This guy has a wide mouth to talk and it’s already landed him in trouble. I hope he gets out of it you say one thing and only you contradicts it again. What’s wrong with this Amaechi self?

  11. Rotiimi amechi said he did not say anything and why are they trying to get word from the man after all Lagos is a great city and it’s continue to be great in term of business and social economy development

  12. This Amaechi can talk we,one day his talks will put him in trouble, that will send him on an extile

  13. This Amaechi is trending very well this 2019 I hope this is not one of their political strategy

  14. I think, I disagree with you mr man, which kind glorified village, hustling up and down every day.

  15. There is no point in what he said because Lagos is peaceful, environmental friendly, business oriented, infrastructures in place and development not ceasing. No state within the federation can be compared to Lagos. LAGOS IS PROGRESSING AGGRESSIVELY.

  16. This people should please leave Amaechi alone, I don’t know what he has done to them. I strongly believe that the audio tape was doctored because nobody can say that Lagos is a village, they just want to bring down Amaechi’s reputation. Lagos is the second biggest city in Nigeria and not a village.

  17. Lagos is more good than other states because alot of things happened there and u must experience alot been in lagos

  18. They are just using his words against him in a wrong way, what the man his saying is the truth now, We need a better Nigeria, if you are stranded in a traffic jam in Lagos for like, 3hours ,you will understand what he meant.

  19. I think Ameachi dosen’t supposed to say such as one the top government officials
    He’s very wrong

  20. If tgey are aware that Lagos is a glorified state, why not develop other states so as to reduce the population over there ? If not for the business and job opportunities in Lagos , we won’t be hearing about Lagos . I personally don’t like the state due to its over population.

  21. Why wouldn’t he say that when our leaders are only interested in traveling to the developed countries with our money.

  22. As this man turn back from buhari because his comments this days is saying so. Lagos is still better than so many states.

  23. annoying as this may sound to some, he is absolutely right meanwhile, he is not supposed to say such

  24. This is bullshit how can he say that
    They re just trying to tarnish his image in this country

  25. Lagos is among the best states in Nigeria, s what is this man saying this time, Lagos is far more better than other States

  26. I love Lagos, that is were it all happens in Nigeria .. Olamide said it all in his song. #IloveLagos

  27. Lagos is life, far better than many states
    And the industrialization in Lagos is amazing. Unlike other states that calls themselves oil state, and are still looking like villages, even Amaechi own state included.

  28. Although the man is saying the fact that all your leaders should be kill before Nigeria is better, buy mind him even though Abuja is not better than Lagos

  29. it only Amechi now that has the licence to speak, let everyone be cautious what you say and what you do.

  30. Lagos is still the one of the best state so far so f he likes let him criticise from now till thy kingdom come that’s his headache after he will come and tell us all them is video are not real

  31. His skeletons on the cupboard are coming to hunt him. He should be careful how he talks next time.

  32. Lagos is the best state to be because there are so many job opportunities compare to other states……….u will not value what u have until u look for that thing and can’t find it then u will realize that you where in a wonderful place…..

  33. Lagos is cool, it’s been a peaceful state even since, flourishing business and a state of hustle, so weather it’s a glorifed village or not, Lagos is still better than some northern states.

  34. Amechi is right.!The only thing that’s good which I see in Lagos is just business. The environment it’s not okay besides, everything you do is rushing.

  35. If actually its him on that audio then he is actually speaking from observation. So i see nothing wrong with his statement

  36. When blackmailers are on your case, it’s only God that can help you. Oga Ameachi this is your trying moments. Just be strong it’s for a while

  37. That is really funny why all this distraction,let think about how this great nation will move forward not all this story.

  38. If Lagos is a glorified village, he and his party should be ashamed of themselves beacause they are the ones governing Lagos state.

  39. It’s politic matter so they may be lying to there self for them to spoil there self in front of people especially when it time for election

  40. Drama everywhere although he still said some good about Lagos. I want to hear another clip of this drama

  41. Lagos is still better than some states in this country. Personally I like Lagos a lot and he also said it,its a good place for business, you can earn and put food on your table so I don’t see another problem

  42. Who ever is behind this should please stop it it’s totally unfair politics in not blackmailing somebody’s images please

  43. I wish all those companies in lagos are in all the states in Nigeria the problem of unemployment would have been solved

  44. I refuse to believe this! How will he say that everyone should be killed before Nigeria is saved!

  45. Lagos is far far better than so many states,there is no way you be in Lagos and you won’t know how to Hussle for your self,Mr amaechi no state that doesn’t have a place that look like village

  46. What’s wrong with this man..if it was in the type of abacha he would have being long killed and he’s body soaked with acid then the residue formed will be used as manure then the plant produced will be destroyed an burned and the ashes would be thrown inside water.

  47. A glorified village, yet it is one the best state in income generating, please go bank to the drawing board, provide solution, don’t recreate another problem.

  48. Even if the audio clip is correct and genuine it’s a fact. what’s the difference between Lagos and other cities. his purported comments is a fact.

  49. I don’t agreed to some extent Lagos is not a glorified Village it all depends on which parts of Lagos you are talking of. Lagos is a big city where businesses and so many things are established. There’s traffic jam everywhere in this Nigeria the only difference is Lagos has the highest numbers of people living in it that’s why the traffic is heavy. You can say something else please don’t agreed with you on this.

  50. I disagree with him, Lagos is a glorified city and not a village. Tell me how many city in Nigeria are better than Lagos. The traffic in Lagos is not because of bad or no roads, it’s because the number of people and vehicle using the road are more than the road capacity. If Lagos is not cool people won’t be rushing in on daily bases.

  51. will he still deny this and called it a blackmail your administration didn’t provide that n Lagos is still more preferable then other cities

  52. In every rumour there is an element of truth , he is only scare not to be a backstabber, but the truth remains the true

  53. Thank you Amaechi, we like our glorified village like that, what have you guyz got in your own village more than us?

  54. Well I see nothing wrong with what he said, there is so much that needs to be corrected in lagoes ,they have to replan the city. Lets tell oir self the truth.

  55. He has a point, the reason Lagos is the way it is is because it is a center for business, the movie industry is there, music and all the rest. That’s what has made Lagos the city it is today

  56. Amaechi is now drawing negative attention to himself and his party, he should be very careful so he doesn’t stir or push more people from his party to the opponents. All eyes are now on him.

  57. all these issues just coming up now prior to election. may God help Nigeria. but what is really bad if he said Lagos is a glorified village? he is a man entitled to his own opinion.

  58. Is he trying to say that all those foreign and local journals about Lagos been a mega city is false ?

  59. No state in nigeria can be compared to lagos state, lagos state has been the most beautiful state in nigeria.

  60. Funny indeed. Amaechi said all these? To who? And how come it is Atiku’s aide that has to release it? Besides why release it at this time when we are preparing for election?

  61. Lagos is preferable to other states cus there are so many job opportunities in Lagos, you can even hustle and make ends meet In Lagos with out being anyone’s staff.

  62. He made some point there, but I think all this talk is for this election that is on his way. Politics talk.

  63. He is entitled to his opinion.but the truth be told, Nigeria and Lagos still have a very long way to go as per infrastructural development

  64. I can’t tell anything about this Lagos becauufe I have been there before, na him know wetin him c

  65. Say whatever you want to see I know this man will still come back and deny it, and as for Lagos that you said there is no adequate water supply its a lie Lagos is the most convenient city to live in Nigeria take it or leave it is better than your state

  66. My brother Amaechi this people are out to deal with you. I hope the consequences of all these audios won’t be too much for you.

  67. Very funny but other state they don’t have the 1,000. Mgw,and Lagos is one of the best state in this country.

  68. Unfortunately he is right about Lagos . Not to talk of other states. But I don’t see anything wrong in what he said

  69. No place like Lagos that is where all the hustlers are getting the money . even if you call am village nah here we still get am

  70. Thanks for the updates thank God he was able to say at least one good thing concerning Lagos the question is abuja that you compare to Lagos are you the one that make abuja the way it is jealousy

  71. What is your concern about Lagos mr Amaechi, Lagos is a very good business place,yes, people are hustling there and it pays them

  72. I thought amaechi is no more interested in buhari administration again because if he is interested he we not say such kind of things

  73. Lagos is a nice city, I believe all this leaked videos emerging are all political sabotage and nothing more, it was released by opposition party

  74. Another audio of Amaechi again..this is serious.if you asked me I will say sir Amaechi pls always watch your statement

  75. This man sef… Lagos is a glorified state and yet it has sooo many things that rivers state cannot compete with.. Na waoh

  76. Lagos isn’t a glorified village but indeed a centre of excellence of truly this comment is from you sir then you sure know you should also be held responsible for the mishap

  77. This is a distraction. Let PDP be focused on its campaigns instead of looking for what doea not exist. Nonsense pls

  78. It seems the hounarable Minister just want to be among those trending on social media this year, because he his saying this or that since the start of the year. Sir instead of criticizing others why no join them and make things better.

  79. He is right somehow, if not for the businesses going on in Lagos probably it may one of the worse state in Nigeria.

  80. He has a point in a wrong way or indirectly. I think e meant that all the politicians and wealthy ones should e killed for peace and way forward.

  81. So are they planning to kill everyone to make it better or what.? Meanwhile if Lagos is a glorified village his own state is what?a jungle?

  82. They are other reason for the Lagos jam, like the population, it a small city with much population.

  83. So are they planning to kill everyone to make it better or what.? Meanwhile if Lagos is a glorified village his own state is what?a jungle?.

  84. When will all this issue of this tape end, when Nigerians get something new, it becomes a talk of the town.

  85. You can say that again, that is what you turned it to…after siphoning the measures of your money laundering activities

  86. Lagos is not comparable, he is saying businesses boom also saying traffic jam in Lagos. What is correlation between the twm

  87. Just imagine the kind of leaders we have in Nigeria saying that everyone need to be kill before Nigeria can change. Lagos even with the traffic jam and the rest is far more better than other state.

  88. How will Amaechi say that Lagos is a glorified village? If he says this then he hasn’t been to Lagos before and if is true, then I will loose my respect for him. No one can compare Lagos to any city in Nigeria. I just want to believe that Amaechi didn’t say that, probably is another political propaganda.

  89. I’ll advise Ameachi to resign because enough has been revealed about him in the past days. But trust politicians, they have no shame.

  90. I keep saying it am sick and tired of this Amechi issues what is his work for weeks now nothing rather than spreading fake news and recordings destroying presidents name and the president is been calm about it even with his power…proper investigation should be carried out and if Amechi is found guilty he should face the law….

  91. Pesin wey call Lagos glorified village, abeg wetin e go call states like Abia, Imo, etc… This one weak me.

  92. Ameachi I love the way ur name is being dragged…. Continue to be disgracing yourself… You will face what u say with ur mouth.

  93. What’s wrong with this man..if it was in the time of abacha he would have being killed and his body will be used as manure

  94. Lagos is better than some state in this country, amechi too is corrupt so don’t pretend as if you are not part of them.

  95. Oh lord. why all this audio leakage of someones talks/speeches, what should we get out of it. I the the person behind the release of all this audios should tell us why and what we get out of it.

  96. All this so called leaked audios might be made by people. How are they getting the so called leaked audio? let’s just continue deceiving ourselves in this country

  97. He has his reasons why he said so, even though Lagos the most populated in the federation that is why there is traffic jam

  98. Glorified village or not, Lagos still remains one of the busiest and most sort after cities in the world.

  99. Hmm what is these man saying again..
    Ur post that you are holding what positive thing have you done there
    You too they talk ooo

  100. If the content of the audio is true
    That’s his personal opinion you can’t fault him for feeling like that but I don’t support the claim

  101. Why saying he will deny, what is it that he has said wrong here. If truly this audio tape is real, I think he is saying the truth.

  102. Lagos is preferable to other states because there are so many job opportunities in Lagos, you can even hustle and make ends meet In Lagos with out being anyone’s staff.

  103. All these ills in Lagos
    Traffic jam
    Just 1k megawatts of electricity
    And other worse things
    I believe that is an APC owned state
    Your party state
    A clear promise that same will hold for Nigeria if your party continues to seize power any where including the federation

  104. Amaechi should try and caution himself for he is speaking against the political parry he is representing

  105. Must everyone be killed for Nigeria to be better,and will it get better with no one living in it

  106. He needs to causion him self and abstain from all this dramatical stories
    It’s becoming so alarming

  107. In as much as we know that Lagos has its own unique transportation challenges, only few states in Nigeria today have the kind of infrastructure present in Lagos.

  108. Lagos is not a village I totally disagree with that, Lagos is more good than some of the state in this county. Which everyone knows.

  109. If he said Lagos is a glorified village which he can do something for the so called glorified village to become a town so it will change from glorified village to a well developed state

  110. Oga! What did you do in your state your that you ruled for 8years. At least Lagos is still batter then your state.

  111. Politics is in play, however minister of transportation please go and make road for Lagos people

  112. Saying Lagos is a glorified village is his own perception… Lagos that I know is a big city.

  113. If you ask me, I still prefer Lagos than some state because anything you engage with will surely put food on your table. So Oga transporter, say something else

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