Never respect the dead – Kemi Olunloyo tells Nigerians

Kemi Olunloyo has told Nigerians to never respecting the dead, and her reason has got a lot of people talking online.

Never respect the dead - Kemi Olunloyo tells Nigerians lailasnews

She said they should never respect the dead because God said their time is up. Kemi Olunloyo also added that they were cut short because they lied, cheated, defrauded, suffered others and meant no use to mankind.

She wrote;

#HNNOpinion Never RESPECT THE DEAD! They are DEAD because God said #TimesUp. They were cut short because they lied, cheated, defrauded, suffered others and meant no use to mankind. They did not worship God, Allah, the creator. Take a look at anyone u know who died and you’ll see

See some reactions to the post below;

@festolyn – Mam I will disagree with you on this ..I lost my dad few days ago, he lived a really good life on earth.. He was so caring….. Death is just a natural phenomenal we’re all meant to die (death is a door way to a new life) 👌 👌

@AdekunlePlace – This not truth we need to respect dem bcos one day we also going to die and the living one are going to give us our due, wat of those dat dead in d battle front are u saying they were subject to all dis u mention.

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  1. Death is a debt everyone will pay.
    That means she won’t be buried, because its part of respect for the dead

  2. May God help us to discern the truth from lies. What is she teaching us here. We shouldn’t respect the dead because they are dead or what.


  4. This blogger is something else. Was she not the one that said davido’s mum sent her to her son. She didn’t respect the dead by believing in the message

  5. Either we like it or not every body we die, is is wen we rich god kingdom that we are not going to die again

  6. Death is inevitable. It happens to both the good and bad. It is up to the creator to judge the evil ones

  7. This woman is mad…i now confirm what people are saying…this is disrespectful to the dead! May God forgive you mama Kemi Olunloyo…some screw have left your brain…

  8. Death is not something that God uses to punished his people, it is a natural thing for us to die, nd return to our maker

  9. I don’t understand her word… Cos it’s not only those that die has offended God.. They are people who died in aircraft and fire dismay.. So I don’t know what she mean

  10. hmm. I can’t find any reasonable point or claim from what she posted.
    For her infromation, death is not a punishment, it is a debt everyone must pay including the saints of God.

  11. Whether u respect them or not the Bible said that they are cautious of nothing so they don’t no if u respect them of not

  12. This woman always looking for attention, that’s your choice, allow the rest of us to mourn and respect our dead

  13. She is a useless someone body for thinking this way she is just drawing media attention who else is not noticing this shit. I think she neva receive one hot slap in the afternoon from the dead before nah why.

  14. I disagree with your ideology. Do you imply that the disciples of Jesus Christ were heats, liars and never worshipped God? Do you imply that people who are not guilty of the offences you posted will live on each forever?

    Or do you not know that Death is a characteristic of living beings?

  15. I don’t agree with you. They didn’t die because they cheated or lied but because their time was up, and in the area of respect I respect and I can’t lie against the dead

  16. It’s now medically proven that this madam kemi needs a psychiatrist as soon as possible,what a opinion

  17. Totally wrong and out of point. If you don’t have anything reasonable to say, just shut up cos this is beyond you.

  18. Death is a debt that everyone must pay in one way or the other. It is inescapable. Stop saying gibberish.

  19. This is just out to draw traffic to her blog.. Its as simple as that.. But if not, then she needs some psychological check up.

  20. She is really talking like a woman. She’s a woman, they say anything they feel like without thinking about it.

  21. I disagree with that. Because there are lots of people who lived good lives while they were alive.At such people tend to respect them even while they are no more

  22. Hmm. Well that is more of her opinion not an assertion, because death is a debt everyone owes which shall be paid one day. I dont see anything bad about respecting the dead.

  23. I don’t agree with you ma’am about them cheating,lying or defrauding anyone. This is your opinion maybe due to experience but please don’t generalize this. Death is a natural phenomenon

  24. Your opinion is wrong ma’am, are you saying you won’t die because you don’t engage in all which you mentioned?

  25. Madam that is not true. I totally disagree with you. That you know people who lived wrong life before they died doesn’t mean that everyone dead is due to their sin.

  26. Death comes to anyone weather u are prepared or not is everyone’s calling…. Point of correction not all who died committed a crime watch Ur words ma’am

  27. Obviously this words are coming up because of a reason but then is necessary that we respect the dead

  28. This woman has definitely lost her mind.So she doesn’t know that everyone will die one day including herself and she won’t deserve any respect from anyone including her kids.She’s indeed a terrible woman

  29. Ma’m i disagree with you on this. If you look around, you will see that is even the good ones that dies early. That leave the saying that good things or good people don’t last.we should pay the dead the due respect because its natural to die.


  31. Death is for everybody, God is not a partial being. You that is talking are you not guilty of one of these

  32. The bible as stated that for every thing there is a time
    A time to be born and a time to die…
    Most people who die its not as a result of their sin neither their wickedness…
    The bible has also said for all have sin and fall short of the glory of God …for who ever that says is not a sinner is a lier

    We re living only by the grsce of God….

    You re not better than them that re dead

  33. I don’t even know how to start commenting. This means this woman does not believe in death or what.. Many prophets, great souls, heroes, heroines that died in the cost of Allah, does she mean same applies to them?. I think she should think twice and rewrite this post, for this might be a cause of punishment from Allah almighty exalted be He.

  34. That is your opinion..if you chose not to respect them is your choice. We all have our ideas and what we think about our dear lost ones.

  35. I don’t support u, besides I have not seen such in the Bible before secondly we can’t never tell wen or how we will die the only thing I have to do is to ask him for more years and if any die we pay them last respect

  36. I don’t support u, besides I have not seen such in the Bible before secondly we can’t never tell wen or how we will die the only thing I have to do is to ask him for more years and if any die we pay them last respect

  37. please God do not have anything to do with your death. he only ALLOW it not CAUSE it to happen.. also we dont need to respect the dead because they are conscious of nothing. so no matter what we do about them. we are just wasting our time

  38. Death is for both young and old and it inevitable,,we need to respect it because no amount of money can stop it when it come

  39. So this woman is now immortal. How can anyone say this kind of things. Ok, it is only sinners that die now? U may wish to join them ooo because u also are a sinner.

  40. Don’t see anybody that dies as a result of their sins, we have all sin and come short of the glory of God. We are all a sinner, no matter what death is a debt we all have to redeem it.

  41. Honestly am surprised at her thinking? How could someone say that? Knowing fully that one day we must all die. Please let her confirm to us that God has promised her eternity on earth

  42. We need to remember good ppl sleep in the Christ Jesus, after the death of Load JESUS Christ he go back to heaven after 40 days to prepare a place for his children

  43. While will she say such thing, all what she has said is not that through because some innocent people were killed.

  44. That’s her believe about it, anyway some people just died out of misfortune and they weren’t the cause of their death, we pray for God’s protection in our life’s in JESUS name Amen

  45. Truly they say let d death burial the dead ,
    OK if she is dead and nobody pays respect to her
    Will she b happy on her grave.

  46. why can’t we respect the dead, death is a debt every one must pay, bring them too is part of respect, praying for them too is part of respect

  47. Respect is due to whom DAT deserve it,no matter how small d person is,he or she has senior d living soul wit death,so dy deserve it

  48. This is not true, we need to respect the dead even if its last respect. Even our Lord Jesus Christ when he died was anointed with oil and perfume as a sign of respect before he rose up again.

  49. If you die today it means you have no Christ and your life doesn’t please. We won’t remember you if you die bcs of your foolish view of the dead

  50. You are not making good point at all, Death is a debt that we are all to pay. Those people that die today is not because they sin or lies, there own time has come. Everybody has his/ her own time to die

  51. This lady kemi am beginning to suspect that she is not okay.The dead is suppose to be respected atleast paid their last respect to them.Especially when they have lived well.

  52. Are u now saying we shouldn’t pay our last respect to the dead..even you sef no want last respect.

  53. I oppose ur words although we all believe we will die one day but people don’t die bcoz of lie or whatever but they dead bcux their time is over on earth

  54. death await every one when it’s your time you answer the call I don’t know why she is sounding like this

  55. She is entitled to her opinion. When a person dies, the relations owe it to the dead to bury him or her. That way they pay their last respect.

  56. Its your opinion and you are entitle to it. But I tell you good people do die and God will still be God. Christ died, a good man, Peter died, a good man etc. I don’t want to comment about respecting death but your reason is what I don’t like

  57. If we don’t respect the dead if are we that’s their last respect you don’t know what you’re saying I hope god forgive you

  58. Well that’s your opinion. But must you talk? How on earth could you judge the dead like that? The Bible even says the saint were taken before evil days.

  59. What is she saying everyone will surely die, when it’s time even if you are donating #10 trillion dollars to the world to reduce poverty, if ones time is up The person will surely die

  60. U lie madam Kemi, death is just inevitable and everyone must face it whether commit sin or not,we must all witness it. So sad something else

  61. u are wrong those that died is not because they lied or did one thing or the other that caused their death mind u is because of d Mercies of d Lord were are not consumed not because of ur good works so mind wot u say

  62. Some people just say somethings online just to be the topic, ma’am I will advice if we have less to add It before we stay silent.

  63. just because someone is popular or rich doesn’t mean all they said should be news
    Is this supposed to be news?
    Pure waste of my reading time

  64. Is not only bad people that die good people also die, and to crown it all everybody must die one day

  65. I disagree. People are not dead because they committed those things you mentioned, rather they are dead because death is inevitable.

  66. Actually we should not respect the dead, because they are dead and their own has gone, even the bible confirms it, that it is appointed unto man once to die after that judgement follows.

  67. well to me respecting the dead is in different phase and categories so you have to specify the aspect you are talking about

  68. I disagreed with you death is all on every living soul and you don’t know who’s next it might be you or me

  69. I don’t know what you are talking about
    Cause all of us will surely die one day and the living owns us respect

  70. I don’t support her opinion it is outrageous and unreasonable so because u dead untimely u are a cheat .

  71. I think that is from her own point of view but the dead should be respected no matter what and death is debt every one is owed to

  72. This lady has started again and that’s why people say all sorts of things about her, if she doesn’t want to respect the dead that’s her own opinion

  73. This is a very wrong statement. The fact that you are alive is as a result of God’s mercy. Don’t abuse God’s mercy please Ma.

  74. Seriously I don’t agree with you ma’,. This is your own opinion maybe due to experience but please don’t generalize this. Death is a natural thing.

  75. Kemi what is your problem so you have started playing with God too. If you die no one will give you last respect.. Gbam I have spoken

  76. Not everyone dead died with the qualities you mentioned. So you are very wrong. The dead deserve our respect, some faught a good fight and finished their race. Some had their lives cur short before they could finish

    • This is her own opinion For her infromation, death is not a punishment, it is a debt everyone must pay including the saints of God.

  77. This is her own opinion For her infromation, death is not a punishment, it is a debt everyone must pay including the saints of God.

  78. Is a lie jor, we all mist surely die at the appointed time so saying they lied, and did all manner of thing is not thinkable
    Bcos you too is not a perfect being

  79. What’s wrong with this kemi sef,Death is a debt that everyone must pay,that some one does not mean the cheats or not serving God

  80. This woman has missed it all, your first statement is correct that when your time is up, you will not live a second before you go, but the second statement is very wrong, death is inevitable, we will all die weather we are good or not, the wicked sometimes live longer than good people. Kemi should rub off this post, its ridiculous

  81. So kemi thinks she is alive because she righteous,she doesn’t lie ,cheat or hurt people? Kemi shd jst go apologise to the dead for saying that no one shd respect the dead. Some people will jst stay and be talking rubbish

  82. Wait ooo is it true buhari is dead nii because it like it coming to reality ooo buhari of before don’t like corruption but the 1 there now is the father of corruption

  83. That’s will be in we’re all in this our nation and the will die (1)one day na wawooo hmm

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