‘Never expect a man to be faithful, just be an amazing wife/girlfriend’ -Gifty

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Controversial Big Brother Naija 2017 ex-housemate, Gifty has dropped an advice to women on how they should manage their relationship.

'Never expect a man to be faithful, just be an amazing wife/girlfriend' -Gifty lailasnews 2

According to the reality TV show star, women should never expect a man to be faithful, but should continue being amazing girlfriends and wives instead.

She wrote;

'Never expect a man to be faithful, just be an amazing wife/girlfriend' -Gifty lailasnews 1

Recall that before now, Gifty who admitted she was once married in an interview with Hiptv, said the period she was married was a dark period of her life.


“I will say it right now in here that the marriage issue was kinda real. I was once married and it’s a dark part of my life that I don’t want to ever go back,” she said.

Gifty also advised young women to be adequately prepared before going into marriage.

“First of all, my advice to every young woman out there is that before you go into marriage, you have to be physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically matured because I was naive,” she added.

“I was 19, I didn’t know what the whole marriage thing was all about. It felt like entering into adulthood.

“The marriage was just traditionally recognised. We didn’t do court wedding, it was not legal. Although we did a white wedding, the bride price was returned. What I experienced, I don’t wish anyone to experience. I passed through a lot.

“People out there judge me because they don’t even know what I’ve been through” she said.

It is also on record that during the Reality TV show, Gifty denied being married, stressing that the fake rumours will only make her more famous and bigger.

Allow young ones to get married when there's sexual urge - TVC presenter

But a man who identified himself as Augustine Akuma, claiming to be her supposed husband’s cousin,released photos from Gifty’s wedding, accusing the former housemate of deceiving her fans.

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  1. They have come again, they have come again, oh they have come again, yes they have come again, come again…..sing along.

    If you are a lady and you still thinks there’s no faithful man out there then you are a mistake.

    They always say men are polygamous in nature, and I ask, who do he always stays with, his fellow men or women?

    If he stays with women and is tagged polygamous what then are for the ladies?

  2. Lady’s don’t look for a faithful Man.. Men don’t look for a faithful Girl… if a man cheat don’t cry cheat on him with his brother or friend. end issue

  3. This is a real bitter truth …..u can never change a man no matter what u do ….it is what they av on mind dey will do……okunrin. ….I fear ooooo

  4. Men will always be men,only the broke men pretend to be faithful but they cheat pass the rich when they see little money in their pocket. But am faithful but am not broke….hahahaha.

  5. Me i expect my man to b faithful oooo.
    .Cnt date someone who aint faithful talk more of marrying one…Buh before u expect ur man to b faithful u ough to please him in all ramification …U dun expect him to b faithful when ur misbehaving….

    if u are an amazing wife to ur husband or an amazing girlfriend to ur boyfriend,,i bet u he would NEVER b an unfaithful man…Its only an imbecile daht will do such

  6. For your mind, I have a faithful guy to the core and I thank God in fact my generation and other females will also have my guy type too so rewind your brain ooo gifty

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