Nelli Tembe death: AKA allegedly broke down a door to get to fiancée

Following the death and burial of AKA’s fiancée Anele Nelli Tember, a video showing the moment the South African Rapper broke down a door to get to her has emerged.

The footage released by News24, shows the Rapper violently breaking down a door to get to Nelli. However, the incident was alleged to have happened a month before her death at their apartment in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

A close friend of Nelli, reportedly told News24, that Nelli had told her that AKA allegedly smashed her head on the wall on 13th March during a fight and that she ran to one of their rooms to hide.

Also, photos of Nelli using bags of frozen ice on her face was also released to the news outlet. AKA’s fiancée reportedly went to her friends house after her fight with the rapper.

Nelli felled to her death from 10th floor of Pepper Club Hotel in Cape Town last month and her friend has given the police a copy of the video for further investigation.

See photos from the footage below.




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