Neighbors recount how late husband maltreated wife who killed him

Journalist, Azuka Jebrose seems to have taken so much interest in the case of Mrs Olamide Bose Akinbobola, the teacher who stabbed her husband to death in Ikorodu.

He has given updates on the situation and neighbours around the couple’s abode have testified to how the woman was always battered by her late husband.

Neighbors recount how late husband maltreated wife who killed him lailasnews

According to Jebrose, his close associates went to the compound of the woman today and what they gathered is quite appalling.

According to Azuka, the neighbors told stories of how the deceased was a lazy man who never wanted to work.

The wife gave birth to their last child two months ago and was forced to bear the financial burden. The teacher had to take up side businesses such as home teaching, hawking of peanuts, braiding of hair and others to feed herself and her family.

Yet, the unemployed husband still comes home to beat her.

Read what Azuka wrote on his Facebook page:

This morning, Mrs. Jennifer Chioma Owolabi, a partner in this quest for Justice for Domestic violence victim, Mrs. Olamide Bose Akinbobola, went to her residence in Ikorodu, seeking her family and additional information. What she found was a tale of misery, a support group of friends unafraid to testify on behalf of this lady that accidentally fatally stabbed her husband midweek.

From the two videos posted herein, watch and listen to their stories as witnesses to how the late husband horribly abused, enslaved and neglected his wife and children.

Their last child was born two months ago, she recently finished paying the hospital bills for the birth of the baby. According to these witnesses which included her employer, Olamide’s husband was lazy, always sleeping, unable to seek employment.

Despite her teacher’s job, she also engaged in small businesses such as after-school tutorials for neighborhood children, hawking of roasted peanuts and hair braiding for additional income to sustain the family. In hard moments,she would approach her neighbors to loan her few change to survive the week with her family.

The witnesses demonstrated how and where Olamide had been bruised from beatings and violent assaults by her husband.

“Sometimes we see her with lacerations, swollen bodies, scarred face and black eyes and when we asked her, she would lie to us that she fell and got bruised. But we knew the truth. We saw him severally abused her physically. She ran away while she was pregnant but recently returned to birth her new baby.

She wanted him to be a part of their second child birthing experience, as her husband and father. But he didnt give a damn. She doesn’t deserve this. She is a kind hard working woman that cared for her husband and their children. He brought nothing to support the home. She was always engaged in small business hustles and would surrender whatever profits she made to him as head of household.”

Chioma’s finding included the shock and awe state of the family’s residence. Olamide’s mother was a single mother. She died years ago

Chioma narrates:

“The husband was so abusive that the family of the husband doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. They seem not interested in this matter.My understanding from family and friends in her neighborhood was his family did not want to be part his violence against his wife: according to them, he always beat her. Olamide and her husband and children initially lived with husband’s family but when he would not stop beating her, the family threw them out. I spoke to Olamide’s aunt.

She said she has not visited her at the police station because she is afraid of being arrested. I told her it was wrong not to have gone to check on her or take food to her. She has nobody….She doesn’t know her dad; the aunt assumes he lives in Ibadan. What is painful is that this young girl just gave birth two months ago..

The new baby was recently circumcised. Everybody I spoke to confirmed she was being physically and mentally abused by the bastard. You need to see where they live; oh my God”


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