NDLEA uncovers illegal drug laboratory in Imo State

The National Drug law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has uncovered an illegal methamphetamine drug laboratory in Orlu, Imo state.

NDLEA uncovers illegal drug laboratory in Imo State lailasnews

According to a report by TVC News, 77kg of Crystal Meth and different equipment were also recovered from the illegal drug Laboratory.

The news report also noted that this is the 15th Meth lab that has been uncovered in Nigeria between 2011 and 2018. The owner has been arrested and is currently in the agency’s custody.

Methamphetamine is a potent central nervous system stimulant that is mainly used as a recreational drug and less commonly as a second-line treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obesity


  1. This is really a job well done…,I believe is just the beginning of the fight…….the end of all this bad act will soon end.

  2. Nigerians will not kill us, instead of them to legalized it if it is genuine, haaa who knows how many they have killed because of their quack drugs

  3. This is why people are doing things you can’t imagine a human being can do. They take stupid drugs and start acting stupid

  4. Thank God it was discovered. that is why many people are behaving anyhow. and many will end up having liver problems. Because of the consumption of fake drugs

  5. good job from the NDLEA ,for detecting that factory, a lot of people have died by using this fake drugs.

  6. These are the kind of news we are expecting from all the agency, in this country let’s know where the rate of death in this nation is from, good job

  7. Thank God for this recovery and hope others are also found. People should be careful where they buy their drugs cos there are fake ones in the market. Try and get your drugs in good pharmaceutical shops not on any shop you see on the road.

  8. That’s how they are producing drugs that are killing people.I pray they catch other illegal companies.

  9. A job weldone by NDLEA . By this hardworking display, I can assure you more illegal drug laboratory will be discovered

  10. Kudos to the NDLEA.
    If crime could always be exposed in Nigeria. I think our country will be a better place

  11. Great ney… I believe this kind of illegal factory are in every state in Nigeria, especially the populated ones.

  12. There should be a genuine will power by the government of the day to clamp down on illegalities. The society is no longer safe with these practices.

  13. Nice work NDLEA. The owners of these labs should be convicted. They are examples of Nigerians destroying their fellow citizens.

  14. Why is it that majority of bad bad things is always happening in Imo State? Am not understanding o
    Great job to NDLEA

  15. Out of the Nigeria force,ndlea is part of the hard working force..people producing illegal drugs are dangerous to the society.

  16. Bravo NDLEA! This is the reason there more cancer cases, kidney failure..pls dnt collect bribe oh..close more fake laboratory..
    This is good..

  17. Good they were nabbed…despite government effort in regulating the lives of its citizens, yet,some unscrupulous people see it as advantage.

  18. Can’t the owners of these agencies just go and register to become legal, from what I read the drugs are not poison or made for a bad purpose, that’s the problem with Nigeria, you catch someone who can do some certain things you lock them up with their knowledge instead of using it to develop the country that’s the difference between us and developed countries

  19. I pray NDLEA will continue to get hold of all these illegal drug dealers and manufacturers. Many of our youths are drug addict because of the availability of these drug dealers.

  20. Miles gud job. pls we should b careful d drug we buy n take cos dis igbo brothers are not smiling

  21. bravo, nice job, if it could continue like this that means we are going to be more secured in this country

  22. Kudos to NDLEA,
    Nawa ds country oo,hw can someone go as far as producing fake drugs.
    Tnk God dey wer discovered

  23. The extent people go for money is just too far
    The bad news daily I’d enough
    Why add to the trouble by doing fake and endangering lives

  24. Good job. Don’t be surprise that the owner of that lab, maybe quack or even a drop out. He needed to be prosecuted and dealt with. What nonsense!!!

  25. this is a very interesting story and I hope ndlea will continue it’s good work till when Nigeria will become an illegal drugs free country.

  26. Wow…kudos to the NDLEA..this drugs issues is becoming too much..let them keep up the good work..other areas this illegal acts are being carried out will soon be exposed…

  27. Job well done NDLEA! Nigerians killings Nigerians all because of money. This is how God will be exposing you one by one except you repent.

  28. Government should prosecute these people doing this illegally and develop these laboratories to be standard and legal, managed by the government

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