NDLEA killed Fela with poisonous injection – Dede Mabiaku (Video)

Afrobeat Maestro, Dede Mabiaku, has alleged that the late legend Fela Anikulapo Kuti was killed by officers of the NDLEA, after he was injected with a poisonous substance.

Dede made the revelation in a new interview, where he mentioned that Fela’s health began to degenerate after he left the NDLEA custody.

NDLEA killed Fela with poisonous injection – Dede Mabiaku (Video)

He even mentioned that the late Abami Eda, confided in his son Seun Kuti and himself that he had been injected.

He said:

“Seun nor forget this thing wen me I wan talk today because e don tey when i wan talk am. I don wait, tire people, don talk this thing because I remember clearly when Fela call me tell me tell Seun say ‘ah them choke me something o…be like say them choke me something here.’ That matter nobody talk the matter since. I dey wait for so many years, its been 22 years now, nobody talk this matter.

“So when me I come hear say them choke Sowore something, I don’t know. But me I know say Fela tell me sha and he tell Seun and this one na true talk. Later we started seeing the degenerating state of his health, we started seeing the level at which things dropped and we all know how it ended…when they force him to that place wen Bamaiyi dey…NDLEA. Na for there them choke baba,”

Dede said this while expressing concern for Omoyele Sowore. He said Sowore needs to be taken for urgent medicals after being held in DSS custody to avoid a repeat of what happened to Fela.

Dede also said he is speaking up now because no one refused to reveal the truth about what really led to Fela’s death.

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