Native doctor using army uniform to rob arrested by Police

A native doctor who has been using army uniform to rob, has been arrested by officers attached to the FCT Police command alongside his accomplice, Christopher Illia.

Native doctor using army uniform to rob arrested by Police lailasnews

The native doctor who uses army uniform to rob was identified as Abdullahi Mudi and it was learnt that one of the strategies of the two man gang, was to dress in army uniform, pose as passengers by hailing a cab and strike with toy guns after they had entered the cab.

Punch reported that the suspects who recently stole three cars in the Federal Capital Territory and sold them in Kogi State, ran out of luck after Illia accosted a man along the road in the Garki area of Abuja and dispossessed him of N450,000 and two phones.

The victim of the last attack had reportedly parked by the roadside to urinate when Illia attacked him. Illia who was tracked down through one of the phones he allegedly collected from the man, could not drive and was said to have fled with the man’s car key and taken it to Mubi’s house, where it was later recovered by the police.

Mubi who was subsequently arrested, told newsmen that he was introduced to robbery in 2012 by a friend, who assured him that he would make more money in the act than working as a native doctor.

He said, “I am a native doctor and I treat people of stroke, broken bones and other illnesses. I was living in Lokoja, Kogi State until 2012 when one of my friends in Lagos State introduced me to carjacking. He said the ‘business’ would fetch me more money than treating people.

“He taught me how to drive and we started removing people’s cars at parks.  My friend had a master key which we used to steal cars at nightclubs. I was arrested during one of our operations and charged to court. I spent four years in prison before I was released on bail. I relocated to Abuja in 2016 and started treating people again.”

He further disclosed that he met Ilia after he came to him for treatment of gonorrhoea early this year. According to him, it was during this time they came up with the idea of carjacking.

“Illia then suggested that we should get military uniform. We wore the uniform to bus stops at night. We flagged down any neat cab and after we entered, we would point toy guns at the driver and force him to stop the vehicle. We would collect his money and drive off. We normally received between N120,000 and N150,000 for each vehicle we sold,” he added.

Ilia who on the other hand confessed to have stolen several phones, told newsmen that it was Mudi who introduced him to carjacking.

He said, “I was a security guard. I became desperate after I lost my job and I started robbing people of their phones. I usually went out very early in the morning. I attacked people whose vehicles broke down or who were working alone. I dispossessed them of their valuables including phones and money. I later met Mudi, who introduced me to carjacking. We carjacked three vehicles together and Mudi got a buyer for the cars.

“Sometime in November, I sighted a man urinating along the road in the Garki area around 5am while his car was parcked by the roadside. I approached him and pointed a toy gun at him. I found N450,000 and two phones in his vehicle and took them away.”

The suspect who disclosed that he fled with the man’s car key for fear that he might chase him, disclosed that he sold the two phones for N10,000 and also gave Mudi N5,000 to help him prepare a charm that would discourage the man from going after him.

He added, “I then went on a spending spree. I bought clothes for my girlfriend and furnished my house with part of the money.  It was somebody I sold one of the phones to who led the police to arrest me and I took the police to Mudi’s house.”


  1. Imagine, allowing his friend to influence him negatively. He did not believe in his own dream. Now the law has caught up with him

  2. That is very unique I love it many days for the thief one day for the owner, he should be dealt with for the act

  3. Life is not all about money, although you have to make money, but in the right way. Not by robbery or car jacking.

  4. Thank God, let them investigate him well. Where did it get it? and gave him the uniform? Let him face the law.

  5. That’s the end of the road for them like they said every day for the thife but one day is for the owner of the house, let them face there crime

  6. The reward for greediness, native doctor business is not now ok, you want to join it with robbery, may God help you

  7. Aaaaaaah…wat comes to your mind while indulging in all these…. U Neva thought of being caught

  8. You met your Waterloo. Everyday is for the thief but only one day is for the owner. You’re welcome back in jail

  9. Since u people has use 4yrs in prison b4 and u don’t change your bad behavior. Then u should be kill this time them because they will become a security treat to our nation

  10. they should be treat and punish like a real criminal,because they use armies uniform to commit crime

  11. Going back to your mistake is foolishness after serving four years in prison before on top of that impersonation to rob people off their property, this is on you man.

  12. So this is their new strategies now native doctors dress in a military man. You had the chance to turn away from Your evil did. But you did not you will be punish for making alots of people you guys steal from to go slot of pains

  13. That’s the end of the road for them like they said every day for the thife but one day is for the owner of the house, let them face there crime

  14. Mmmmm, every day is for a thief but one day is for the house owner, they should be jailed no two way about it

  15. As the country plunges into more darkness, terrible things keep happening. Right now we need real change…just imagine

  16. What a way to live a life, some people are desperate when it comes to making it in life. This man get mind oooooooo how can you be this harden to rob people of their property and sell them. This is what we Call harden criminal. If he is jailed and released he will go back to another crime. I believe Government should provide him a job so he wont do this again

  17. When a bird learn to fly without perching, the hunter shoots without aiming,there z always a way to nab a criminal,they will.have to bear the consequences of putting tears in the eyes of citizens.

  18. Is ripping people off their hard earned money better? Thank God they got caught…I hope they face their punishment squarely.

  19. Imagine, he was not content with what he was doing…he needed quick money….now you have landed in jail for the second time….

  20. God really use end of this to expose all these evil doer because is everyday we are reading about them thank God.

  21. God just arrested him since he did not value what he is good at native doctor but rather preferred stealing.

  22. Rubbish how I wish they will give him up to the army let them deal with him properly, he has abused the Nigerian army. No gain in crime.

  23. No matter the situation, robbery is not the last solution. There are other good ways to earn a living, just that greed won’t let some people be. Thanks God it’s one more robber out of the road for us.

  24. Lolz!!! This one is next level oh… I’m glad they were both caught though… Everyday for the thief but one day for the owner of the house

  25. Some people just don’t get. It seems he likes the jailing. Let him go back and do more times. Nonentity like you

  26. The end has come to your wickedness, you have exhausted the grace given to you, both of you will go to jail for defrauding people of their sweat

  27. Everyday for the thief and one-day for the owner, after being caught, punished and set free for his first crime, He didn’t learn from it. This time he will rotte in prison.

  28. Your sins have caught up with you, I don’t know why all these evil doers fail to realise that evil doesn’t last forever, they will face the punishment for their crimes.

  29. Thank God that they has been caught,he should serve a punishment so that will stand as a lesson for any one planing to act like them

  30. It’s so weird that these happen in our society , the punishment for impersonator should be critical,
    They must dance to the music of judge

  31. You lost your job and u think is thieving will solve your problem, tank God nemeces have catch up on u. Go lots in jail.

  32. Humans can never be contented with what they have! Imagine after being caught, spent fours in prison and you came out met same guy that lead to you being imprisoned and still followed him for another robbery act! God has finally exposed you. May be this time you you and your members may not have the opportunity again to see your loved ones and freedom any longer. Hope others will learn from this.

  33. Some people can’t learn from their past, you were caught at first and sentence to prison and later you were release could not start a new life.
    Hope you will learn this time

  34. This is a great offense, robbery and also insulted the police by putting on their cloths to rob. If he has been contended with treating people, it would have been better for him.

  35. You case no be here, only you from carJacking to the use of Army uniform your get mind oo,so what did you achive after all this,no house no property your punishment should be by hanging.

  36. Thank God the long arm of the law has caught up with these criminals. They should have their day in court.

  37. You will surely rot in jail. After you had been jailed and released you still don’t learn your lesson.

  38. This is very good! The Nigerian police really did well, as for the harbalist and co they should rot in jail.

  39. Everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner,, baba alawo your charm fail you, Ekelebe make una hold am tight

  40. So instead of having patient and perseverance in your profession. You decide to go into robbery, now face the consequences.

  41. What your friend forget to tell you also is that carjacking will also land you in the jail, can’t just stop laughing

  42. Some people are very desperate to make money, instead of facing his profession as a native doctor and benefits from it

  43. Both of you have seriously ran out of luck this time.. I wonder why people won’t use their God given talent to earn genuine money, Mubi you know how to cure all those ailments but chooses the fast lane, even after going to prison, you still did not learned your lesson.. I pray this time you don’t get bailed..

  44. What most criminals don’t know is that one day they will meet their Waterloo. Thank God they have been caught. The law should take its full course.

  45. What kind of native doctor is this self? Your work no dey pay you well again.. Nawa for this country o

  46. Lack of contentment can make one engage in engage acts. Let’s be mindful of advice we get from people.

  47. Thank jah dey were been caught by police if not because of that dey we have continue doing there evil job

  48. Every day for the thief and one day for the police… Native doctors have been linked with terrible things recently.. May the be prosecuted and sentenced accordingly.

  49. Native doctor turn robber, the game is over for him so he has to face the law now. He should not blame it on his friend because he allowed himself to be influenced

  50. Lol,..he left his diabolic works ,thought that would have been better. And how can one carjack when he can’t drive,that’s stupidity…thank God they are caught…they should be punished

  51. Many days for the thief one day for the owner, but people are wicked because of quick money look at what you have land yourself into now. Well the law must take his cause.

  52. there are a lot of illegal business menand women, why can’t we just start from somewhere, we are getting thing done right when we have it in mind to get it done, jail that fool, serve him well.

  53. Nice one, congrats to the Nigerian police, this people should be properly dealt with they are the ones spoiling the name of the Nigerian military

  54. Justice please, don’t waste no time. People like these are dangerous to community. Someone who has been jailed, bailed and now become a hardened criminal…please justice!!!

  55. See the idiots doing eveil in our beloved army’s name. Thank God they have been caught. They should be given extra jail term for the uniform used.

  56. Native doctors too well I think the job us no longer paying the economy has been basterdised to the point that native doctors has gone out of business.

  57. His native doctor business was not enough for him that is why he has added stealing to it. He should be punished for this act so that others will learn.

  58. He should be punished for this act so that others will learn. His native doctor business was not enough for him that is why he has added stealing to it.

  59. Am not surprise such things is still happening not until our government stop corruption this will never stop because they are the one using this people all this we know now

  60. What an evil world we live in.The men are so desperate to be rich.Trying to get money in an indecent way will only expose one to death or jail.

  61. That’s the same method in which i was robbed they disguise as army putting on army uniform and stopped our bus and robbed everyone on board ,everyday for the thief one day for the owner.

  62. Nemesis has caught up with you everyday is for the thief a day is for the owner you have been to the prison yet you did not learn this time it should be life imprisonment

  63. Wonders they say shall never end just to steal people hard earned money he pretended to be an army. Thank God he has been arrested with his accomplice.

  64. You started robbing in 2012 so you can make more money, but now that You have been arrested hope the money will save you

  65. This native doctor have upgraded. The Bible was not wrong when it says evil communication corrupt good manners.

  66. Nawa oo
    This world is very terrible oooo
    Can you imagine this man
    He ran out of luck..
    You have to face the law

  67. This is good news,native doctors are supposed to tell the gods that they need money,this is to show that their gods are small gods and weak,come to Jehovah, the true God,this is good news

  68. This is serious. Be contented with what you have. What ever you are doing, do ur with all you heart.
    See where he has end up himself because of friendly influence. Let the both of them bear the consequences of their offence.
    Native doctor indeed!

  69. That is how they spoiled Nigeria army name with their character of stealing and now thank God he was caught lady man he wants to get rich by all means

  70. This our army cloth should be customized nah, so that thieves won’t abuse it, all the same, now you ve been caught, jail is waiting for you again

  71. The law surely does catch up with thieves…
    I wonder wat joy people derive in taking things dat do not blong 2 dem…

  72. With the numbers of atrocities that they have committed they still went on to Spoil the name of Nigeria army….

  73. This guy is not serious.. How can u go rob a car and you don’t know how to drive..its just his time to be caught. From native doc to local

  74. Things are really happening in this country. This is what happens when people are not satisfied with what they have. Good one Nigerian police, keep it up.

  75. Look at ordinary native doctor, the ones he is getting from incantations are not enough for him, now to rub is the best for him, thank God for the arrest , let others learn a lesson, and whosesoever that is providing this army uniform should stop it, let eveil quit the nation. Government should liom into it

  76. wonder shall never end, once Boko Haram has been using army uniform to operate why another people too won’t be trying it, kudos to the police for the arrest.

  77. This is an insult to the army…. The native doctor should be kept in jail for using the army uniform to robb

  78. No matter what happens, stealing is not the next option. Let him face the law and dance to the tune

  79. Wonders shall never end a native doctor turned to be a thief, thank God they caught him everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner, let the police give him the punishment he deserve.

  80. Hmm.This is Xmas, many dramas will be unfolding. what is the correlative between native doctoring and Police to the extent of extorting people on the way. this is greediness, the little he has is not even enough to him. He should face the wrath of the law completely

  81. This country is so filled up with different drama that you hardly know the one to watch. Look at native doctor going into rubbering. Hungry looking things. Everyday for the thief but one day for the owner.

  82. That is very unique I love it many days for the thief one day for the owner, he should be dealt with for the act.useless fellow.

  83. They should be charged to court as soon as possible. This is a criminal offence against the country.

  84. Greedy you people will spend more tha 4yrs in jail….cursed men..heartless and desperate.

  85. Criminality is in his blood and i believe thats why even after his jail time he has nit repented. He is a jail material thank God he was apprehended.

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