Nasarawa school principal, teachers suspended for flogging students

Following the viral video which sparked controversy, as it captured female students of Government Science Secondary School, NassarawaEggon being flogged, the Principal and three officials of the school have been suspended.

Nasarawa school principal, teachers suspended for flogging students lailasnews 1

The State Commissioner of Education, Mr. Tijjani Ahmed who confirmed the school officials’ suspension, told Northern City News that they will be serving one month suspension for meting out corporal punishment which has been banned in public schools across the 13 local government areas and 18 development areas of the state, to students.

He said, “We have constituted a committee to investigate the matter and report to the ministry in the next one week to enable the ministry to take appropriate action. Already, three staff members of the school including the Principal have been given a one-month suspension over their involvement in the corporal punishment pending the report of the committee set up by the ministry.”

Mr. Tijjani Ahmed further disclosed that the ministry had also written to all public schools, informing their managements of the ban on corporal punishment.

He further warned teachers meting out corporal punishment to students to desist “as anyone caught would face disciplinary action.” The Education Commissioner stated that “even if teachers would want to punish students for any offence, it should be minor punishment.” He added that the government would continue to respond to the challenges facing the education sector in the state.

Recall that Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Funke Akindele, strongly criticized the beating of the students in Nassarawa State.

Funke Akindele, who called for the teacher’s sack while also demanding for the name of the school and teacher, wrote;

What? Who is this TEACHER flogging these students? What school is this? I’m so sad seeing this and I must say this act is WICKED,EVIL.

Can’t they be given other punishments? Are they not human beings? What if one of them passes out in the process? What of the injuries inflicted on them? I’m so angry! Tani Tisa yi? Please they should stop this oh,This teacher has to be sacked!!! Teach Not Traumatise, No To Flogging, Protect Our Girls, Protect Our Children.”



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  1. Some teachers I don’t know if they used vexation or depression from other failed engagement either financial, unattained goal etc to melt out this punishment to student. Yes the bible admonished not to spare the rod else you spoil the child, but not on this level. Some children could fall sick or even have severe pains that could lead to death. A lighter punishment is encourage such as kneeling down, pick pin as they fondly call it, or cutting of grass if there is or even disposing of refuse & sweeping of the environment.

  2. That’s not enough. Dismiss all of them. Imagine, that was not just an ordinary Kane, it is an iron cable, so why still used ur whole face to thrash some ones Child? U can’t flog my own person like that, who born u?

  3. I was caned and punished during my secondary school days,yet no teacher was suspended nor dismissed. Students should be caned with canes and not cable wires and not all over their bodies. They should be punished too when found guilty

    • Punishment is different from cane,flogging… That was old days style its now obsolete need to Nomadic cattle rearing (herdsmen) is obsolete now need modern ranches for cattle rearing.

  4. He should not only go for the punishment. All the teachers and the principal of the school are also there watching him. And I strongly believe that his the head teacher that will other him to do so. They should all be punish for it.

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