Naked couple found dead in car after they ‘turned engine on to keep warm during sex’

A naked couple has been found dead in a car in Germany.

According to reports, it is believed the naked couple suffocated after they turned on the engine to keep warm while having sex.

Naked couple found dead in car after they 'turned engine on to keep warm during sex' lailasnews

The bodies of a 39-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman were discovered by police in a locked garage in the city of Bottrop in western Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state.

MirrorUK reports that investigators say the naked couple, whose names have not been released, appeared to have turned on the car engine to get warm, leading to their suffocation.

Nobody had noticed the car engine had been left running for hours behind the metal gate of the garage which is located behind a commercial building.

Police opened the garage door because the man’s family had reported that he had been missing for days.

Meanwhile, officers in the city had also started an investigation into the woman’s sudden disappearance.

Police said there appeared to be no evidence of a crime but forensic scientists were working hard to establish exactly what happened.

Tests are also being carried out to ascertain CO levels in the blood of the couple.

A police spokesman said:

“At the moment all evidence points to an accident.

“To put all doubts to rest, the public prosecutor ordered an autopsy be performed on the bodies.”

Back here in Nigeria, a similar story trended when two apparent lovebirds were found dead in a Toyota Corolla parked by the roadside on Abisogun Leigh Street, Ogba, Lagos State.

The man was found dead in the driver’s side, half naked, with his private parts showing, while the woman, who wore a gown and was also dead, reclined in the passenger seat next to him.

A tricycle rider, who was plying the street, had noticed that the headlamps of the car were on around 8.30am.

When the light remained on about 30 minutes after, the rider drew the attention of a National Union of Road Transport Workers executive to the car.

It was gathered that the executive member and the rider went to the scene, peeped into the car and observed that the lovers were motionless. They immediately alerted the police at the command.


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