My wife was telling her ex she still has a tight vagina – Man cries out

A man has taken to a Popular Nigerian forum to seek help on how to divorce his wife after he saw a text where she hinted her ex of her tight vagina.

According to the man, he married a different woman entirely as she showed every sign of goodness while they were dating that he thought he had met the love of his life.

My wife was telling her ex she still has a tight vagina - Man cries out lailasnews
My wife was telling her ex she still has a tight vagina – Man cries out

Everything changed in the 3rd week of marriage when they had a slight argument and she stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

Read his story in full below:

Met in 2014 November.
Dated for 11 months. All these while she was so homely and accommodating.

She would call to let me know about her movements even when I did not ask for.

She would apologize at any slight opportunity.

It was all rosy.

The parents kept calling and advising me not to let other ladies win me over.

They would visit or call my parents at every given opportunity and I felt “this is it”.

We got married almost a year later.

The first 2 weeks of the honeymoon was smooth until the 3rd week and bam! there was disagreement about money.

She stabbed me with a knife though the cut wasn’t too deep. It took me months to catch up with reality as the lady I was dating was a total different person.

That was the journey of misery and then it was nagging, disrespect and stuffs until I caught her on the phone telling her ex that she misses him and sh1ts.

I was devastated. This lady refused to apologize. She won’t even listen to me whenever I asked to have a heart to heart talk with her.

I had to involve her parents and it was by force before she apologized.

She got pregnant and 9 months later she was delivered of our first son.

2 weeks later, my attention was drawn to constant beeping on her phone and when I checked, my supposed wife was discussing with another of her ex about how tight and intact her vagina was cos she gave birth through CS. And the guy used to be jealous cos he enjoyed the sex they had as she was always tight and shits.

I was devastated. I drew her attention to it and she denied feigning ignorance. It was when I showed her screenshots that she accepted and asked me to forget about it, that what has happened has happened.

She would never say sorry. So called her elder brother and he begged me and begged her to apologize, still she won’t.

I reported to the mother. This didn’t help matters. The aunts numbering about 4 had to beg on her behalf.
I let it slide.

Things got worse and it came to a point where she would not cook. Even times when I return home from long journeys, I most times will have to go into the kitchen to sort myself.

Mum got sick and I asked that she come to us so that we can go to bigger hospital for proper check up and hell was let loose.

She stopped cooking and would only cook whenever she desires.

Time past and my life became almost miserable.

I would close from the office and won’t be able to go home. I would stroll into a beer parlour and while away time till maybe 10pm and would sneak out very early even before she wakes up.

Earlier in 2016, I had empowered her with 1.2 million to start a business and one dime I didn’t see as return on investment with her citing low patronage as the reason for the collapse of the business.

It was until the elder brother who was staying with us asked her for money and she refused that the dude disclosed that she made about 2.6 million from sales of items and services she rendered in the shop she denied making nothing from. She could not deny this fact but for my son I let it slide.

My wife would bring her female friend into the home and this lady even when she was engaged to a guy still go out to sleep with other guys.
I asked her to stop been friends with her and she blatantly refused. She would go ahead to invite the lady into my home and rain insults on me because I don’t want them together.

This final one was the calls she was making with her ex most times when I was away in the office.
I noticed and she couldn’t deny it. I later learnt that her cheat of a friend was the middle person that delivers messages to my wife whenever I was around.

I can’t take it anymore.

I don’t wanna die before my time.

I can’t eat in my house anymore as she threatened to poison me and nothing will happen. This was let out in a heat of a moment while we were exchanging words.

What’s the express way to divorce without complications?

NB: The dad has asked me to quit before I start to develop HBP.


  1. The man should have value for his life. He should run for his dear life. It’s better he divorce the woman so that he will have peace of mind

  2. Nawo.. That is unbelievable, How could she be married and keep sleeping around, she is not ready for marriage

  3. Didn’t you know that marriage is a lifetime institution? Did you seek the face of God before getting into it?

  4. Hmmmmmm with no disrespect to any woman, but women could actually do anything to get what they want, but that’s not to say there are no good women out there but this one is a no go area, i will advice you do all you can to put an end to that union if not, na your life next ooo.

  5. My brother enough of dx episode jex divorce her…..u married her with your own money jex divorce her….life from d other side has taught you a small lesson……move on my brother

  6. She has been pretending to be someone else before the marriage not knowing that she cannot pretend for ever, am sorry to say, this guy got himself a knife instead of a wife.

  7. She has been pretending to be someone else before the marriage not knowing that she cannot pretend for ever, am sorry to say, this guy got himself a knife instead of a wife

  8. Wow this is not to be taken lightly, he should leave now while he can, I’m not sure she would grant him a divorce,but he can just seek for separation for now.

  9. Marriage is a Union , that does not mean you have yo eat poison all in the name of marriage. Bro is up to you.

  10. That is rubbish,definitely she is still have feelings for her ex even more than her husband for chatting to that extent with her ex

  11. This is absolutely a movie not a reality i can’t just believe such things happen, what a hell did she want I think is your money; believe me she never loved you. You can divorce her now that infidelity has set in..

  12. The woman sef is terrible o please if it’s possible to back off just do before you find yourself in the grave

  13. It is better you free her if she is still in love with her ex so that she would not kill you before your time.

  14. Well he has enough evidence for a divorce ,and I dont think there is hope for this marriage the best thing to do is to go separate ways she clearly still wants her ex.

  15. She is very wicked . Upon very thing u did for her . She is an ungrateful woman. You better divorce her so that you can have peace of mind.

  16. You better run for your life.. Before you become a victim of something you might regret on the long run

  17. Can she be wicked to the extent of killing the father of his child?
    Its a lifetime journey bro
    May God help you

  18. Mayb that was ha first love bcus there is a strong feelings on first love it is unforgetable my brother u just hav to take heart u can still found true love

  19. my dear brother, its better for you to quit now that you still have the chance, before its too late that woman can kill you. just go for divorce letter, that is the best option.

  20. What a pity, he should better divorce her before she kills him. She was a wolf in sheep clothing thank God you have seen the real her.

  21. The dad asked you to quit and you still haven’t done that. Anyway go to the court get a lawyer and file a divorce. While this is going on let her sign an undertaking because this woman can do the undo.

  22. Is like a fiction, what kind of a story is this, why will you be at the mercy of a woman when she is not the one feeding you. Just do the needful

  23. I think you should give her sometimes off before divorcing her if she refused to change. First start with separation like go away from her like 3 months or more don’t come back home and see her reactions when you come back home, if she is still the same you can go ahead and divorce her .

  24. Hmm better quit b4 u die untimely trust me she isn’t gona loose a tear if u die o marriage is not do die afair please.

  25. That’s painful but hubby needs to have heart to heart talk with her. There might be a reason for that.

  26. If actually the way you explained it was how it happened, then you need to run for your life.. Someone who could stab you just out of arguments, can easily poison you.. Get a good lawyer, explain it all to him/her, then he or she will advise you on how to proceed.. A woman who is still in love with her ex can never make a good wife.

  27. Some are just terribly, poster for own good look for another woman who can be a step mother to ur son and run for ur life with ur son.

  28. This is serious that means she still has feelings for her ex
    Hmmmmm you better do something before she kills you to be with her ex

  29. My bro, my advice would be to run. You can only devoice her on the ground of adultery. Its a pity you didn’t do a deligent work while you were dating her.

  30. Free her ooh! Make sure you get full custody of your son, because this one is not a mother! Sometimes some women come to their senses when you let them go.

  31. It means the man can not perform his duties as a husband.lf not the private path would have not be tight

  32. Divorce is not an option, present your problem to God, the institutor of marriage and he will help you.

  33. She has no plan to change. She is not a good wife at all, she stab her husband, talking immorally with her ex knowing fully well that she is married. He should divorce her. She’s not a good wife

  34. She has no plan to change. She is not a good wife at all, she stabbed her husband, talking immorally with her ex knowing fully well that she is married. He should divorce her. She’s not a good wife

  35. Hmmmm..this is seroius, i will advice seperation for a while for both of you to think about the whole situation and solution.the man that is complaining should sit and check himself first, before he can think of divoce..

  36. My dear, this is a personal decision. If it’s ok with you to continue living with someone who could cheat and murder you at the slightest provocation, good for you

  37. Man you allowed this to get this far, the bitch has to go since she prefers being single let her continue

  38. Did you take an oath with HER? Please send her out before she kill you because when you die she has nothing to loose

  39. I feel so bad for this guy but I think many of nigerian guys wouldn’t keep up with such attitude of the wife

  40. You are playing with death. She is more comfortable to tell her secret to ex than you.Run for your life.

  41. It’s like the man doesn’t value his life. He should better run for his life before the woman will kill him. Some women are just very wicked and evil. He should divorce her and move on with his life.

  42. Marriage is not rosy these days my brother,and is not a die affair too,so if u can’t control it better let go of her simple..

  43. Probably she is still very much inlove with her ex,because they are not suppose to say such things so probably if the marriage is not working they should get a divorce.

  44. So literally the wife is saying she hasn’t had sex in years and you the husband could not object to that, so many happening in married homes

  45. Hmmm! May God have mercy, she didn’t show her true color before because she wanted him to feel she was nice, it’s after she then started showing her true color, well, she should be spoken to and if she doesn’t yield or continues the man can divorce her.

  46. Oga please is better you’re alive to tell the story than dead love her she’s on a mission to destroy you

  47. This is serious oooo what a world we live in why on earth are some wife not contented having extra marital affairs at the stake of their marriage

  48. My brother enough of dx episode jex divorce her…..u married her with your own money jex divorce her….life from d other side has taught you a small lesson…

  49. As for me when I noticed my wife is having an affair or still in love with her ex, I will just let her be and put and end to the marriage

  50. If it were me, I won’t even birder with the whole divorce proccess I will just walk awaya from the marriege and go start my life all over again as for my son I could talk himto my mum and make she doesnt have access to him…

  51. From my observation I could feel it that the relationship isn’t straight forward.. I guess the lady is in love with her ex.

  52. My dear thats all over the places dont feel too bad ladies of now are all if not 99% like that the come in cool and rosy once u marry them they turned something else…am a living witness talking from my own experience bro not only you so put yourself together seat back and watch him ok…be strong

  53. What a pathetic story but man first you have to make sure that the baby is yours, and for the woman you called your wife I think it was a very big mistake that has been done. So the decision is yours because you made it at the first time.

  54. Sometimes this thing we call love is deceitful because the way it starts may not be the way it ends so my advice for this man is to seek for a divorce hence she cannot simply apologize I think there is no hope for such a union

  55. So disrespectful and terrifying situation for the young man. Too bad marriage is a life time time involve your pastor.

  56. This is good news,I hope she will go back to being good for the man,she has a tight reproduction system,well the man do not know how to work

  57. Quit before she kill. I have learnt from experience that one doesn’t have to die over a failed marriage. You have not discovered your wife yet, so keep searching and praying.

  58. Bro you try o, if you really went through all of this things listed, you really tried, but I’ll advice you divorce her legally and fast before she kill you.

  59. This woman is a disgrace to his generation
    She is married
    Nd still fornicating..
    That is bad habit..

  60. What a story first call her and ask what d sudden change was, but if she dint say anything
    ..let her kw the implications of what she is doing n also did u guys exchange vows meaning marriage or anything..cos if not just LET HER GO

  61. I find it sad that you couldn’t detect these negative traits in her before marriage. Though divorce is not supported biblically except on the grounds of infidelity. If she is really unfaithful, you should separate from her so you don’t die before your time.

  62. If she wasn’t ready for marriage why jumping into it. Ohhh! I think it’s because of money. They guy might have money than her ex, so she love her ex, but she like the money of her husband. Divorce her before you die early.

  63. You have to seek help urgently. Not on social media. Consult your spiritual leader and get a lawyer. If possible move out of the house before you become a statistics of domestic violence

  64. You better divorce her before she kill you and went for another men. Brokering marriage is better to take your life.

  65. I the man’s wife is still inlove with her life ex. I such a case , I had advise the man to leave the woman and move on with his life

  66. Please man free her ,let her go back to her ex.I pray she won’t regret her actions

  67. What sort of a wife is this? I think she doesn’t love you anymore free yourself before she kills you

  68. I’ll only advice you to decide what you feel it’s good for you. Run for your dear life you only have one live to life. Divorce her so you can have a peace of mind and as for your child nothing will happen to him.

  69. you try and set her free so she ll go and meet her x to make her vigina open, hmm don’t know y some women are like that

  70. Bros free her and free yourself from her emotional torture ,we only lives once and marriage is not a do or die affair

  71. Run for your life brother. Most ladies nowadays goes extra mile to form decency/patience/virtue just to get settled and then start their wicked drama. It’s vice versa though. May God help you.

  72. Hummm so bad why the change all of a sudden you re the one that miss it she could have shown you little tip but love covers you now you can see free her or pray for her to change.

  73. Hmm this is serious issue,,,,he should have run for his dear life,,she is so heartless ,now she has successfully stabbed him,what did she gain from it.

  74. It is obvious she is still in love with her ex. Just take it easy to avoid emotional trauma

  75. I think in such situation like this, the best thing you can do is to let her go if not, your life is in danger, she actually pretends to be good before you got married, may God save us from evil ones like that.

  76. I think the best advice given to you is from your father in-law. Quit the marriage before you get poisioned

  77. She is a useless woman,why she didn’t marry that his ex if she really love him,she is evil,live her before she kill you

  78. This is unbelievable, some women are suffering and enduring their marriage but the one with rosy one want to go out, she will regret later.

  79. That’s why is better to discover who u want to marry, though females can pretend to be nice , respectful and well mannered not until they get what they want that’s when they will show who they really are , men need to be careful in dating a girl

  80. My brother, run for your life. How’re sure they’ve not been seeing each other behind you? That she can send such SMS to her ex shows that you are not in her picture.

  81. You don’t need to be told to take a walk out of the relationship before you die. Marriage is not a do or die affair, if it’s not working that’s not the end of life. Let your wife be, go to the church for the annulment of the marriage if you had church wedding and if you had court marriage also go to court for annulment.

  82. The two families should come together, he should return the bride price, divorce her and move on since she’s no longer interested in the relationship.

  83. I’m allergic to toxic relationships.. Once a relationship starts becoming toxic, quit straight up. No be do or dir affair

  84. Why get married when you know you still want flirt.. This is what you get when you marry out of God’s plan. He should do the needful before they bury him

  85. This is a toxic relationship and divorce is the best option, you have given her a long time to change and she has not.. It is better run for your life

  86. If all these are true.The lady needs a proper counseling and know that friendship is not marriage.

  87. That’s how some stupid ladies pretend to be very good, after getting the ring they will just bring out their true self. Such is life my brother just be prayerful if you still want her, just for God to change Her.

  88. My brother, the best way to gain freedom is to depart from the crazy woman, let her go and leave her life the way she chooses.

  89. This is unacceptable l think the man should run for his dear life before the woman kill him because is obvious she still in love with her ex

  90. This is a serious case, i would prefer you leave the house or have a partial separation with her for a while

  91. What God as join together let no man put asunder. Pray to God to change her life, marriage is a manage.

  92. Mr. Please let go of her if she’s not ready to change. She stabbed you thank God you were able to be alive till now.

  93. The man should seek divorce because such woman are dangerous,let her not infect the man with virus

  94. But why are some women inhumane? They hide their character when in need, my brother save yourself and life by divorcing her. She had already told you the truth, that she’ll kill you and nothing will happen. When you loose your life, she’ll continue with her ex, after all you have empowered her by establishing her. But notwithstanding, posterity will judge her

  95. Dat means she does not love you..dont get it twisted pls let her go b4 it gets out of hand.

  96. It is imperative that one study his or her partner before going into marriage. That lady is totally irreponsible and should be divorced immediately

  97. Her heart is somwhere else! is better you divorce her.this woman is not meant for you .let her go..

  98. It is quite unfortunate that he married a prostitute disguised as a wife. What he got himself into a deep pit , the only thing left is to escape. The situation is beyond his ability.

  99. She is a disgrace.
    It’s obvious she doesn’t love you,she is still interest in her Ex.
    Why don’t you her go, the decision is yours.

  100. I think she got married to you out of pity he heart and love is still with her ex just be your self and take heart

  101. I thinks may be she enjoy how the ex do it more than the hubby. He should ask why such act before divorce which is a decision to be taken by home alone.

  102. Let her go to avoid u dieing before ur time cos this world and time are too small to be spent with the wrong person.
    It’s just my candid advice.

  103. I don’t know Ifnyou are a Christian but if you are did you pray to God before the choice ornyou use your head which is the world’s way. Well,go back yo Hodmin prayer

  104. Bros, get a good lawyer to advice you appropriately and pls make it snappy before this woman kills you.

  105. It serves you right. Some of you men will get a humble wife that will love and cherish you and all she will get is ill-treatment.

  106. Women are naturally shameless and unfaithful, nevertheless he should seek divine intervention rather than divorcing her.

  107. A lot of fake girls are out there looking for who to hook up with and later show their true colour.Don’t give yourself high blood pressure guy God will intervene

  108. Just quit the marriage and move on because from what I can deduce from your write up, the girl doesn’t love you again

  109. Your life is more important and from the look of things she has completely lost track.She has even committed adultery of which the bible has based divorce on…so guy run for your dear life biko!

  110. This is serious. I will advice you file a divorce before she kills you or vice versa. Marriage is made to be enjoyed not to be endured.

  111. I am at a loss for words but I guess we are hearing from only one party, what has the women got to say for herself before I can know what to say

  112. You dont need any advice before you know what to do, just follow your mind you are a man.

  113. She really tried to pretend all day long throughout the courtship. I think for her to tell her ex that, that means she love her more.
    My advice is just let her be and move on

  114. That’s what happens when you marry the wrong person
    My brother I don’t believe in divorce but you better live her oo
    Before she kills you

  115. Chai, this bros eventually enter one chance.
    That’s a very bad one for him o, May God rescue him.
    He had been seeing red flags for long but decided to overlook.

  116. The day she attacked and wounded you with kitchen knife, was the day you should have seen the red flag warning but you choose your marriage expenses over your life and happiness.
    What to do❓ the decision is yours to make.

  117. This is exactly what my ex gf did to me after much loved showed to her. Mr man pls run for your life if you can’t handle this.

  118. The guy married the bone of his bone. Divorce her to save your life. Imagine, stabbing him with kitchen knife

  119. she is a disgraces to womanhood. in short she is a bad wife. You just ignore her for some while to know her reactions to that. so that you can know maybe she want the marriage or not

  120. Ladies and guys are like this…..during courtship they will pretend to be nice but when you marry them they become another thing entirely so rushing into marriage should not be considered if you don’t have the mind to bear the pains

  121. What a broken relationship, sorry about that, just call for a divorce and find a better wonder woman

  122. I feel your pain brother but it could be that, that her friend wants to destroy her home because she isn’t married yet and she is so naive that she can’t see it. I just pity her. Leave the house for her for the main time before the divorce

  123. Guy don’t dull it, I will advice u to divorce that lady, she is no more interested in you again.

  124. My man run for your life before she poison’s you, that lady is mean and that wicked ex will one day ask her to kill you, trust me she won’t hesitate to do it

  125. He shouldn’t be bothered about that. Just that they might still be seeing each other. He really needs to watchout

  126. Please just let her loose finally before things gets out of hand than it is already. She’ll sure regret losing a good man.

  127. There’s nothing as painful as an abusive marriage. I urge the man to seek for divorce so that he will be free from emotional pain instead of to die in agony

  128. It better that you have a rival. What are you wetin for. Let her real lover take her. Then your true love will find you

  129. Bros divorce her immediately if truly you don’t want to die young.. She still loves her so called ex than you. So do the right thing now before you turn to a past tense.. The heart of people are desperately wicked nowadays.. Heed to the advice of her dad. I don’t know where you can file for divorce But I am very sure it’s not a long process, if you explained all what you are facing since you married her you will be attended to sharp sharp. Your life is worth more than what you can imagine.. Be wise

  130. All that glitters are not gold
    Mr man act fast before this woman will send you to your early grave..she is nothing but a devil in human clothing

  131. So she stabbed you after 3 weeks of marriage and u didn’t run all this while u had to wait this long

  132. you should have seen the red flag warning but you choose your marriage expenses over your life and happiness.

  133. Wow, 3 things are involved here, 1 you have a carrot 2. She misses having cassava and 3 she wants the cassava.
    Sorry but your wife is smth ekse

  134. If all these tales coming from husband man as regards his wife is true, their marriage might been heading to hit the rock.

  135. You have been very strong and tolerant. It’s high time you do something before you find yourself in your early grave. If marriage is like this what will the unmarried ones do?

  136. One does not seem to understand women, and stories like this are not new. Once he finds evidence that his wife is cheating outside, he can divorce her

  137. Marriage is one area in one’s life one dare not make a mistake, because it is supposed to be a forever relationship. Clearly this man has missed it in marriage, and I feel sorry for him. I don’t know how he got to meet this lady. She really played him big time. Let him seek counsel from his spiritual leader. I pray he gets the help he needs.

  138. This is an abomination, how can you be married and still be sleeping around. I think they should call the marriage off.

  139. Please divorce her immediately before she will kill you, that your wife is deadly, God will give you your own wife

  140. Don’t kill your self with this promiscuous wife you had it’s obviously in this generation we’re living, a woman can still possess this after marriage surely it’s like he wanted to kill his husband.

  141. Is better you quite listen to your dad,that how women behave they can hide they characters even for ten years just to get what they want,by brother dont just run flee from her she is next to devil

  142. So sorry but the lady in question don’t love you, why stab you with a kitchen knife just because of an argument. Man look for your way before she kills you one day.

  143. My dear, run for your life, she need time to be away from you, then she may come back to her senses and realized her past deeds. But bear in mind that you Wil forgive her I’d she comes back for the love of the child between the two of you

  144. Come on 11 not enough for u to study the woman u wished to end up with
    Knowing very well that woman can cover their rottenness with the best gold ever to deceive their victim
    Well don’t forget marriage is for better for worse
    Sony have to endure the worse

  145. She don’t love you ,she loves her ex more than you ,it is better for you to divorce here, before he take your life

  146. You did not seek God before going into marriage. Go back to Him for the solution you seek. He will direct you on what to do.

  147. She is a big disgrace to womanhood n has no fear of God. She has no love n respect for her husband. Kai. May God grant him the best solution.

  148. My guy you are fire now and you are still standing, be there and asking of how to divorce until you lose your life before you realize yourself.

  149. Hmm. People don’t value what they have until they lose it. Though I don’t support divorce, but for the sake of your son, go your own way. She’ll come back to her senses when she’s lost all that’s making her act stupid.

  150. This one though, water done pass garri but Oga I will advice you not to run away because your wife instead send her away and have ur peace with your son thank God that your child is a male child.

  151. You better let her go before you see yourself in grave If she ends up killing you ,that is the end loo.

  152. what the woman did is wrong it means she didn’t love you at first it was just infatuation and she realized it after marrying you

  153. The man presents the woman as a complete ass-hole. It could be that the man does not satisfy the woman sexually.

  154. Let her go before she gets you killed. Am sure she never loved you from the onset and since her dad already advised you to quit before you develop high BP, please do in time

  155. Hmmmmm, it is well ooooo. That’s why it is advisable to seek God’s counsel when one is about to settle down. It’s clear that she deceived him with her accommodating and homely attitude. What a pity! His wife is really dealing with him and he has made his choice and decision to leave the marriage. As it is, it’s only God that can fix his broken marriage but he wants a divorce. I still think that he should allow God and ask God to take control at least for the sake of his Son. There is nothing God can’t do.

  156. She is a disgrace to womanhood. May God forgive her. A married woman in that case. This kind of wife should be taken back to her father’s house. I think that’s what she deserves.

  157. Sir I most say that your marriage is a living hell and you must check out before we go and type’ gone too soon Sir’. A word is enough for the wise.

  158. man don’t mind her she’s only trying to go back to her Ex, so you go tell another that your last long in bed

  159. Probably he is not man enough to handle his personal issues without involving too many people.. What on earth is he waiting for to do the right thing.. Just ngodu.. What d hell is wrong with this man.. Now he has even taken it to social media. Please Oga grow up okay.. Be a man.. And handle issues like a man.. Thank you. And happy new year.

  160. That how some ladies behave they never show there true self when they are engage with someone but once they get married to that person then u will know who they truly are

  161. This is very sad and its complicated,but is better for him to free her if she is still in love with her ex.

  162. My brother, I feel your pains, I think you should take it to the Lord in prayer. He surely answer you.

  163. Hey man, I don’t have anything other advice to give to you rather than to divorce and run for your life.

  164. Some people just like pretending my dear just follow your mind you don’t necessarily have to listen to what everyone tells you.

  165. MY brother you have to run for your dear life cos its very obvious thay this woman does not love or cate for you, like her father said you will develope HBP.

  166. Too bad why does she want to spoil her marriage wit her ex I pray her husband accepts her nd forgive her.

  167. The truth is that this is not a marriage, is just a shadow of marriage. This so called wife is not with you. Her body os with you but are spirit is else where. This is not a marriage I repeat.

  168. See the way some married women keep dis gracing their selves. It is well o, this man really tried honestly. Uncle Pls we still want people like you on earth, kindly divorce with immediate effect before she kill u

  169. My bro move out of the house with your son, then file for a divorce because if you tell her before doing it she might kill you

  170. Infact , I would rather instruct you to leave her before she eventually kills you for your family at least her father had already advised you

  171. Maybe bcos he doesn’t satisfy her well on bed. I.e u dont knw hw to solve bedmatics usin the bodmas formula. If u knw wat i mean

  172. U see why I wouldn’t advise any body to rush in a marriage,no matter how a lady try to be good.dont ever believe, just pray to God for him to reveal her through person

  173. That is too bad for her, my advice for you is that you should divorce her because if you dont do so she can kill you and run to that her ex again

  174. This is hell called marriage. How can a married woman do all of these? Well who can find a virtuous woman? The answer is nobody only God can do that.

  175. The docility of the man complaining here is too hyper,he should have taken a drastic actions beforehand

  176. This is very bad for a married woman to still be misbehaving so what does she wants to impact on the children

  177. My dear brother please free her ooo. She either was In love with you or her ex. She jst a nonentity of a lady.

  178. This is quite terrible, how could a married woman behave in such manner. My advice to the man is to tender the issue to God in prayer because there is nothing impossible for him

  179. I believe the don’t tell blind man that it’s raining when he’s outside, any decision you take is OK ooh

  180. She’s a demon
    A pretencious harlot
    And you better run from her before she stabs you in the heart
    And you loose your life

  181. Is it by force to be in porous relationship like this? What you are doing is dangerous o, that woman can kill you and nothing will happen. What she’s even doing is too much for you to still be with her.

  182. We’re just hearing his own side of the story, but if what he says is really true, he should flee for his life. A separation should be a start before beginning the divorce process.

  183. This kind of incidents happens alot in marriage these days, ex always comes back to hurt people

  184. Love is a beautiful thing sweet and dangerous. Am sorry you fall a victim of the bad side it.the fact is that wife of yours only love your money not you.

  185. you see, I don’t want to laugh in my language. from the third week, she was no longer yours. no law is interested in divorce, but when it comes to exact point you’re now, irreparable, irreconcilable and incompatible, it’s over. it’s capital DIVORCE before either of you dies.

  186. If a woman don’t like you stop getting close to her try to avoid her the end is not good

  187. Is a big pity that this man is living with a devil in disguise that he called wife. Her heart has been sold out to her so called ex. This isn’t a marriage union at all and if you don’t do something about it fast, you will die before your tie because that wife of yours can finish you.

  188. A married woman should be responsible to her husband, how can she still be having some immoral discussions with her ex, so bad the man has already married her, hope she changes from that her bad habit

  189. My brother run for your life, in short file for divorce straight… You mean you coped with all this? Biko before you die before your time divorce her and take custody of your child

  190. Just have patience till she kills you
    . You should have divorced her immediately she stabbed you in tje first place

  191. You cant kill yoursef ooo.. If you cant cope anymore you quit…. Life is just one no duplicate…

Charles Novia's mum is dead lailasnews

Charles Novia’s mum is dead

New wife dies on January 1st, just 4 days after her wedding lailasnews 3

New wife dies on January 1st, 4 days after her wedding