My wife demands N5k to allow me to sleep with her – Man cries out

Man cries out as wife frequently demands N5K to allow him sleep with her.

A married man explained how his wife will not sleep with him unless he pays her N5,000 for every encounter.

When he told Blessing Okoro his story, he revealed that if he does not pay, his wife takes away his chain and other personal belongings.

In his words:

“I have a problem. My wife say I must be paying her except she won’t open her legs for me. It started like a joke till it got so serious. I pay her N5k everytime I want to touch her.

If I don’t have money, she will take my personal belongings like watch or chain. It is getting out of hand. I have not touched her for 4 weeks now and she is not remorseful. Told her parents but they said it is marriage and private.

I am getting frustrated. I provide and do everything for her. She is not working too. I am tired and I might divorce her”

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