My son was molested at Deeper Life school – Woman alleges (Video)

A Nigerian woman identified as Deborah Okezie taken to Facebook to call out the management of Deeper Life boarding school Uyo, Akwa Ibom after her son was allegedly molested in the school.

My son was molested at Deeper Life school – Woman alleges (Video)

According to a video posted by Okezie on Facebook, she enrolled her son in the school this term that just ended.

She stated that the boy was a shadow of himself when she visited him in the school and the staff at the school almost prevented her from seeing the boy.

Upon inquiry, she discovered that her once talkative son had become a timid chap and she later discovered that he had received death threats from the senior students.

Okezie said she had to beg him to talk and discovered that he was also being starved at the school, she said, “he has not eaten from yesterday night till the time I picked him up today…they said if he complains, he will be a dead man.”

She also said he is vomiting a green substance, “here is the boy I picked up from Deeper Life High school… he has been throwing up till date…”

According to the mother, “the principal in the person of Ndidi changed him from (JSS1 to SSS1 & 2 hostels)” to punish him for weeing on his bed despite informing the authorities before enrolling him that he wees. She also claimed to have offered a macintosh which the school rejected.

“When I took him to school to write exam, I made them understand that my son wees at home, for this reason, I came with macintosh, they said no, that they have other children who wee too at home that it’s not a problem,” she said.

Narrating his ordeal in the video, the boy said: “they were removing my boxers(and pushed their legs and hands into his anus -the mum echoed)… they said have I pooed, I said no then all the seniors will force me (referring to attempts to force excrete out from his anus).”

“They said that if I report to the principal or my mum they’re are going to kill me,” the boy added.

Okezie, however, added that the school begged her not to go public and promised to cover the expense of his hospital bills.

“Look at what I got back after giving Kumuyi all my money… I went there today and teachers wanted to fight me.. I have the video, I will send it online… It took me almost one hour before my son came out after every other person had picked up their children.”

She also revealed that the gave the boy blood tonic because he was to be picked up and clarified that she paid all necessary bills to the school upon enrollment.

She has since taken the boy to a hospital for a medical check-up after continuous stooling and coughing.

The story has left users furious as they advised her to take the matter up. Here are some reactions:

Owodunni Olalekan “Because of the activities in the school, children in the boarding house may loose weight due to activities in the school. But to abuse, a child is not acceptable”

Another user, Chiadika Boi-Ukeme Omoruyi said “arrest all of them, madam, let them be fished out, even the students and the Mr Joseph, what rubbish. This is too painful.”

Ugowhite Harmony also commented thus: “Am heart broken. Madam this is a serious issue. This school must be closed down.”

“Wicked people so called pastors n church, these are wicked. I have said many times these are scammers n sex predictors n abusers,” Chukwudi Mgbe said.

Watch the video below:

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