My husband says I’m not as hot in bed as his girlfriends – Wife

A woman has had her marriage dissolved by an Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Tuesday after she claimed that her husband considered her not as hot in bed as his girlfriends he frolics with.

The Court President, Mr. Adeniyi Koledoye, held that although the respondent, Mr. Tosin Owolabi, wanted the marriage sustained, his wife, Adenike, insisted on divorce.

My husband says I’m not as hot in bed as his girlfriends - Wife lailasnews 3
File Photo: My husband says I’m not as hot in bed as his girlfriends – Wife

He said that the court lacked the power to force a willing husband on an unwilling wife.

“The court cannot prevail on the petitioner, Adenike, to rescind her decision to quit the marriage.

“It is crystal that the marriage between the couple has broken down irretrievably, and there is nothing the court can do to sustain it,’’ Koledoye said.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Adenike had sought divorce, saying that, Tosin, her husband of seven years, regularly told her that she was not good in bed.

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She said that Tosin, 36, was adulterous and complains: “You’re not hot in bed.”

“I know he was using that as an excuse for his infidelity,” the mother-of-two said.

“I cannot have access to his phone because he coded it so that I will not know about his illicit affairs with other women,” she told the court.

She also accused Tosin, a teacher, of battering her.

“My husband beats me up at any slightest provocation; he started beating me during courtship, but I endured, thinking he would stop.

“He beats me even during pregnancies which always landed me in hospital,” she said.

The petitioner added that Tosin was jealous.

 “He is always accusing me of dating any man he sees me with,’’ Adenike said; adding that Tosin threatened to kill her and might carry out the threat.

Responding, Tosin admitted beating Adenike but blamed it on his temperament. He also accused Adenike of infidelity.

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The court granted the custody of the two children of the marriage to Adenike, and ordered Tosin to pay N5,000 monthly to her for each of the children’s feeding.

It also ordered that Tosin should be responsible for the children’s education.


  1. The biggest mistake you ever made was to marry the man that beat you up during courtship. The Lord will take care of you and the kids,i hope you move on with your life.

  2. I don’t tink u shud marry such a husband like dat because at the end of the day he will become a womanizer

  3. God can still change your situation but any marriage fails to build in Christ will always be in crisis. God fearing couples are better than silver and gold in the world.

  4. The woman has taken the bold step in resolving the marriage based on adultery on the part of the man. It will be of no use to dwell in a relationship not based on trust

  5. Marriage z a journey…dey av to learn evritin on sex b4 concluding on divorce…well..i don’t blv in violence too…beating up a woman z a big crime

  6. Marriages come with different trials and tribulations. May God protect the remaining marriages from evil.

  7. God’s factor cannot be relegated to the background, especially when it comes to the issue of marriage. I advise her to get intimated with God

  8. When a guy beats you during courtship it’s a bad sign of an unstable marriage. Beware!!! Most times they don’t get better, rather worse.

  9. This man is a wicked man why beating up the mother of your children just because of being hot in bed, this woman is seriously going through hell may God intervene in your marriage

  10. Any man that beats u during courtship, will kill u in marriage… These are signs we neglect… Please the best thing is to take care of your children

  11. Have always told people to always chose life to marriage, instead of dieing in it, u better wake away and live.

  12. This man is sick how could he say that to his wife ,it seems he wants to end the marriage .my advice for the woman is to take a bold steps

  13. Its very embarrassing for him to make those statements, so since it has been made, package up i recommend

  14. This us serious sometimes i blame women for things like this how on earth can a woman not be hot in bed nit only that a man battling you during courtship and you said when he marries you he will stop beating you lie lie the same man you were dating if you marry him he wont be better than what he was if wasn’t buying you anything during courtship it is certain he won’t still buy even when he marries you

  15. The woman made a mistake of marrying a man who beats her up before their marriage and the Man sounds so irrational for beating a woman who’s pregnant for him

  16. This is very serious sometimes I don’t know what kind of love normally blindfold many ladies eyes against a hot tempered and a woman beater….seriously I don’t see why you should expect happiness in marriage when he do beat you during your courtship with him. Plz divorce him and move on…. He don’t deserve you

  17. I don’t subscribe to him beating u up but I’m happy that a man can also complain of sexual inefficiency from his wife not the usual other way round.

  18. You made a big mistake by getting married to him because if he could beat you in courtship there is no doubt that he will beat you in marriage. Some say love is blind but you can see well. Marriage is not for boys and girls but for matured man and woman

  19. Once a man start beating his wife it is advisable to divorce him so that he will not kill you at the end of the day.

  20. Marriage is to be enjoyed and not to molest the partner. Teach her how to be hot on bed. Anyway try and pay the children fees and also learn from your mistake

  21. Should be sure,you are faithful to him and learn how to make him happy all the time ,God will take control

  22. It is foolishness on the woman’s path. How could she marry a guy that beat you up during courtship. It that love? That is a lesson for her

  23. Dis woman u funny ooo wat kind of miracle re u expecting to get. A man dat beat up wen u re still dating nd u went ahead for d wedding dat d highest Mode of stupidity.

  24. I’m sorry to call the man an idiot.
    How could she said such things to his wife. He was even boast to say it that his girlfriend is hot. You know what, turn your self to porn

  25. It is well with you..but the signs were there…why did u marry a man that beats you up at every slightest provocation during courtship? Thinking a miracle will happen after marriage? Is good you divorce him b4 he kill you…he is a flirt, hence the excuse of you not being good enough in sorry madam.

  26. I wonder why ladies marry guys who beats them up, u thought he would stop after marriage forgetting that it’s a habit n changing might be impossible, see the end result now. Anyways take good care of your kids with the little token he will be sending to u monthly

  27. Why did u even think of marring such a happh you gave him a divorce so. Next time pray before you enter any relationship. A

  28. The biggest mistake you ever made was to marry the man that beat you up during courtship. The Lord will take care of you and the kids,i hope you move on with your life.

  29. For the fact that he started beating you during courtship is a enough reason why you shouldn’t have gotten married to him. How can a man beat his wife during pregnancy. This is too bad

  30. I wonder what men think of women this days!! A woman that went through labour pains n bore u children, is no more hot again abi?.

  31. Better don’t let him kill you he Will surely marry that her girlfriend if he kill you….please run for your life

  32. He may kill you if care is not taking, those signs you’ve been seeing since courtship and you keep quiet about it, am afraid that man may be your death zone

  33. Suspicion and infidelity kills marriage, let desist from that but let’s teach each other in love where he or she is lacking behind.

  34. To marry a man that beats you and always compare you to other ladies or his ex girlfriend is bad, so is good to quit such marriage

  35. Some women are trying, if am a girl and my boy friend or fiancee beats me why we are dating I don’t think we can be husband and wife no matter what.

  36. Too bad of him to compare you with his ex girlfriend and to beat you always even when you are pregnant, you really need God for such a marriage to be healed

  37. So many ladies these days are anxious to get married even when they are seeing red flag of the man’s character and attitude.

  38. If he actually said so why then does he want to keep the marriage when he would be happy to end it and continue with girl friend

  39. Mrs Adenike please endure this marriage because your first mistake was to marry a man who beats you but if you can’t divorce him before he kills you remember life don’t have duplicate.

  40. This is the more reason why one shouldn’t rush into marriage. Take your time to examine your partner during courtship before tying the knot with him in order to avoid occurrences like this

  41. Wonders shall never seize.. So cheating has become something to boast of.. You dared opened your mouth to tell your wife that she’s not as hot in bed as your girlfriend.. So you didn’t know she wasn’t hot during courtship? Men will always find a way to make women feel inferior.. Adenike you even made a mistake marrying a man who beats you during courtship.. A man who can raise his hands on a woman is not a man indeed.. It’s a good thing you divorced him.. He doesn’t worth your love or time. Just move on..

  42. What many people face in terms of marriage is too much….
    He’s cheating on you, yet he still have the gut to let you know he’s doing it not only that, he beats you up when you make slight mistakes
    My dear sister, if there’s anyone telling you to endure it run away from that person…
    I will advice you to leave peacefully than him killing you one day

  43. That’s very insensitive of the man. Even if his girlfriend is hotter, he should have respected his wife by keeping it to himself.

  44. How can you endure beating in courtship when you are not married that’s the more reason why he repeat it once a man raise his hand on his woman he will definitely continue such act,the handwriting is on the wall take a boldstep now before its too late

  45. You think a man that beats you up during courtship will change? Never! Some men are beast,they see women as slaves so I don’t really blame feminist. May God help us not to marry a wolf in human clothing.

  46. The woman has taken the bold step in resolving the marriage based on adultery on the part of the man. It will be of no use to dwell in a relationship not based on trust

  47. The man should be ashamed of himself by saying such to her woman is like he didnt have interest in their marriage anymore, and it is a lesson for all ladies dat you can never change irresponsible man so you should’t make yourself blind because of love, if u cant endure someone character u better leave thaat person before is late.

  48. Hmm what a shyless man what did he mean by saying that then if soet him divorce you and go for his girlfriend

  49. Sister,someone was beating u during courtship and u accepted it as temperament and married him. Now u want to dissolve it. U r not serious. What we’re u expecting. Go ahead enjoy it while it lasts

  50. God is against Divorce but I will be a wicked person not to advice . He assaults her emotionally and physically.

  51. To me that man don’t worth what he is to u because I believe if he loves u so much he will respect and adore u and again make u who he want u to be for him

  52. He’s not your husband bkos if he is actually your hubby he will make you hot in bed stop calling him your husband .

  53. Yes it true. Whoever started affairs outside marriage can never be satisfied. Do your best to keep your home.

  54. Pls get your divorce Mrs Adenike you have the rest of your life ahead of you don’t spend it in misery.

  55. The guy is not serious. Why should u even be dating outside ur marriage and dosn’t end there but go as far as comparing her sexual life with ur GF

  56. After scattering the marriage why does he wants the marriage sustained again? I just pity him cos he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  57. That man is about to destroy his marriage for saying such thing to his wife abiyt his girlfriend

  58. How could the man have said that to his wife? That was senseless from him. Let him now go and marry his girlfriend and see the difference.

  59. sex is a serious matter in a marriage, women should be up and doing but at the same time men should not be greedy for this thing. your wife is your wife, if she is not good in bed i believe the man can tutor her

  60. My dear since you noticed the beating on time you would have withdrawed.pls check yourself and find out what you are doing that makes him beat you and shout at you then you stop those attitude.

  61. Adenike supposed to be packaging herself if she really wants the marriage to blossom, though am not blaming her. The husband, Tosin is just a flirt but it’s something they can resolve if they truly want the marriage to work out. I pray both of them will not regret their actions later in life

  62. My dear if your husband said you are not hot is better for you to walk away from the marriage

  63. Comment* A man that utters that statement that his girlfriend is hot than his wife is insane meanwhile he have be cheating on his wife and he didn’t have the strong love and affection for his wife…but nevertheless since there is no love between them they can divorce because marriage is not by force and it is an agreement between two parties that loves each other …..

  64. You caused it yourself,you saw it in courtship and you overlook it for the sake of love,now u are now facing it.God will deliver you o

  65. The mistake You made was marrying a man who beat you while in courtship, thank God you decided to walk away before you loose your life

  66. Madam that’s not a man a man who can best his wife and even compare her to his girlfriend in bed indeed the court should pleybring this marroti an end

  67. Comment*If the case since to come these way the woman should beer in mind that the man’s heart is not her’s ….
    And the love the man had for her is not strong rather he cheated on her..

  68. All you lined out is enough reason to file for a divorce that man is not a man
    An infidel and a batterer and accuser
    Too much bad combination

  69. The woman is lucky to have escaped with her life because women like her with husbands like that pay with their lives.thank God the court granted her the divorce

  70. Infidelity in marriage is very unbearing, but you shouldn’t have married a man that beats you up from the beginning

  71. And you still open your clear eyes to marry him after he maltreatment you even in courtship. You’re the cause of your predicaments

  72. Some men are heartless, but she shouldn’t have married a man that has been beating her since courtship

  73. When u know he beats u during courtship why did u still marry him?u caused all these for yourself. May God help u

  74. Madam you really try my sis how can you marry a man that beat you up in relationship or courtship and you married him, you’re faulty dear any man that beat you up before in relationship will tell you sorry that it will never happen again but believe me that is just the beginning of your beating because that thing that made him beat you before will happen again by mistake or something similar or worst and he will bounce on again and after he will say sorry that if he is the type that says sorry, who bears the pan you! And now he is an infidel

  75. Any negative habit a man doesn’t stop before getting married, it’s inbuilt there’s no jupiter that will change him, since his girlfriends are hot, he should go to them so this woman will make good use of her life.

  76. Case closed. he is free to continue with his so called hot babes while the woman would no longer be a punching bag

  77. Thank God you were able to leave that marriage alive. That’s why its never advisable to endure pains during courtship cause you will definitely get worst in marriage.

  78. The question I ask is this, don’t these women see all these signs in these men before marrying them or is it that these men change

  79. What was the attraction before you considered marrying her as your wif, was it just to see her being hot on bed? Devoice is not the solution, you should have teach her till she get to that hotness you want.there is no maturity here at all

  80. The worse thing that can happen to any one is to say i can manage this person or he or she will change in marriage, you are just digging a grave for yourself. Now the marriage is under disaster which divorce is now the final answer. Mchteeeeeeew.

  81. Marriage is not an easy task at all… Alot of marriages everywhere bt only few last long… That husband of urs is a blunt cheat

  82. “He started beating me during courtship and I thought after marriage it will end ” this has caused ladies their marital happiness. Oga don’t beg her continue with your hot babe

  83. It’s really bad for her to rob it on her face that she’s not hot in bed. Women,anytime a man beats u,call off the relationship or the beating continues.

  84. Mr Tosin never wanted that marriage to be sustained, if he could tell his wife he has a girlfriend nd even tell her his girlfriend is better bed then he is tired of the marriage

  85. Telling your own wife that she’s not hot says a lot. He’s a lucky man to have such a wife in the first place.

  86. He must be stupid . He doesn’t deserve you at all . You don’t need a man to validate you. Marriage isn’t suppose to be a hell , it is not a do or die affair . Instead of dying , please take a walk

  87. The marriage institution is a union which is supposed to be enjoyed and not indurred. Both should make the marriage work because God hates divorce

  88. Broken relationship, they say is better than broken marriage. Adeniki, you married Tesin out of love or sympathy, that was a Mistake. In order words, So sorry but just be strong for the sake of those two kids. I pray you don’t make mistake again.

  89. I believe you saw these signs during courtship. You saw the handwriting on the wall and you read it, but you still foolishly went ahead to marry him. You actually put yourself in the situation.

  90. Its just so crazy that a man can tell his wife this , I implore the woman to put his husband in prayers and be patient for the sake of her kids.

  91. Her husband is a horrible person who uses that flimsy excuse to have extra-marital affairs. Good thing that that sham of a marriage is over.

  92. I’m sorry, but you ‘ve messed up big time. How can you watch him beat you right from when you guys were courting? Only God can change someone my dear.

  93. If the husband still had wanted the marriage to be sustained, why then did the wife seek a divorce instead of working on area to improve.

  94. I believe it is a good thing for the both of them to go their separate ways for now, before that stupid man will kill somebody’s daughter and blame it on the devil.

  95. Please marriage is not a do or die affair, if you don’t feel comfortable, LEAVE! I pray God give you some one deserving ok.

  96. Men should no how to talk to there spouse to avoid clash in their marriages, but is really a painful word from his husband.

  97. The period of courtship is the time to know the person you want to get married to, most at times we are blinded by love and we fail to see warning signals. It is better that she quits the marriage, there’s no marriage in heaven.

  98. He did not hide himself as a wife beater during your courtship. You should have known this. The point is that he hates you. Better flee with your life because two things are involved. If he didn’t kill you with his hands, he will infect you with a disease that will kill you.

  99. The biggest mistake you ever made was to marry the man that beat you up during courtship. The Lord will take care of you and the kids,i hope you move on with your life

  100. That is why there must be orientation before getting married because some people don’t understand marriage they really lack behind of marriage so sorry for loosing your marriage

  101. This is not fair why would he compare his wife to his girlfriend he forget that marriage is for ;better for worst.

  102. Can you see that ? The signs are always there. Battering you during courtship and you went ahead and got married thinking he will change, see you can’t change an adult. This is a lesson to the ladies out there.

  103. You made a mistake marrrying a man who beats you… You deserve better dear… May God keep you and your children

  104. You have the choice of either walking out of the marriage with you life intact or still stick to him at the expense of your life

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