My husband makes $8000 monthly but gives me $150 – Wife cries out

A wife has cried out for help after she found out her husband makes nothing less than $8000 monthly, but would rather give her a paltry sum of $150 for upkeep.

According to her, she just stumbled on his will and what she saw really shocked her – she is not even a beneficiary of his estate, rather he listed his favorite sister as the person to take over the estate when he dies.

My husband makes $8000 monthly but gives me $150 – Wife cries out

Read her story below:

I have lived in Boston since 2006. I moved from New York and gave up my job of 16 years because we got married and I relocated, leaving my two adult children, who were 21 and 24. I divorced my first husband in 1998 and met my spouse in 2000. My husband, who is 70, will be retired four years in October. He spent most of his career in the U.S. Army Reserve, where he spent 24 years.

I see his mail from time to time, but he keeps everything locked up in a file cabinet. He gets four incomes per month, and everything goes directly to his accounts. He lives off his Social Security each month. I work full time and make $50,000 a year. My husband gives me $150 each month. Sometimes, he forgets. When I ask for it, he gets angry or doesn’t give it to me.

He has never been married before, and has three daughters in their 40s and 50s. He has no connection to them at all, but I do think they know where we live. He bought a three-bedroom home before we married. I have not contributed to this mortgage, and my name is not on the deed. I pay for water, heat, phone, food and other things. He has an income of over $8,000 a month. He has saved and invested in CDs, and has a 457 Smart Plan, among other investments. I have my own 457, and I put $400 into it every month

Anytime I ask for more money, he gets very angry at me. He even lies and tells me he has no money on him, just credit cards. Then I check when he goes to sleep and he has plenty of money in his wallet! I don’t take it, but it saddens me that he treats me this way.

He always uses his credit card or bank card to buy things. I barely see him take money out of his wallet, and he never leaves his wallet on the table. He also has a post-office box, which he said his sister gave to him. All important papers are out of my sight, but there are a bunch here in the house, kept in his closet in plastic bags tied in a knot. I have never seen anything like this.

He has diabetes and a chronic back issue. He sits all day watching TV, while I do all the cooking and cleaning. I am 60 years old and tired of working alone. I know he is sick, but he doesn’t care how I feel. I can’t get $5 if I ask for it. He tells me I have my own job and that I am a beneficiary on two of his investment accounts. I don’t want to get thrown out into the streets if something happens to him.

I did recently find a will he had hidden in the house, and it left me reeling: His favorite sister will inherit his estate. Is that will still valid, given that we married in 2005? I spoke to him about the will and tried to air my concerns. He got mad at me (again) and said he was going to change it. He never did. But I was able to make a copy of it.

I love him, but I know this is totally not right. How can I protect myself?

Saddened by all the Secrets

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