My fight with depression – Man shares secret on how to overcome

A Nigerian man has taken to Facebook to give a narration on his fight with depression that has taken over his life since last year.

My fight with depression – Man shares secret on how to overcome

The man identified as Michael Nwanator wrote that he fights depression by sticking to what makes him happy only and whenever uncomfortable thoughts come into his mind, he simply moves away from where he is to where he can derive happiness.


Last year, April 2018, my depression got to a suicidal level, I turned to a walking corpse. I nearly took my life if not for my mum’s tears 😭 and her heart melting words. I nearly had heart failure, but God preserved me for a greater work ahead on earth.

This year, depression came back again. As I am typing this, I am fighting depression for some time now. It may surprise you because it never reflect on my posts, yeah that’s because I have figured out a way to fight it to a certain extent.

Depression is so bad that some times I feel like running away to an unknown place where there’s no human being, so that I can only interact with nature.

At some certain points, I lose interest in almost everything. I am a fan of Star redler beer, those who are in this ship knows the feeling when you take cold star redler. Mehn the feeling is out of this world after a hectic day at work. Some times I will approach my favorite and the only beer I drink, it taste like poo. Yeah! That’s the extent depression can go.

Some times I am online in the mid-night not because I am doing something, but because I couldn’t sleep. I just can’t sleep without the influence of alcohol or pills.

Below is how I have been giving depression a blow like we are wrestling 🤼‍♂️.

Secret: Eat, drink and do whatever makes you happy. When the thoughts wanna cloud my mind, I leave my current location to somewhere where I will eat and drink good things of life.
I am a fan of native food and palmwine.

Attached was how I gave depression a blow last weekend somewhere in Nigeria. I am an adventurous person, this gave me an edge in this fight against depression.

As I Chef, I needes to eat something that will make me happy so I went to their market and stumbled upon this animal I don’t know the name 😂. I have forgotten the name the guy called it. As an Igbo man and Ozo title holder lol, I said to my self, this buddy must go down with me. I had to beat the price and returned with it. When I got to the house, I discovered a hidden talent 😂, I was able to get rid of the hairs with dried plantain leaf because the woods were all wet due to rain.

As a Chef and a foodie, the rest was history.

My family do not know that I am currently depressed. Only two good friends of mine knows. One in Edo and one here in Calabar. Their encouragement keeps me going too. If you’re depressed, talk to a reasonable person. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, NEVER GIVE UP to the fight. The future belongs to those who don’t give up.

Try as much as possible not to be in a lonely place. If the thoughts come, leave where you are immediately and go to a friend’s place or a place where you can have fun. If the thoughts settle on you, that’s where your favorite food will taste like a poo. Just don’t let it get there.

I strongly believe that some day I will have my life back to normal, I just wish I have supernatural powers to fix what got me into this stage. This weekend, the fight continues somewhere in Calabar.

If you’re fighting depression like me, kindly share the ways you have been handling it.

I belong to Yehoshua 💯%

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