My father was an orphan, my mother born to single mum – Banky W

Last night, Nigerian superstar singer, Bankole Wellington, Banky W made some revelations on his family affairs when he announced his candidacy for a seat at the Federal House of Representatives.

My father was an orphan, my mother born to single mum - Banky W lailasnews 3
My father was an orphan, my mother born to single mum – Banky W

According to him, life for his parents was not presented on a platter of Gold as they both struggled to survive, but overcame the troubles, despite their rough backgrounds.

He wrote:

“In1981, I was born to a father from Lagos, and a mother from Cross Rivers both of whom struggled and were it not for the Grace of God, had no business receiving University educations abroad. My Dad was an orphan. My mother’s story was not much different. She was born in Calabar, to a single mom, she was sent off to live with her relatives in Lagos”.

He went on to say;

Neither of them grew up in particularly fortunate circumstances… but they held on to a set of beliefs that I have since inherited.

In 1985, our family returned to Lagos. Like most families with a limited income, sacrifices had to be made. My parents realized at that time, that they couldn’t afford to rent a nice flat AND send us to a good school at the same time – it would be one or the other.

And so we attended Corona Primary school in Ikoyi, while we lived on the ground floor flat of a sinking building in Akoka, Yaba. We were classmates with children of the rich by day, and playmates with children of the street by night.

I remember during the peak of the raining seasons, our flat would literally get flooded and come up to about the knee level, and so Momsie would wake us up early to scoop water in buckets out of our home, before heading off to school and work.

But I went from Corona Primary school to Home Science Secondary school, and in 1999, just like my parents did, I gained admission into a University in the USA.


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  1. It’s well you are not born with a silver spoon but today all glory to God. I wish u success in all your endeavors. Good luck

  2. The beginning is not always the matter.what matters is how u could push through for survival so dat better fruits will be harvested at end

  3. Wow! What a touching story but thank God for your life. Like I do tell people,your background has nothing to do with your destiny nor future and it does not mean that you came from a poor background that your back should be on the ground.

  4. Such a touching story to tell but thank God you’ve made it today, your life will shine as a bright light to the less privileged out there knowing there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. We all have our humble beginnings but with God we shall overcome almost if not all hurdles of life. What a story… Now its in the past now…I wish you success in your political aspirations.

  6. Your background is not a determining factor for your tomorrow, so don’t give up the fight like bank did. Thank God for fighting through all odds and today, you are an epitome of SUCCESS.

  7. Appreciate God for where you are and your achievements despite your parents backgrounds. They will be so proud of you. All the best in your political pursuit.

  8. Our foundation does not determine our success.
    You can make it when you believe in yourself.
    He is not just telling us a story to feel pity for him but to also encourage others who are in the same condition or even worse.

  9. Our present situation does not determine our future,he was from a poor home but today he’s a top celebrity,it’s an encouragement to many of us from poor home with time and hardwork you’ll make it

  10. This is motivation to work towards greatness no matter the family circumstances…carry on Banky…i am motivated..

  11. Everybody has their own stories but world will pay attention to listen to you only when you made it,thank God that you finally made it

  12. No condition is permanent. Your parents are not to suffer anymore. Take good care of them because they’ve gone through enough in life. Thank God for you Banky.

  13. You are born poor doesn’t mean u would remain poor,,many where not born with a silver spoon but they try to give themselves one,,, nice of you

  14. You are born poor doesn’t mean u would remain poor,, somany are not born with silver spoon but they try to give themselves one, nice of you anyway

  15. Everyone has a story to tell, it’s just that when you overcome them ,it’s a story of success, thanks to God for that, you will the election in Jesus name.

  16. Hmmmm what a touching story. I thank God that he raised you from grass to grace and from zero to hero the God who did this for you may his name be praised forever Amen. Enjoy your favour dear you deserve it and I also pray that the God who favour you this way will not pass me by.

  17. I have learnt a very good lesson from u today never to allow my parents sacrifice for me to waste thanks for sharing this great lesson with the public

  18. Stress they say is the fertilizer of creativity is good to know now that you went through all of that and you still excelled and made it in life

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