“My father raped me and 4 sisters, got each of them pregnant thrice” – Lady recounts

A lady recounts how her father raped her and 4 of her sisters for years.

With the recent attention given to rape in Nigeria, a lady has decided to speak up on being raped by her father for about 10 years, revealing that he did the same to 4 of her older sisters as well. She claims that he got them pregnant three times and they had to abort.

Read her story below.

I was a victim for 10 years and you won’t want to know the person involved.
He would remove the bulb in my room, celotape my mouth, take this koboko cane and tell e if i shout jhe would flog the living daylight out of me.
Periods he brought out knife.
I was only 15, from age 5 to 15 i suffered.
I am yet to heal completely…. So when i see people who can voice out boldly like this, I support them and pray for them.
Reason for writing my third book, a book on abuse.
The person tormented e for 10 years
Great torture
Do you know who?

My father

For 10 years I suffered
I was at his mercy. My mum never knew..
She was blinded with love
On my 21st birthday i called her and told her everything
She fainted
Then i had got my freedom.

I wanted to sue him
Mum pleaded
He is still very much alive
I don’t call or see him… Despite mum is still with him
I think it’s ritual
We are five girls
I was the last girl
He raped all my sisters… They became pregnant… They aborted thrice each

I was the only one who never become pregnant… He called me ogbanje.
Honestly I know what rape is…
Some stories are better left untold.
I detest him with passion
Mum said I should come
I said no
Because his sight irritates me… God have mercy
My husband knows it all
He helped my healing process
I am always scared of sex… He helped me get out of my fear.
I have girls..
Do you know when i sww my husband playing with them I always say, do you want to rape them, lolsssa
It took me time to get it out of my head
He is so evil
He is so popular
He is well respected

Yet, he keeps raping people upandan
I support busayo with My all

He is the writer of the ….

My sisters all lost their husbands
They all lost at least three children
Now they are widows

Lost i mean died

I am the only one with a happy home, That alone is peppering him

The fact they aborted for him is enough curse.. I guess that backfired their marriage

Before I got married he was always condemning my spouse
He is not good for you
I am your husband
Lets have sex again
When we were going to the altar on my wedding day… He kept saying don’t walk too fast
You can change your mind
You can call thiss wedding off

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