My brother started sleeping with me when I was 13 – 15 year old nursing mother

A 15-year-old nursing mother has explained how her brother started sleeping with her since she was 13.

Her brother, Frederick, 35 years engaged her in sexual activities that led to her becoming a mother at 15 years.

Newstelegraph reports that Blessing’s defilement was determined after she gave birth to a baby girl at Stella Obasanjo Hospital, in Edo State.

Frederick was almost mobbed after he got the baby from his sister at the hospital and tried to dump it in a trash bin, insisting that the baby was dead.

He was attacked by an angry crowd after they discovered the baby was not dead and of course kicking. He has since been driven into custody by the commissioner for Women Affairs.

According to Blessing:

“My brother has been sleeping with me since I was 13 years old. Sometimes last year, he sent his wife out of their matrimonial home for about eight months.

He sent her out, so that he could have his way with me on a daily basis. I had no one to cry to because he is my eldest brother. We lost our mum when I was 10 years old; this made me to stay with him. .

He promised to marry me despite all odds. He told me that I should not terminate the pregnancy. He said that once I was delivered of the baby, he would get someone to take the baby and we would become rich.

The baby and Blessing were released to the executives of the Ministry of Women Affairs after some papers were signed by both parties.

Frederick defended himself by saying he returned home one day and discovered that his sister looked exactly like his wife. He said that he determined to do what husband and partner used to with her.

He declared that he couldn’t recollect whatever happened after then. The suspect, who insisted that Blessing was 17 years old when he deflowered her, insisted that she clocked 18 years in January.


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