Mum of 9-month-old baby girl who died due to abuse, advises parents

The grieving mother, Noraihan Ab Aziz, of the 9-month-old baby Zara who died on Friday, due to sexual and physical abuse has advised parents to endeavor they check the background of babysitters before hiring them.

Mum of 9-month-old baby girl who died due to abuse, advises parents lailasnews 3
Mum of 9-month-old baby girl who died due to abuse, advises parents

The grieving mother said

“Parents who intend to send their children to babysitters should check their family backgrounds first, including the background of the husband.

Before sending your child to them, ask their neighbours to find out if the babysitter is trustworthy. I do not want what happend to my child to happen to other children. It is too painful to bear when someone commits such an inhumane act to a small child.”

Noraihan said she could not imagine the suffering that her daughter, Nur Muarzara Ulfa Muhammad Zainal endured as the infant was found with swelling behind her head and torn hymen.

She said parents should not be careless and place their child under the care of people who they barely know.

“Check the background of the babysitter because I do not want this heinous act to repeat with other children. I trusted the babysitter as she seemingly had a good character and she promised to care for my baby like her own.

“I did not expect it was an empty promise as the police informed me that my daughter had been cared by the woman’s husband,” said Nuraihan when contacted by the NSTP.

Nur Muarzara, or Zara as she had been fondly called was rushed to Serdang Hospital last Wednesday after she allegedly choked on a piece of apple. The infant died at the hospital on Friday.

A post-mortem revealed that Zara had been subjected to physical and sexual abuse. She had fractures on the skull and torn hymen.

The 28-year-old babysitter and her 36-year-old husband were arrested and remanded to assist the investigation.

Police had informed Noraihan that the man had been taking care of Zara since day one because he claimed that his wife was “slow”.


  1. This is all it happened when it come to assult, how can a full grown up man be soo irrational to abuse a little girl the do not know her left and right? This is unfair, and I hope that mothers that come in contact with such news should better take preventive measures not to allow such happen in their own familiees

  2. I don’t understand why People are heartless. A child of 9 months God please help parents to do due diligence before entrusting to child to care givers.

  3. In this issue I think the mothers are to be blame,because it their responsibility for them to nurse their children themselves and ensure their kids are in good health, apart from providing materially children the attention or the love of their parent,instead of hiring baby sitters for them

  4. Lord, what kinder world of wicked people is this. Both baby sitter and husband should be sentenced life imprisonment.

  5. Mothers should not forget that one of their primary assignment is looking after their children not to look for babysitters.

  6. Why should she ever think of giving her infant child away because of empty promises,despite what is happening now,mother’s should try to take care if there children,there is nothing like motherly care

  7. Honestly this is heartbreaking, I can imagine the pain and torture the toddler passed through in the process. The perpetrator should be brought to book so that others like him will learn their lessons.

  8. Honestly this is heartbreaking, I can imagine the pain and torture the toddler passed through in the process of the abuse. The perpetrator should be brought to book so that others like him will learn their lessons.

  9. this is serious ,,people should know it’s not only beating but sometimes advices can influence a child positively ,rest in peace.

  10. This is very pathetic and cruel act. It really had to trust your baby into any hand here in Nigeria because humans are becoming too evil to imagine from a mere view. Take heart there and thanks for sharing the information to people who may have not heard of it.

  11. May her innocent soul rest in peace, parents let’s watch for our children both male and female cos a lot is happening these days

  12. Does these pedophiles have conscience at all. What is there in a nine month old baby that a man will desire to have canal knowledge of her. It’s just wickedness. So sorry, parents should be careful and watchful of their baby girls.

  13. yes due diligence should be done on all domestic servants not only baby sitter alone… The world is turning into something else

  14. Sorry for the loss, and this word of thought is for everyone parents who gives their children out in the name of nursing. Take care of your children yourself

  15. Will advice all parent to always check up on their kids always and know the kind of person they keep their children with

  16. Such an inhuman act , some people’s conscience are dead how can someone think of such an act they should be dealt with . causing the mother to be in pain. Thanks for the advise and the love you have for other people’s children because without that you would not have given the advise of being careful when choosing babysitter

  17. Same message goes to Nigerians who employ the services of a maid who they barely know their family background, stories like this makes one begin to think the unimaginable. They woman must have learn her lessons though the hard way.

  18. So sad..good advise from you to all mothers out there.that man must be punished..heartless people..they won’t go unpunished..

  19. Advice who I don’t get this careless mother!im very angry very very angry… hold the mother of this child responsible! You left your baby for who and you don’t check your own child may God have mercy on you! Rest In Peace little angel!

  20. This is weird 9month old what is the world becoming on daily basis,this should serves as lesson to all mothers don’t entrust your ward anyhow to people, the heart of man is wicked

  21. Hmmmm! God have mercy! This is so disheartening. Strange things happening everyday. I hope she gets justice.

  22. What is this world turning into sef. Wickedness every day Hmmmm this is a lesson to all. If you know you can’t take care of a child please don’t bring him or her to this world. If this woman was not careless and unconcern this will not have happened to this child. Look at how beautiful the baby is sef hmmmmmm may your soul rest in peace dear

  23. This is very painful, a man abusing a girl of 9 months.Parents need to do thorough background check of the people taking care of their kids.

  24. I ‘ll say this is medçine after death.
    Feeling so much pain in my heart for wat dat baby went tru.
    May her gentle soul rest in peace

  25. This beautiful baby didn’t deserve to die. People can be callous. God comfort the heart of the mother of the deceased baby.

  26. Mothers have to know that its their sole responsibility to care and nurse their kid to avoid things like this

  27. There is time for everything
    Time to sit n time to creep
    Time to stand time to trow leg n so oh
    Good advice

  28. This is heart breaking. I hope women rise to responsibility and take care of the gift of God in their care. I don’t know how we find it easy to drop off our tender babies with someone we barely know. This evil can be avoided if only we joyfully take our place in the heart of our children.. So sad. Sorry for the loss.

  29. animals in human form. this kind of people shouldnt be let to walk free again. how can a woman and her husband abuse a baby in such manner? this is painful knowing that babysitting is not a job people take at gunpoint, so what is hard to tell the family or the mother of the kid that you dont want to babysit their baby or you can babysit their child, and they will gladly look for someone else. but for you to accept to babysit and deep down you have an ulterior motive, then something dangerous needs to be done to you when in police custody. this must be very painful for the mother of this pretty baby.

  30. What pleasure do you derive from having sex with a baby? Some people can be so heartless. Raping a baby to death??????? She can bearly pronounce her own name. Mothers need to start taking precautions ooooooooo,some family members are not to be trusted not to talk of strangers.

  31. Sometimes I wonder the pleasure some men derive from defiling young innocent children…y put a child thru such excruciating pain just to satisfy ur sexual urge…..the rate of child rape/death is becoming alarming all over the world and I dare say all perpetrators of such hideous offense shld be given the grand penalty of death.

    Also I will advice parents to install hidden CCTV cameras in their houses they can use in monitoring the nannies….I biliv dis can go a long way in curbing this God-forbidden act of child torture

  32. No matter our tight schedule let’s not put our wards under the watch of people we don’t know where they are coming from. God entrusts us with the responsibilities to take care of them. What a tragic loss. May God console the parents and provide another child.

  33. How can such thing be done to a poor girl of 9months. People are just heartless, This is all it happened when it come to assault, how can a full grown up man be so irrational to abuse a little girl the do not know her left and right? This is unfair, and I hope that mothers that come in contact with such news should better take preventive measures not to allow such happen in their own families

  34. This is sadden,Oh this woman actually caused this, under no condition should a mother entrust her baby to anyone not even your uncles.Pure wickedness from such man to have harase the baby, what was he looking for in her body. He must be duely punished otherwise we should expect more of this nonsense from others.

  35. what shes saying is the simple truth. many people just give their babies away to strangers all in the name of baby sitters , will i call that laziness or what. children are very delicate and if not paid proper attention to could lead to damages. make sure you verify the persons baground incase of anything. i buy the posters advice and should be properly taken into consideration

  36. The wickedness of man,,what would it profit a man to gain d world n loose his soul?
    This lady has a good heart for her to sound it as a warning to all mothers even though she lost her daughter
    Mother’s should d be really careful of the baby sitters they bring into their home bcus this world isn’t a safe place anymore

  37. If mother’s can plan themselves well I don’t think they need a babysitter or a housemaid.Organize your self well learn to manage your time

  38. Personally, I never liked the idea of bringing a total stranger to take care of your little kids. I believe they will never take care of them as a relation

  39. It’s so painful she is too small and beautiful to experience this kind of death. parent should be very careful of where they take their children to. we don’t know who is who and what they are up to it is only God that is help us but still we should be careful of wherever we take our children to. At list before a child could be taking to a place I believe the baby should be able to talk so that she can explain what is happening around her .

  40. This is what happens to some of us when we put our career first over our very own children. Not everyone that u see in this world are human beings some are devil incarnate assign to destroy so many homes. God help us.

  41. I wonder what must have enticed and lured him into abusing, destroying and eventually killing the 9 month old baby. Isn’t this madness?.

  42. What height if wickedness is this, this infant to have gone through such abuse for only God knows how long. Such a culprit should be brought to the law to face his punishment duely. May the soul of the innocent child rest in peace, amen.

  43. This is so pathetic, may her soul rest in peace.
    And you’ll mothers, don’t forget that your primary role is to take care of your babies, plss stop seeking for babysitters .

  44. It’s very important to check the background of a nanny before hiring because children learn a lot faster not only for security purposes too

  45. Parental care is supreme for any child, a child can be psychologically be affected if not taken care of by the parent

  46. My God peadophalia is a disease and a terrible spirit, how on earth do you molest a baby. This man is an animal and must not go unpunished

  47. Yes dear it is too painful to bear when someone commits such an inhumane act to a small child.”and Even loose the child as a result of that stupid act.God punish them

  48. It takes a good heart to share such a terrible experience for others to learn from. My heartfelt condolences to the family.

  49. I see no reason why parents should not carry out proper check on the babysitter before entrusting their child in their care.
    This is disheartening

  50. What is the sin of the little baby now that this wicked baby sitter sent to Early grave this world is fragile now parent have to be careful now who they leave their child with

  51. This is really devilish,how on Earth can someone do that to an innocent baby.Anyways people should pick and listen to her advice

  52. This is very sad
    think the mothers are to be blame,because it their responsibility for them to nurse their children and to babysitter remember law of kamma

  53. This should sound as a warning to every parent to take good care of their babies not giving others to help, cause no one knows the real picture of the person you might trust

  54. I think this mistake s from her why allow a man to babysit ur child
    Well it has happened u just have to learn from your mistake

  55. This is the height of inhumanity. Diligent effort should be made to ascertain the true self domestic staff. So sorry for your loss

  56. A heart with such intent to commit an unforgivable abomination should not even be taken to charge, should be delivered for immediate death enrollment. notwithstanding, we all appreciate the advice.

  57. This act is soo bad , abuse is what is not acceptable in any society , I will not advice any parent to hire any babysitter for their baby because you can’t trust anybody ….

  58. So sorry. May her soul rest in peace, n mothers should take note of the advice especiaĺly the working class mothers

  59. Hei,I can believe that a sane person can do this to an innocent 9month old baby.May God always protect our children

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