Mum gets nervous after son sent her $200,000 for Christmas (Photo)

Mr. Plenty on social media sent his mum $200,000 for Christmas and she immediately started getting nervous because according to her, the money is too much.

The mum must have gotten more than she bargained for for Christmas as her son in the spirit of the season credited her bank account with a whooping $200,0000 (two hundred thousand dollars).

Mum gets nervous after her son sent $200,000 to her for Christmas (Photo)

He took to his social media page to share what he had done and the reaction of his mum. See post below;

I sent my mum 200,000 dollars for Xmas and didn’t tell her.

She’s just checked her bank.

She’s so modest minded she’s scared by the number on the screen 😂

We retired her years ago but I’m always looking to up the game.

Next level.

That’s what champions do.

See some reactions he got to the post below.

Buy a lambo 😆 You’re a good son Andrew. That’s what’s up. Take care of the hand that fed you and clothed you. That’s a humble move. 👊🏻👊🏻 – @lookatDworld

I love this of u, man! That’s what i plan on doing with my parents, too. It’s an awesome feeling to repay them back. – @Mirainovi

Well done. Just took my mum for her cancer scan. Results next Tues. Xmas eve. Same day my sister died of cancer last year. Getting hospital to change results day to Mon. Love her while you can. Spoil her while you can. – @MJFGD

But why say $200K when it was really $170K? And this is helping your *Mom* that you’re bragging about now. If you’ll exaggerate about that, makes me wonder what other claims you’re exaggerating…. 🤔 – @miniDND

Maybe 170k £? I think it’s about equal to 200k $. – @HenrikGrenstam

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