MTN Project Fame winner Olawale turned cab driver: ‘I did not spend my prize money lavishly’

It came as a huge surprise to many when news broke that 2013 MTN Project Fame winner, Olawale was now a cab driver.

Olawale had won a car and N5million after he excelled at the MTN Project Fame competition in 2013.

2018, however, saw him use the same car he won on the reality show as a cab.

MTN Project Fame winner Olawale turned cab driver lailasnews

In an exclusive chat with Ademola Olonilua of Saturday Beats, Olawale says he did not squander the N5m prize money he got in the music competition. That he turned to cab driving to support his music career.

Olawale said,

“It is very true that I am a cab driver. Everybody knows that money finishes, especially when you are in an industry where you have to pay for virtually everything. To promote your songs, you need money.

When I completed the Project Fame competition, I released some songs, even after the one year contract I had with them expired. To release all those songs cost me money; it is not as if I won N200m. There were some other personal things I spent my money on.

“I have a video that tells my story and I mentioned a lot of things I faced in the song, titled, ‘Blessing’. There are so many things I cannot outline word for word.

I did not spend the money lavishly and there are a lot of things people do not know. I went back to school and that is something a lot of people do not know. When I was in 400 Level, I had some challenges but at the end of the day, I completed it and had my national youth service in 2017.”

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The singer told Saturday Beats that he would have opted for a white collar job but it would not have given him ample time to face his first love, which is music.

“I resorted to driving cabs because a white collar job would not give me time to face my music career. At a point, I thought about how I could support my music career while working; I thought about jobs that would allow me to have time for my studio session and do what I love doing without being tied down under someone’s employment.

“That is why I resorted to driving cabs. If I take up a white collar job, I would be in the office from 9am to 5pm and I would not have time for music anymore, which is what I have a passion for. Music is what I love doing.

“I have never felt embarrassed about being a cab driver and that is the truth. I have grown past that stage where I would feel embarrassed about what I do to earn a living. As far as you are not feeding me, why would I feel embarrassed or be concerned about your opinion of me?

“Most times, when people order for my service and see me as the driver, they ask if I am the Olawale that won Project Fame and I let them know that I am the one.

Most of them ask if I am still doing music and I reply in the affirmative; then, I play my latest songs for them to enjoy while I am driving.

“This is just to let them know that I have not stopped doing music. I make them realise that since music is not putting food on the table right now, I have to find another source of income so that I can eat.

Being a Project Fame winner does not stop you from being hungry or in need of basic things of life, like every other person. I have to do what I have to do to survive.”

Watch Olawale’s song MyDarling:

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