Mr Real reveals what he did to his family when he was asked to quit music

The rave of the moment Mr Real who seems to have broken into the mainstream of the Nigerian music industry with his hit song ‘Legbegbe’, has opened up about his family’s perception on his music career.

Mr Real reveals what he did to his family he was asked to quit music lailasnews 3

In an interview Saturday Beats Mr Real revealed that his family was not supportive of his choice to do music and so he had to stop seeing them.

He said:

“I have been doing music for over 10 years now. But you know in life when it is not your time, there is nothing you can do about it. All this while, I have been working and waiting on God for a breakthrough. Once God says it is your time to shine, no man on earth can stop you from shining. Before my song, ‘Legbegbe,’ I was only doing free shows. But it is a different story now.

“There was no time I thought of leaving music despite the pressure I was getting from my family members then. For me, music is part of my existence as a human and there is nothing else I can do better than music. When I was not making money from music and things looked stagnant, my father wanted me to try other things.

It was a serious issue at home. I cannot blame my father because he wanted the best for me; I am his first child. But I insisted that it was music or nothing. It was not easy to stay focused as I got frustrated by my family members.

At a time, I stopped visiting family members because they were always advising me to find something better. To them, I was wasting my time and it was high time I tried other things. I felt it was better I stop visiting because I didn’t want to leave music.”

Mr Real reveals what he did to his family he was asked to quit music lailasnews 2

Sadly, his father died last year and could not witness the success his son had achieved through his music career. The singer said that it was one of the regrets he has had to live with in life.

“My father is no more; he died last year. I feel bad that he is not alive to see my growth in the music industry, but I am certain he would be happy for me. My mother died years ago too. But I have six younger siblings to look after.

Though my parents are dead, other family members, who wanted me to quit music, can at least see that my consistency has finally paid off. Once you believe in yourself, the sky is your limit and nothing can stop you,” he said.


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