Moyo Lawal writes open letter to God on nude photo-sharing accusations

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has taken her case to God over the incessant attitudes of social media users accusing her of always sharing nude photos.

In her post, the actress revealed that she is not stopping anytime soon and she hopes they could raise funds for her to get more clothes if they are tired of seeing her in the nude.

Moyo Lawal writes open letter to God on nude photo-sharing accusations

She wrote:

Dear lord …. me , I don’t know what some people want from me , they keep insulting me that ,I am nude even though they are yet to see me in anything close to nude ooooh …… ……. but sabi , you taught us that we should not just complain but help those in need ….. …….. ……… please help me touch their hearts , so they can open a go fund for complete dresses for Moyo Lawal , that will be a good start yes?

P.s Because Dear lord , you know that bikini picture na , I will still post it (The last time I checked ,bikinis were not just for slim people , I don’t know why my own is different 🤷‍♀️) …… ….. if internet georginas like ,they should explode , we will be alright … last ,last …..It is not today we are breaking the internet for showing almost nothing ooooh 😒

Abi , is it because they think 🤔 naaaa can’t be 🙄 ….. …… Anyways, thank you so much for such an amazing day , really grateful (Fierceglowers cc @moyolawalplus you rock ) okay bye …. Talk to you laters ……my Semovita and ilealasepo Is waiting to be consumed ,sorry I disgress ) …….. ok bye …….. ♥️#ML ….. ………. ……. #soblessedandfiercelygrateful #Moyolawal meanwhile Moyolites where are people when they are insulting me ooooh 🤕🙄

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