Moyo Lawal cries out over being single for a long time

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal has cried out over being single for a long time because she doesn’t want to compromise like others.

Moyo Lawal cries out over being single for a long time lailasnews

Moyo Lawal who further disclosed how bad it is sleeping alone in a different continent, stated that she has so disciplined herself that she is now fighting battles to get undisciplined. She further asked how she will find a husband without compromising.

Moyo Lawal wrote;

HELP ME ….is a relationship with no sex still possible in this age and time …that everyone is pregnant before marriage ??? …… … .. . P.s I have disciplined my self so much , that I am literally fighting battles to undiscipline myself 😭😭 ….. … In this generation , how will I ever find a husband without compromising

Moyo Lawal cries out over being single for a long time lailasnews 1

This is coming few months after the actress who disclosed that she’s been celibate, further revealed she has forgotten what sex feels like. Moyo further disclosed that there has to be a change. Her post came with the caption;

 …. When you can’t beat them or change the system ….. You what ….. …. …… P.s please do people still have relationships with no xxx involved this days ??? Like realistically , let’s not lie about it …. …… Am not talking about the people that have three ooh …. People that are actually dating one person ….. Is it possible ??



  1. That case of sex before marriage is very rampant in this our environment…. You have to stand on your word to remain disciplined

  2. Well, there’s still relationships that survives without sex. It’s not must to join them if you can’t beat them, follow your heart. God will bless you at your own time zone. Good luck

  3. You have done the right thing by keeping from sex before marriage, keep searching I hope you get yourself a good husband soon

  4. I can boldly say yes to that, there are relationship that lead to marriage with no sex involved just take your time you don’t have to compromise everything will take its place at the right time

  5. She’s just looking for attention…..on the issue of no sex before marriage, yea it’s still very much in vogue…’s just all about communication i.e setting down rules and standards

  6. Yeah there are still good relationships without sex and it works its just that they are very few . I hope find your match soon

  7. Keeping yourself is a good thing even though it could be difficult especially fighting not to follow the norm ” getting pregnant before marriage “. Anyways , just believe in God’s time

  8. The solution to everything is going on your knees in prayer…. I believe God will answer u,,,…. And You have to stand on your word to remain disciplined

  9. sorry about that but the best solution is to pick up the pieces and find for yourself a reputable man, that will love you for whom you are.

  10. If this whole rant is not for attention then permit me to say that ‘it is possible to date without sex”. And plus you don’t have to follow the crowd. Be yourself and the right man will come at the right time

  11. It is very possible to get married without defiling the bed. Just continue being disciplined and the right man will look for you. May God help you.

  12. Out of 100 men you can get 1% that may date a woman without s*x is their food or do I say hubby that they can’t do without

  13. It’s very possible to date one and not compromise. It’s for both of you to come to terms and mark your boundaries. Don’t get too hard on yourself, your man is a step closer, if only you will wait through and not compromise your standards.

  14. There’s still a sex-less relationship. If the guy truely lives you, he should wait and don’t stimulate his appetite.. You know what ladies do to stimulate guy’s appetite for sex. Stay positive and you’ll get your heart desires. Still can’t believe a Nollywood character is a Virgo intacta

  15. wait Are you saying you are a virgin or what do you mean by you have really disciplined yourself and you don’t want to compromise….you can get Married easily if you can marry someone like me

  16. Hmmm… You should have cry to God all alone in your room than making this public, I know how you feel dear but the best is coming

  17. Seriously the decision is not an easy one but its very possible. I am a living witness before I finally got married.

  18. Is possible,there are still people in a relationship without sex,is just that we only have few of them..dont worry you won’t compromise,dont be in hurry

  19. Is too late to compromise now, things might get even worse when you do. Who knows if your husband is right beside you, but you can’t notice him yet

  20. If you don’t give up Moyo, the right guy will find you. But please do you think you can reduce your weight a little? Love you all the same. But I’m just a fan, not a man for that matter so I can’t take pity on you and ask for your hand

  21. My dear this world has turned into something I can’t explain,.see you have been discipline for a long time but the indiscipline ones are getting married.

  22. In this present generation we are in, I bet you can never see any relationship without sex, in fact some relationship are like 2 weeks old, the demand for sex will start to occur

  23. Moyo,you are a lovely chic, don’t loose hope the real guy who knows your worth will definitely come for your hand in marriage,be urslf and be careful,too many fake guys coming for what u have.

  24. Yes there is relationship with no sex. Don’t compromise all in the name of settling down. Stay strong and God will bring that special one that will respect you.

  25. Just be patient the right person will come at the right time. Sex before Marriage is wrong in the eyes of our creator.

  26. I am sure there are still a lot of people who are willing to be celibate until marriage. But not all of them have the money to date or even marry

  27. I don’t really know what to say, but, If you have been faithful to yourself then nothing is impossible before God.

  28. Moyo is possible to find one, the right man will come,just keep doing the right thing, be closer to God, pray, give, and also remember the gestation of animals is different so is the manifestation of everyone is different…wait for your time moyo.

  29. Prayers will help you.It is better to be late and have the right man ..Than to rush in because most people that rush in , rush out.

  30. Change your ways and lifestyle, maybe the man of your dreams and that after your heart would eventually find you. Or just consider relocating.

  31. You don’t need to compromise for you to get a husband, just keep being modest and the right man will come along when you least expect it.

  32. ‘it is possible to date without sex”. And plus you don’t have to follow the crowd, also remember the gestation of animals is different so is the manifestation of everyone is different…

  33. It’s rare to find a man that doesn’t ask for sex before getting married, stand on what you believe,the right man will definitely come for you.

  34. it’s possible to see people having one girlfriend without sex, for you to get you need to reduce your characters and quality.

  35. Every guy these days want to have a taste of the package before taking home but I know there are still few men who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

  36. My dear,sex before marriage is rampant nowadays,dont compromise.stand on your worth,your man will surely come

  37. Do what you wont regret. While its like a norm in d society, some cant forgive themselves for compromising

  38. Oh my God!! I feel for her, before she cried out she must have really felt so alone. Please God provide a good guy for her.

  39. Please my sister, don’t join them o! Hold on and hold fast. You never can tell, the man is just around the corner but satan wants to rob you of your blessing. Be careful

  40. It hardly exist, alk relationship is about sex..even the guys that will claim to accept will go behind ur back abd cheat on u

  41. If her standards are unrealstically high she should lower them a bit but not so much that her integrity is compromised. Singlehood is a phase in everyone’s life that will pass

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