Movies cannot pay my bills – Mercy Aigbe

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has revealed that featuring in movies alone cannot pay her bills and as an industrious person she is making money from diverse sources.

Apart from appearing in numerous movies and recording good sales in her boutiques, the actress also bought a new house and a Prado jeep in 2018.

Movies cannot pay my bills - Mercy Aigbe lailasnews
Movies cannot pay my bills – Mercy Aigbe

Though there have been insinuations that she gets money from politicians, Aigbe insists that she is an industrious person.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, she said:

“What drives me is the urge to succeed. I always want to be successful with whatever I do. I also have passion for acting and fashion, which are the things I do. People who follow me on social media can attest to the fact that I’m a very trendy person. Apart from acting, I have other streams of income. I am not a lazy person and I believe that I have not even achieved half of my dreams.”

The actress also stated that one of her children is already showing interest in acting. “My son is showing interest in acting and I usually say that whatever my children want to do, I’m going to give them 100 per cent support,” she said.

Speaking on the trend of Yoruba movies making it to the cinemas, Mercy said,

“Yoruba movies going to the cinemas is a welcome development and we are happy about it. Cinema culture is not new in Nigeria; I would rather say it has been revived. I recall that when we were younger, we used to go and watch movies. I am happy that people are embracing cinema culture now because it is another avenue for filmmakers like me to make money from our works.”

However, Aigbe refused to categorically say which fetches her more money between home videos and cinema runs.

“Both home videos and cinemas all bring in money; I wouldn’t say that one has the upper hand. I don’t agree that movies in cinemas have a short lifespan. As long as people demand your film, it will keep showing. DVDs are cheap while cinema tickets are costlier. We can also sell our movies to online TV channels,” she said.

Refusing to disclose the cost of the most expensive item in her wardrobe, the Heaven on my Mind actress said,

“I wouldn’t tell you the price of the most expensive item in my wardrobe before some people think I have so much money and thieves come calling. However, the costliest item in my wardrobe is a Rolex wrist watch.”


  1. The cosliest item in her woardrobe Rolex.
    Well is a good thing though..
    That’s what I expect from her, child support.
    The fact is that you can’t be glued to one source for you income…

  2. The fact is that one can not rely on a particular source of income..
    If you want to be rich you have to think wild and make yourself felixible when it comes to earning..

  3. The fact is that one shouldn’t rely on a particular source of income..
    If you really wants to be successful in life you have to dream big, think big and also work towards achieving your dreams.

  4. It is good for someone not to rely on one source of income alone, just as the saying goes that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  5. Movies might not pay your bills but brought you to limelight. There is nothing bad in having multiple streams of income.

  6. I believed that being a movie star have made you more than any other thing. Grace to your elbow and more money to you.

  7. The point is that one shouldn’t rely on a particular source for income..
    If you really want to be successful in life you gat to think big, dream wild and also work towards achieving your dreams.
    Felixibility when it comes to earning also helps a lot.

  8. Movies might not pay your bills but brought you to limelight. There is nothing bad in having multiple streams of income.

  9. Well, it is really great that you have other thing paying you than movie, but you should thank God that movie has done alot in your life.

  10. Her other means of income includes cash from governor ambode her sugar boyfriend…. We all know that one even if you no talk

  11. The woman is truly industrous, I love her type. Congratulations on your new house. I wish you more achievement in 2019.

  12. That is the best thing to do in this our current nija situation, not to rely on one source of income

  13. Yes of course one must have different source of income order than relying on one. That shows u an industrious woman. Congrat

  14. We know that you have other means of getting money but movies contributed a lot in your life and also made you popular. Don’t allow pride to take over you because it will lead to failure. Congrats on your new house and more success ahead.

  15. No body today can ever say he has one source of income cos of the way the country so in other to live a good life u need to do more stuff

  16. Thank God for her life, at least her critics will tone down a bit in their accusations against her.

  17. Thank God for your life, having more than one income is a way of leaving a better life, which means that we should also learn from that.

  18. You’re right, I believed that being a movie star have made you more than any other thing. Grace to your elbow and more money to you.

  19. I love your ambition Mercy, one should not depend on one source of income there is need to diversify. More venture for you.

  20. It’s all about determination, perseverance and focus once you have these three things you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in this world and also what people called you does not matter but what you called yourself keep it up dear.

  21. Congratulation on your new house, thanks for your advice about being industrious so people will Learn not to focus in one work only.

  22. You are industrious, please industrious with what.what are you doing apart from movie and your boutique… I don’t want to insinuate

  23. Even if movies can not pay your bill movie made you who you are today because all other sources of income follow after the movie income but thank for your life and enjoy your self

  24. And that is why most of the actress still go out with politicians….at least the industry as made you a star

  25. I believe it’s was the movie that’s is paying u since all this day in fact it has a lot of impact in ur life

  26. One source of income is not enough for anybody that have vision of growing big in this life. Having multiple income help in overcoming poverty an one will have enough money to spend all the time.

  27. When one is successfully, all eyes get turned their way. Glad she is sure of the source of her wealth. Diversification is the path to success for many in Nigeria.

  28. Just thank God for the ones He has made available for you, many pray to get to where you are now but it’s not that easy.

  29. Too much said. It’s good you’ve got a diverse means of generating income but you should be careful showing off. We remember what happened to persons who did that way back

  30. We know movies alone can’t do it, it is just your front li e work. Good for you that u are industrious.

  31. If movies can not pay her bills and doing legitimate business to pay her is the only if the rumours are not true, i wish her more success.

  32. Yes movie industry has really impact on her very well but she still want to be doing other things for income maybe what she saw before is not what she’s seeing now. Is a good idea for her

  33. When life challenges are much you will experience that a particular job or business will not be able to meet your needs. What ever she has to do to meet up, let her do but in the right way.

  34. Movie can not pay your bills but movies has giving alot more than you expected, talk of popularity and others

  35. Actually you are trying your best in the film industry. You are part of the women I cherished so much in movies. Nobody can pay you for any service rendered but just keep doing it.

  36. Really! That’s why we all need to diversify to get money from other sources apart from our professions.

  37. That is the way to go girl, those criticising her I trust you guys will not put all your eggs in one basket.. Stop the critisism and go do something big and positive for yourself

  38. What still amazes me is how the female folks in the movie are light years ahead of their male counterparts financially.

    Almost all the females even those that have few movies to their names are all ballers. Indeed there are other sources of income for actresses in the industry.

    Oya move aside! Next pls

  39. It is good to be industrious, a little here, a little there can help you go far in life, l believe her, featuring in movies only can not pay her bills. It is not good to depend in only one source of income if you are desiring to go high.

  40. Always known….movies cant pay most of peoples bills ,, I believe she is quite industrious …even in every aspect of ones life,there’s always need for diversification ……but hope she’s doing her business with legs closed .lol

  41. It’s good she has many source of income because she is a fashionable and trendy person. Good one mercy and don’t bother about critics.

  42. What bills do you really need to pay? How much is your electricity bill, cable subscriptions and makeup? You talk as if you are not a woman who are managers.

  43. I think that is the case with most of the actresses that’s why most of them enter into other businesses like modeling

  44. Good one for you and thank God that you have various sources of income because do many people in Nigeria don’t even have any

  45. This is Nigeria for us you can survive with just only one job someone have to look for a way of getting more income.

  46. Being determind, perseverance and focus once you have these three things you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in this world,keep it up dear

  47. Yea, she’s very industrious, that I know. Even if she does other things to make life worthwhile for herself, what’s with people and their bad mouth. One cannot just rely on a particular source of income.

  48. Keep going and continue to push your dream until your decision and your aims is done. Hardworking, determination and endurance make everything easier.

  49. Having multiple stream of income is good but it was this movies that pave way and brought you to limelight,hardwork pays weldone ma’am

  50. Mercy Aigbe is a versatile and hardworking woman. So far she’s not lazy she deserves all what she gets.

  51. It is really good to have diversify means of income and I like Mercy Aigbe for that, she is hard working

  52. Are you trying to tell us u have other businesses or is it olosho that you are doing now?
    Hanty,next tym be more open so u don’t push dese hungry girls into thinking another thing

  53. Though she didn’t mention how she made her money, but I believe her because she keeps hanging up with lots of politicians.

  54. Now as a successful lady she tells you she has multiple strings of income and people are saying silly things like Governor and sugar daddy giving her money. But if its a guy you all will start praising and idolising him. We should change our mind set in this country abegi.

  55. It is good to be involved in business to get more money. I believe in making passive income. It’s a good one from Aigbe.

  56. this is not strange and not too bad, we all have a dream, but yet we do something else to achieve our dream, so she has step up, move on Mercy

  57. Mercy aigbe is truly hardworking and if people are not satisfied with her sucess without geniue reason such people should just keep quite

  58. It seems clear you have other sources of income, though the movie industry still contribute to you, good luck on your money making adventure

  59. Is good to have other businesses so that one will not make the mistake of putting one all eggs in one basket

  60. Mercy aigbe is truly hardworking and want to be successful and if people are not satisfied with her sucess without a good reason, such people should go to hell.

  61. I think she is also business oriented from her words, anyway the movie industry still contributes to her income

  62. Keep acting your movie and still looking for more source because a wise man don’t put his eggs in one basket

  63. In this present economical phantom,it isn’t advisable to cast all your apply into one spot…she is really doing well to achieve success…keep your passion burning.

  64. Just knowing that Mercy Aigbe has boutiques. It’s really good having other source of income.
    Congrats to Mercy Aigbe for her new house and new car

  65. That’s true but you want to say that it is the boutique and the other sources of income you have that got you such a costly house and car.

  66. Nice interview. It’s good to be industrious. Considering the high standard of living that you are living, it’s not surprising that movies alone can’t pay your bills.

  67. It’s good for a person to be industrious but I really suspect dat she has sugar daddy dat is paying her bills

  68. Sure if you want to be very successful, you have to diversify your income. Keep working hard and making money woman but just be sure it is genuine

  69. I love your opinion joor, because Nowadays one road no enter market, you have to doubble your hustle to become something in life

  70. Who says you have to depend on only one thing? If you can sing self, just start singing.. Don’t trust the economy

  71. I will say that being a movie star have made you more than any other thing, well am happy for you not everyone can be in the position you are today stay strong and keep your head high.

  72. Having one source of income will only lead to frustration. The secret to achieving true success lies in the ability to having many streams of income. Mercy is very correct

  73. She may have reason for saying such word, may be she has been into another occupation that pays her than movies

  74. That is very good for you and your fan, since the love you and you love them then continue. Make you cash but the clean

  75. You’re right, I believed that being a movie star have made you more than any other thing. Grace to your elbow and more money to you.

  76. I congratulate you for your new house and jeep. I also celebrate your hard work. You said apart from movies and fashion, you have other sreams of income, why not tell us those other streams of income? Why are you hiding it? Why not say it to clear the air of the rumours that the hands of politian is on you too.

  77. This is good news,mercy is very nice and hardworking, but she is full of herself, this is good news

  78. Many nollywood stars has said same thing . I guess investment would work for them and they can live up to expectations

  79. Anything a child wants to do, a parent must always be ready to support. Good as you want your children to start acting

  80. She is smart ,nolly wood only favors a few people, as piracy has really crippled the industry. Mixing acting with business would help her reduce dependance on movie money

  81. Well it good not to depend on one source of income….. Well it trur though not only acting movies can pay her bill but some other things she does that pays them

  82. Well its very good of you. To be a successful being, you must have many source of income

  83. U rw smart and ur smartness helped u in acheiving part of ur dreams as u mentioned not half of ur dream have been acheived

  84. Irrespective of how and where you get your source of income from, it is good and advisable for people not to depend on one particular business as a source of income. Kudos to you madam, wish you all the best.

  85. I like this type of Woman that do not only depend on one thing neither does she wait for her husband to do everything for her

  86. Den pleas tell us wat will pay ur bills…pipu r building houses wit movie acting did one is here saying rubbish.

  87. She’s just a perfect woman..she even explained other ways she earns money..and not only featuring in a movie..she should just ignore whatever people are saying and keep up with the good work she’s doing.

  88. Congratulations to you. I celebrate your hard work. You said apart from movies and fashion, you have other sreams of income, tell us other business you do.

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