Mountain Of Fire 2018 Prophecies By Pastor Dr. D.K Olukoya

Mountain Of Fire 2018 Prophecies has been released.

They were released by the founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. D.K Olukoya who tagged 2018 as “My Year of Extra-ordinary turn around”.

Mountain Of Fire 2018 Prophecies By Pastor Dr. D.K Olukoya lailasnews

In Mountain Of Fire 2018 Prophecies, Olukoya said there will be “death for Rebellious leaders and kings.”

Check out the Mountain Of Fire 2018 Prophecies below:

  1. 1. This is a year where bondage will be repackaged and reloaded.
    2. This is a year where the pestle will defeat the mortar
    3. There will be terrible attacks on several marriages this year and the family that prays together, stays together.
    4. There will be wild and merciless striking of infirmities this year.
    5. Spiritual weakness will be a tragedy this year.
    6. It’s a year where it either you fight or you perish.
    7. It’s a year of deliverance from long time bondages.
    8. There will be a demonstration of Gods power this year.
    9. God will kill rebellious leaders and kings
    10. Many will overcome their generational bondages
    11. It’s a tragic year for those with Absalom’s spirit
    12. There shall be disgrace for the strong man of terror and fear this year.
    13. Anger from Heaven will bring to an end shameless and perverse leaders and nations.
    14. Many who live a holy life will be empowered to rewrite their family history
    15. It’s a terrible year for Ahitophel and Gehazi ministers
    16. Plenty of yokes of barrenness will be broken
    17. Wasting powers planted in some yoing people will manifest

MFM 2018 PROPHECIES by Pastor Olukoya

Pastor Olukoya said the number 18 signifies Bondage in the spirit. The children of Isreal were under bondage of Moab for 18 years and the woman with the issue of blood was bound for 18 years. He however said for Children of God, they can turn this around.

  1. 18. Rough year from modern day Jonahs
    19. It’s a year of geh double left-leg, the animal will pursue the hunter.
    20. It’s a year of the madness of the wind
    21. A year of masquerading captivity
    22. Regular practice of personal deliverance will yield benefits this year.
    23. Laziness in prayer this year will cause havoc
    24. There will be a stings from strange insects
    25. Nations against God will face Judgement.
    26. There will be an acidic rain of generational bondages
    27. God will raise non-compromising agents of redemption and deliverance
    28. Judgement on spirit of disloyalty this year
    29. Terror will swallow terror and vomit poison
    30. We need prayers against scientific witchcraft
    31. It’s a rough year for alcoholics
    32. Year of revolution, revelation, redemption, renewal, revival, restoration, righteousness, reorientation, refreshment and remembrance
    33. Learn to cast your net on the right hand side
  2. 34. It a year of 1 Samuel 3 vs 11, where God said He will do a new thing that will makes ears tingle
  3. 35. A year of great fall for corruption
    36. A year of divine sidedness positively and negatively
    37. A year of strange changes physically and spiritually
    38. A year where Global Economic down turn will be prevalent save for prayers
    39. God will raise up radical prophettesses this year
    40. There will be a rage of emptiers and wasters for the rebellious this year; youths should be careful
    41. It’s a year of horrible disgrace for thise who deal with hard drugs and live a care-free life
    42. Those who bank with God shall reap great reward
    43. Discernment is highly essential this year, personal development is necessary
    44. There shall be political confusion and personalities against this nation shall destroy themselves.

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