My mother told me to poison my father – Son tells court

A 10-year old boy has confessed that his mother told him to put poison in his father’s food. The boy made this confession before a Customary Court in Mapo Ibadan.

My mother told me to poison my father - Son tells court

The boy’s mother, Adenike Ayodele had petitioned the court to dissolve her 15-year marriage to Adeshina whom she leveled several allegations against

Testifying in court, the boy said:

“After giving me the substance, my mother warned me never to tell my father or anyone about it.
“However, I love my father and I told him because I never wanted any bad thing to happen to him,” he said.

Adenike, a resident of Agbaje area of Orita-challenge, Ibadan, earlier informed the court that her husband use to beat her.

“At any slight opportunity, my husband beats me.

“For 14 years, Adeshina has not stopped beating me and the last one he did was the reason why I made up my mind to call it quits with him.

“On that day, I requested for money for the upkeep of the children and Adeshina gave me a beating resulting in blood dripping from my two ears.

“He also broke one of my legs that day and I am still experiencing the pain till today.

“ Again, on Dec. 5, 2018, Adeshina came to attack me in my shop because he was not happy that my business is doing well despite his inhumane treatment.

“Then, he threatened to ruin my business by all means and what followed was the burgling of my shop two Sundays ago.

“Now, all my means of livelihood have been burgled and I got him apprehended but without any positive result,” Adenike said.

Her husband Adeshina however denied all the allegations leveled against him as he consented to the request for the marriage to be terminated.

“My lord, I had on different occasions given Adenike the children’s school fees.

“Aside that, when one of our children urgently needed a surgery to be performed on him, I gave Adenike the required money for the surgery, but she spent it on herself.

“I sent her to school to acquire NCE, but she told the school management that she is a widow which means that I am nothing to her.

“If I give her money to buy anything at home, she doesn’t put my name on the receipt.

“Worst of all, Adenike told our second child to put poison in my food and bathing water, but, the child revealed the secret to me and I informed my relatives about it.”



  1. Hmmm ohhh the devil is really out for marriages. Every married person should awake andvalert against the wils of the devil.

  2. No body know who is telling d truth here but no matter what u shouldn’t have thought of poisoning him, I should have walk away

  3. The wife is not to be blamed of poisoning her husband the fault was from her husband but if the Judge is a wise one he supposed to call a meeting which the two of them will be present and he will advice them on their relationship.

  4. That is not enough reason for you to plan to kill him. You are even teaching your child a very bad thing by telling him to poison his father

  5. Men…..this is some next level wickedness…….
    I don’t fully blame the woman for acting the way she did,but poisoning.
    And sending your child to do it, some f*cked up sh*t.

  6. But all this children of nowadays,your mother will send you message and you will not do it.
    Go and report to your father, no manners……

  7. This is terrible,pls just dissolve the marriage so no one ends up dead.its not by force.this woman is wicked to send her child to kill.divorce her biko and keep all your children so she doesn’t influence them negatively

  8. Some marriages are just like, but married couples are supposed to take their time to understand each other better and build a better home

  9. That woman is indeed a wicked woman, if they didnt handle that case well, that woman will still find any means to kill that man.

  10. Instead of taking blood in your hands you sent your son.
    That’s how it begins ooo
    Tomorrow you’ll be saying he’s a criminal

  11. What her reason may be is not enough for her to poison her husband through the son,she should made to face the law

  12. The lady should just walk out of the marriage instead of trying to kill the husband no matter what the man did to her, however this man too is wicked

  13. This woman is mean and what ever the husband did ,she don’t suppose to talk law into her hands

  14. Family collision. Who are we going to believe now. But what I sight faulty is the woman. What lesson are you teavhing your children? What will you gain?

  15. As much as it is so disrespectful for a man to beat his wife, its so extreme for a woman to plan to kill. She’s trying to commit a murder.

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