Mother kills her twin babies, then deliberately drives into lorry

A mother kills her twin babies, before deliberately driving into parked lorry, apparently in an attempt to kill herself, Kent Police said.

Samantha Ford’s 23-month old son Jake and daughter Chloe were discovered in a critical condition at her home in Margate, Kent, early Thursday morning.

Mother kills her twin babies, then deliberately drives into lorry lailasnews 4
Mother kills her twin babies, then deliberately drives into lorry

Police rushed to the property concerned with the toddlers well-being an hour after Ford was involved in car crash and taken to hospital.

Jake and Chloe were taken to hospital, where they sadly died from their injuries.

A Kent Police spokesperson said:

‘Samantha Ford, aged 37 and of Castle Drive, Margate, was arrested and on December 28, following authorisation from the Crown Prosecution Service, was charged with two counts of murder.’

The statement added:

‘At around 3.35am on Thursday December 27 2018 officers attended a property in Castle Drive, Margate, due to concerns for the welfare of the occupants. ‘The South East Coast Ambulance Service also attended and two young children were taken to hospital, where they were later confirmed deceased.

She is due to appear at Canterbury Magistrates’ Court on Saturday December 29. Ford’s husband shared a touching photo of him and his daughter to social media just days before she died.

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He wrote:

‘Snugging with my fav girl #daughter #myworld #twins.’ It’s not yet known if the pair had split up, but she is believed to have moved into the rented house in Margate after moving out of their family home in nearby Ashford.


  1. It’s very sad for the children to have died that way. But something triggered the woman to have done what she did

  2. Why on Earth would a mother do that to her kids she carried and birthed?? Unless she has some form of abnormality that is

  3. This is very unfortunate. What in the world could drive into killing those innocent children.. That’s one thing about white people that confuses me.

  4. Whats this world turning into,i don’t think she is mentally okay she needs helping. After carrying them for nine months and giving birth to them really absurd.

  5. Na waoooo, wonders shall never end. Kids that people are praying and fasting asking God to remember them and someone just kill like that. She should have given them up for adoption instead of killing them. They should give her life imprisonment .

  6. But what could came over her to the extent of attempted killing herself. Just wasted the life of an innocent twins. God must punish her for the devilish act.

  7. Very sad.. Why on earth did she’d that… There could be a reason… But it will never killing her twin babies and herself too.

  8. If really she wanted taking her life she should have involved her twins, they never made the decision with her. Some are just murderers God have mercy

  9. This has no meaning. How could a woman do this to her own children? Even mad woman will protect her child from hurts. I don’t have words! This is beyond me

  10. What an epitome of beauty’s family, it’s sadden You killed your twins why some one some where is fasting and praying to have one and she’s still yet to be answered, may God ease you from bondage

  11. This world is becoming something else Hw could she kill the twins she carried in her womb for good 9months

  12. Hope she doesn’t have some mental disorder, how would a normal woman carry her twin babies for 9months, deliver them successfully and still kill them intentionally, she must have some problems mentally, she must not go unpunished for such level of wickedness

  13. wonders shall never end. Kids that people are praying and fasting asking God to remember them and someone just kill like that. She should have given them up for adoption instead of killing them. They should give her life imprisonment .

  14. Why would a mother kill her children she should have given them for adoption to people like me who have no child since 24years of marriage

  15. That’s not a good thing to do, kids are the most valued gift in life, God’s blessings… This situation should be well addressed

  16. Women! Her feelings might have been tempered with, I feel she did not do what she did without being triggered by something. However going to that extent shouldn’t have been the best way to resolve issues. Children that so many women are trying all their possible best to have even if is one, you got two and you took them back to heaven with your hands.
    May GOD have mercy on your soul.

  17. Why would she kill her babies and also kill herself, is she going through some emotional trauma… Lovely kids may their souls rest in the bosom of the lord

  18. What kind of mother is she, how can she do such, too heartless, is better she should not give birth too them.

  19. This is somehow bad indeed, how can a woman who carry their pregnant for a whole 9th month and still suffer on their birth day, why was she killed them? Does the evil spirit possessed her? This seems somehow.

  20. This is so horrible I can’t believe any mother in her normal senses will do this to a child she gave birth to

  21. Nawaaa ooooo even if she wanted to kill herself
    She shouldn’t have killed the babies
    Rest in peace

  22. For a mother to kill her twins that she gave birth to them ,some thing is wrong but one thing I know is unfortunate it’s happen but their more be a reason for doing that

  23. What could possibly be the reason behind this act? However, no reason is good enough for taking the lives of those innocent children.

  24. This is what depression is causing in the world…. Why on Earth would a mother do that to her kids she carried and birthed??

  25. This can’t actually be because of the children’s welfare. There must be something else that triggered the incident. RIP

  26. Bible: In the last days, parents will become cold toward their children and vice versa.

    Its a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened no matter what she was facing.

    May god see her through the court case.

    May God strengthen the father of those beauties.

  27. So sad,something must be wrong with her,is difficult for a mother to kill her own children,may their souls rest in perfect peace

  28. This is really sad only God knows what the mother was going through before she took this decision..well rest in peace to the twin babies

  29. Chai why on Earth would a mother do that to her kids she carried and birthed?? Unless she has some form of abnormality.

  30. This is heart breaking. I wonder what will make mother murder her child, it might be related to mental problem

  31. This is so so sad. I don’t think the mother of the late twins is mentally sound. It’s possible she’s not doing well upstairs because from the photos shown with the twins above she looked happy. But nevertheless it’s not an excuse for a mother to kill her own children and then deliberately drove into a lorry to end her own life. This is so sad. What a pity!

  32. Nawaaoooo, this is heart touching news, I wonder what will make this woman to murder these beautiful, bouncing,attractive and innocent kids, unless she is mentally disorder.

  33. This is wickedness in the highest order. How can a mother kill her twins when some mothers are even looking for one and they can’t get

  34. What a world…am even praying for God to give me twin and some heartless human are out their destroying the one God gave them

  35. Wonders shall never end. Where a lot of women a praying day and night to just have one and here is someone killing two of her own. What an ironic world.

  36. What a disgrace to the mother of the kid’s bless forget the mother may god protect us from early death.

  37. This is so strange. Was the mum drunk or didn’t she recall the pains she passed through during birth?

  38. This world is turning to something else God must surely punish her may their soul rest in peace

  39. I don’t even know why some mother are wicked an heartless,a child u carry for nine month,infact this is so sad

  40. Oh God! What a lovely kids. How can a woman kill a baby she carried in her womb for nine months. Oh Lord have mercy.

  41. I doubt if she is actually the mother of those kids if she is, what could be wrong with her
    Why would she want to kill them and herself too
    Depression and Nigerian economy u guise

  42. What an adorable kids why won’t this woman appreciate God for what he bless her with But what could triggered her to have done what she did

  43. She don’t need to give birth to them in the first place when she knew she doesn’t need child for now. She should have even stay away from sex

  44. There is no justifiable reason for her to kill her twin, her soul will forever be punish by the judgement of God.

  45. What a world! It is very sad. People are looking for children while others are killing them. God have mercy.

  46. Some people just waste good gift from God anyhow….I hope the mother doesn’t have mental problem cause I don’t know why she will kill her own children.

  47. What a wicked mother, child one is even begging God to give them only one, she now killed twins. May God forgive her

  48. This is just too sad. She may have done it as a result of depression. I trust the white people, they must get to the root of the matter.

  49. That’s new. How could a mother who went through the pain of caring her baby for 9 months and decided to end their life’s in one day. That’s too bad

  50. this serious oooo I don’t think dey is any possible reason why a mother should kill her own children .that is wickedness and she should b punished

  51. This is serious o, why would she do that, I believed is not intentional, because she carried them in her womb for good nine months she didn’t abort it during that period.

  52. What kind of a mother would kill her twins because a problem, and then try to take her life, this people don’t have a meaning to life

  53. What A sad Story! Are sure She Is Not depressed? Or evil spirit might Control her to do that. How can mother kill her own babies? Rest on babies

  54. This is sad. If it had happened here in Nigeria I would have said village people at work. Wonder shall never end.

  55. some people are very stupid the same children that some couples are praying and fasting for. She has the gots kill.
    If I were God I will keep her alive but she will never a child again.

  56. Depression, and no one notices, she might even have a very bad mental disorder. They should look into it closely.

  57. This is so touching, my heart bled reading this news, I am always short of words whenever I heard this kind of a thing. The woman should be jailed without any further delay

  58. This is so sad, she might probably be suffering from depression or something. Or who in their right senses will kill their child

  59. Some must wrong this is not ordinary the woman care for her babies why will she act in such way……..evil everywhere may God protect us.

  60. She was really going through hard times, I think she was mentally deranged because a mother cannot kill her children and also try to kill herself.

  61. This world is becoming something else Hw could she kill the twins she carried in her womb for good 9months

  62. This is just a wicked world, how on earth will a mother that carries babies for nine month would kill the babies in the name of whatever….this is sad..!

  63. What’s happening?? The type of news in this world now is getting out of hand.. How can a mother kill her two twin… Nawa oo….

  64. What kind of mother is that, is she demonize, how can she kill her twins baby and still wanted to kill herself also, wonders shall never end. Let she be taken to psych for proper examinations.

  65. This woman is sick upstairs.Twins for that matter.what some people are looking for. May the twins rest in peace

  66. You carried and gave birth to this awesome kids for nine good months and you just killed them like that something must be wrong

  67. This white people and their evil mentality, carrying a pregnancy for nine months you even show off the bumps and those twins after you gave birth to them. You pay them off with murdering them. Mother from hell.

  68. What is happening to the women of this generation everyday on the news you hear mothers killing their children. Hmmm God have mercy on us

  69. The mother could be going through Post Partum depression, because i cannot understand why a woman would carry a pregnancy for nine months only to kill them later.

  70. She’s very wicked, how can a mother Kill her own flesh and blood. Cute little kids like this killed by their own mother. So sad

  71. A mother who knows the pains of labour can be so hard hearted to kill her own fruits. What could have caused this tragedy? She might have had problems with their dad and decided to hurt him.

  72. What could hav triggered her to behav the way she did? Rip to the innocent kids….what a loss!

  73. This lady is actually very wicked how can she do this when others are looking for children twins for that matter… May God punish you for this evil deeds

  74. i feel the pain mothers go through when are pregnant for nine months and the joy when the give birth successful.. But this woman killing her twins is so terrible. What could have happened to her, for her to such a terrible thing

  75. What a crazy world we are living in…. How can a mother forget the labor pains and the sleepless nights. The twins are so cute.

  76. This is so unfortunate, how can she go to the extent of killing her own daughter she carried in her own stomach…

  77. This is good news,bad for her,twins are suppose to be love but if she don’t like the stress she would have give them to orphanage home

  78. Cute twin like this just wasted like that but what could have prompt this woman to such evil act or maybe she is insane.

  79. Humans are becoming more depressed by the seconds. This has record an enormous number of suicides and attempted suicide all over the world. Who would think this beautiful looking woman would want to commit suicide.

  80. its a pity, that woman is just so heartless, when you know that you dont need baby, why didnt you abort the pregnacy

  81. She might be depressed, they should have checked her medically and psychologically tested instead of sending her to jailed

  82. If this happens in Nigeria we will say it’s poverty or her village people is after her, problem everywhere in this world. Only God will see us through all this issues

  83. What was her reason for doing this? This is unusual for a woman to do this for a child she suffered on to that stage.

  84. What kind of a thing is this for God sake, twins that some are looking for.
    That woman needs to be brought to justice

  85. This is really sad killed her own children and attempted to kill her self what is this world turning into …..may there souls rest in peace

  86. That is too bad for both of them, when dey know that dey cant take proper care of the babies why did dey born dem

  87. She must have been suffering from depression and left unattended to. Nevertheless, she must face the wrath of the law.

  88. It’s only a woman that was possessed by some kind of evil spirit that will do such. She wasn’t in her right senses.

  89. Hmmmmmm, Whats this world turning into,i don’t think she is mentally okay she needs helping. After carrying them for nine months and giving birth to them really absurd.

  90. Hmmmm this is serious,,, what a world are we living in?she is so heartless by doing such acts,,she will be jailed,, rest in peace cuties.

  91. There’s more to this and I guess the media should find out. She must have her reasons of doing that, that’s if she’s the one that truly killed the babies.

  92. What exactly on earth could have been responsible for such an act, mental illness or frustration?
    God have mercy o!

  93. So sad news. Come to think of this why should a mother do this to her loving kid.. Investigation should be done playing.. Autopsy is needed too

  94. It’s very sad for the children to have died that way. That’s one thing about white people that confuses me.

  95. And the wicked woman didn’t even die self.. What kind of a mother would kill her two kids.. She must be insane.

  96. how can you womanly labour for so much and just waste it, Twins for that matter. She needs to be checked am sure she has been affected somehow!

  97. This just too bad. What would have made her to kill those innocent children? She must have been frustrated.

  98. Are you sure that you guys are saying the truth because how will someone will just killed her newborn baby.

  99. Two Innocent cute babies for Christ sake…..Why are people this heartless & Wicked. Whatever the case might have been at least you should have spared the little children.

  100. This is wickedness why killing innocent children. What stop her from giving the babies to her husband than his. May their souls rest in perfect peace Amen

  101. Every time you switch on the t.v. or read news online, there is always the death of a baby or children there. Are people in this world going mad or are people possessed?

  102. What so ever the case may be, she shouldn’t have involved the least for their sake she would have forgotten the matter

  103. What a tragedy. I wonder why a mother will kill her twin babies. If she wanted to kill herself, she would have handed over the children to their father. She deserves to be jailed for life.

  104. Why on earth will a mother kill her own children after carrying them for nine months, I don’t think she’s mentally okay.

  105. This is so sad, what could be wrong with her that make her killed the twins. May be, she has mental problem.

  106. Hmmmm.. what on Earth has come on her. If it were Nigeria we will say na wintch de worry her. It’s so sad

  107. This is so sad, after 9months of suffering and the labour pains, a woman will now kill her own twin, what would have made her to do this and even want to take her own live? When there is thousands of family asking God everyday to bless them with a child, even if is one.

  108. This is sad. I believe she wasn’t in her right senses. Whatever may have happened those kids don’t deserve to die.

  109. She should have given them up for adoption instead of killing them. They should give her life imprisonment .

  110. If not that the picture shows that she was pregnant, I wouldn’t have believed she actually gave birth to these children. What a cold mother

  111. Why are some people this wicked ? I think she should be check mentally . She might be suffering from mental health related disease

  112. Sad, I think the woman is frustrated. Because for her decided to take lives, definitely a lot of thing was going through her mind

  113. Wonders shall never end,what a tragic situation, the security authorities should look into the situation and know what lead her to kill them

  114. May be she is being traumatize because when some people are depressed they take action that are always bad and harmful to humanity

  115. Enough of all these stories of mother killing their children. If any woman knpws she is not ready to care for her child or children why become preganant? Is better you do not get pregnant, give birth and then kill those children for they are your future.

  116. Wonders shall never end why will she take the life of her own twin children and also take her own life by driving in a lorry. the police should question her the reason of her Action. this is very bad from her

  117. This is wickedness infact it is witchcraft. After carry them in her womb for 9 months , after going through the pain of delivery, what else will make her kill this beautiful bundles of joy when people are crying day in and out and spending money to get one. This woman is heartless and deserve to die.

  118. This is very unfortunate for the twins. May be the woman is mentally ill. How could snuff out life from two kids just like that?

  119. She may be going through psychological trauma, if not I don’t see any reason why any person will kill his or her baby.

  120. Am sure she have a mental problem. They should check her very well. May the gentle of the little ones rest in peace. They so unfortunate to a have crazy mom.

  121. This is unbelievable. Why on Earth would a mother do this to her own child. Wonders will never end. Seriously I’m scared.

  122. What a wicked act… You carry them for nine good month… Both with the pain.. Sickness and at the end you decide to kill them.. Clap for yourself

  123. This is too bad.Post traumatic stress disorder and associates are real. Please lets advocate this as much as we can

  124. This world is full of sick people, we really need to always check our sanity. We should pay more attention to our mental health henceforth.

  125. That is heartless of her , when she knows that she won’t keep the baby why did she get pregnant in the first place …wicked world we live in today

  126. This one is too bad oh. She needs help in a psychiatric hospital. If they imprison her.. She will end up killing more people. And those little cute kids, may their souls rest in peace.

  127. Maybe she’s under spell or she’s not mentally okay… So sad and may God console her when she is back to her senses

  128. Is as if she is manipulated, because she look very happy with them, my God innocent children has suffered ,

  129. This white sef how can you kill your cute twins and ran into a lorry deliberately. That’s bad….

  130. can we call this a mental problem or wickedness, how can you give births to your kids and yet still went ahead to kill them.. too poor

  131. Something is wrong somewhere cos from the pics with her kids she was happy especially with the twins how could she have killed her own kids, it’s either she is mentally sick or hypnotized

  132. Very unfortunate. Why would a mother do that? Not everybody we see walking healthy is sain though, only insain people would do that

  133. It’s only a high level of depression that could lead a mother into killing her own children, though not justified. But whatever the case may be she deserves a jail term, for killing those innocent twins..

  134. Oh my God what a gift from the lord that this woman just wasted out of stupidity and lack of discernment God have mercy

  135. may their soul rest in perfect peace l. Indeed the mother was in deep depression that might be the reason of doing that

  136. wonder shall never end! if someone can kill her own biological children deliberately, other people life would mean nothing to her.

  137. Devilish
    Why go through the pains and frustrations of pregnancy and childbirth and later murder them
    If not possessed by some high demons

  138. Acting out happiness does not mean one is really happy, it’s just too mysterious for a mother to killer her own child(in this case, children). I am sure they will plead for manslaughter or say she’s insane, whites and their own law, may their souls rest in peace.

  139. Omg!!! What is all this..why are some heartless..
    What did this innocent children did to deserve that…she must suffer for dat

  140. Chai! This is so sad! A lot of people are mentally ill but don’t know it or they chose to suppress it! Poor babies!

  141. Madam, what did those innocent children do to you? If they were destined to die, should they have died in your arms that should have saved them, but turned out to be the killer instint

  142. I think there’s more to this story.. Only God knows why she killed her own kids… Whatever she might be passing through doesn’t give her any right to take life of another

  143. She committed murder shouldn’t be left unpunished. These cute babies killed. I feel the pains of there dad

  144. This is total wickedness… she ought to be jailed. murder… can can you kill your own children… people are really extremely evil in this life.

  145. I Wonder what will make a woman kill her children? A twin for that matter. Is either she is having a mental disorder or there is more to it.

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