Mother and 4-year-old daughter reunited by police, two years after boyfriend’s family forcefully took her

A mother and her 4-year-old daughter have been reunited by the police, two years after her boyfriend’s family forcefully took her away.

Mother and 4-year-old daughter reunited by police, two years after boyfriend's family forcefully took her lailasnews

ACP Abayomi Shogunle who is in charge of  Public Complaint Rapid Response Unit of the Nigeria Police force, confirmed the report and stated that the Mother and 4-year-old daughter were reunited after the little girl was forcefully taken to Kaduna.

Read full statement below:

On the 5th of December, 2018 at about 11:00am one Ms. B (full name withheld due to privacy of her infant daughter) came to the PCRRU and narrated how her little daughter was forcefully taken away from her by the family of her estranged boyfriend and father of the little girl who has since relocated to South Africa. During the process of this traumatic ordeal in 2016, the said family boasted that she will never be allowed access to her daughter again, after which her daughter was taken to Kaduna, Kaduna state to stay with the grandmother. She also stated that all efforts made to see her daughter proved abortive as she was threatened with violence. That she has also reported the matter to various authorities but no positive response received.

Her complaint was recorded as a distress call and Tracking No. #PCRRU931805 issued. The case was immediately forwarded to the Officer-in-Charge of Juvenile and Women Centre (JWC) of the Kaduna State Police Command to investigate and ensure a decision is taken in the best interest of the girl without further delay. Within five days, the JWC was able to bring all the parties together during which it was discovered that the little girl was more interested in being with her biological mother and not her grandmother. Advise was also sought from relevant experts and it was decided that this 4-year-old girl be released to her biological mother considering the fact that her father has relocated from Nigeria as Ms. B was also discovered to be a responsible and working class woman.

On 12.12.2018 (exactly one week after the complaint was received), an elated Ms. B visited the PCRRU, Force Headquarters, Abuja in company of her little daughter to express her joy and happiness over the swift response of the Unit in “helping her to get justice and helping the helpless people in the society”. She also thanked and prayed for the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris, NPM, mni and the entire officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force regarding the good work they are doing across the country.

Did you know Policewomen seek permission before getting married but men do not?


  1. Congratulations
    Take good care of yourself and daughter and teach the right path to follow so she can grow into a fine woman

  2. Thank God you meet with the good police office if not that would have been the end of seeing yhr daughter thank God for the wonderful reunion..

  3. Congratulations to you for reuniting with your daughter and keep on doing your job Police…. It pays to be good

  4. That was a job well by the Police and to the mother of the girl please take good care of her it not by carrying to see your daughter give her a very good parental care.

  5. Some people can be so annoying, why will you say she can’t take her daughter when you both have equal right over the child? God will have Mercy on women

  6. A good job done by police, more of this should continue to show to is that police is our friend. Tbumps up to Nigerian police force.

  7. Waooh,thank God the daughter was released to her.But dose boyfriend’s family are wicked iii,hindering the daughter from been with the mother.what is there gain in doing that? And they knew the daughter really want to be with the mother?this world Sha,full with wicked people.congrat to you

  8. The bond between the Mother and Child is à string one if Not how could it have been possible to reunite them. Oh bond of motherhood and Not grandmotherhood.

  9. Good job by the police, and congratulations to the mother I thank God because is not every woman that can stay without her blood

  10. It’s a good one all thanks to the police now I understand why they always say police is ur friend and congratulations to her for reuniting with her daughter

  11. People should take into consideration the feelings and what’s best for a child instead of being vindictive and doing power play when relationships turn sour. Thank God the mother got her daughter back and kudos to the authorities for the role they played to reunite mother and daughter.

  12. She is in the best position to take care of the girl. Though I dont know why the bady was taken away from her

  13. God bless your reunion
    A big thanks to the enforcement that aid this Wonderful service
    Service to humanity still remains the best work of life

  14. I’m happy for the reunion because the roles a mother play in someones life no be small oooo.
    Kudos to our policemen. They are really working

  15. That is good the woman will now finally be happy, cus even seeing ur child sometimes is like a cure to some illness in the body

  16. Kudos to the nigeria police for performing their duties by uniting people and going against ethnicity.

  17. The mother will be so happy to reunite with her daughter again and thanks to the Nigerian police for helping her with that

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