“Most US coronavirus test is a complete waste” – Bill Gates

Bill Gates has in a recent interview stated that most U.S. COVID-19 tests are a “complete waste” because it takes so long to get results.

Most US coronavirus test is a complete waste - Bill Gates lailasnews

The average time to receive COVID-19 test results in the US is now more than two days for top priority patients, and according to Bill Gates, this has made most testing a complete waste.

This is coming despite Donald Trumps assertion that the US is the “envy of the world” due to the huge number of daily test carried out.

“The simplest thing, which has to do with such insanity, is you should not reimburse somebody for getting a test that it takes more than 48 hours to get the result back,” Gates said in an interview that aired Tuesday on CNBC “Squawk Box.”

“That test is a complete waste. And to all these numbers about how much we test, the majority is just complete waste.”

“Right now, this thing where you wait more than three days, sometimes seven days to get a test, nobody should pay $1 for that. That’s insane.”

“You need to get it back as soon as possible so that somebody can change their behavior, so they’re not infecting other people.”

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