Morgan Freeman, called out for alleged sexual misconduct by 8 women

American veteran actor, Morgan Freeman has being accused of sexual harassment or misconduct by 8 women over several years on the sets of his movies and during media events related to his projects.

Morgan Freeman, called out for alleged sexual misappropriation by 8 women Lailasnews

Morgan Freeman is one of a very long list of big shots in Hollywood that has been accused of sexual assault.

Since after the New-York Times article on sexual predators in the media that catapulted the #metoo movement into the consciousness of the world late last year, many women and men keep coming forward with their own tales of victimization in the work place over sexual favours that they might have denied their “shot-caller” or general boss.

A-list celebrities like Lupita Nyong’O, Salma Hyke, Angelina Jolie and many others have called out Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment on different fronts.

One of the allegations comes from a production assistant who worked on Freeman’s movie in 2015, “Going In Style.”

She told CNN that Morgan repeatedly tried to lift up her skirt to see if she was wearing underwear, and commented on her figure.

She says costar Alan Arkin saw it happening and told Freeman to stop.

Another woman who worked on “Now You See Me” claims Freeman also made comments about her body as well as another female staffer’s.

She says women on set knew to cover up whenever he was around.

CNN reporter Chloe Melas said she too was subject to Freeman’s misconduct.

She claims that he had been sexually inappropriate with her, when she was 6 months pregnant and interviewing him during a media junket.

Melas claims Freeman told her she looked ripe, and repeatedly insinuated he wished he’d been there when she got pregnant.

In all, CNN says it spoke to 16 people — 8 who claim they were victims, and 8 who witnessed Freeman’s misconduct.

As the #metoo movement keeps spreading and shifting boundaries media personality Bolanle Olukanni had twitted that she hopes it would come to Nigeria as well.

During her hand-over show with Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi yesterday, OAP Toolz had also hinted that a foreign musician might have been inappropriate with her during an interview.

She said the musician had made comments about her shape during his interview with her in Lagos.

Freeman has issued a statement saying:

“I apologise to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected- that was never my intent.”


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