Money is very important in marriage – Timi Dakolo

Nigerian singer and winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007, Timi Dakolo has said money is very important in marriage.

Money is very important in marriage - Timi Dakolo lailasnews

Singer, Timi Dakolo, who has been married for 6 years and has three kids with his wife, has something interesting to say about marriage.

He took to his Instagram page to write that his fans should not be deceived by people who say money is not important in marriage. He wrote;

“Money is very important in marriage. Don’t let anyone lie to you. It might not be the most important reason why one should marry but it is a very important part nonetheless.” He captioned it: “My truth.”

Timi Dakolo recently called out a popular pastor in Abuja whom he claims sleeps with innocent young girls and takes away their virginity.

According to the Singer the Pastor is not meant to be among humans. He is best incarcerated in prison with inmates.

His post was actually targeted at the pastor’s followers who worship him, call him mentor and sing his praises everywhere. He also mentioned that the so-called pastor has ruined the lives of majority of these girls and to him, he is not a man of God as he asked ‘man of which God?’

He however didn’t mention any name in his post .

Read his post below:

Your Abuja pastor you people are shouting mentor and praising everywhere should be in jail. The amount of pain and ruins he has left innocent girls in. Forcefully taking away their innocence even in their teenage years. Forever leaving a deep dent in their soul..Man of which God?

Though Timi Dakolo is a soul singer, he is also an individual who is known to always speak his mind and give his views of issues just as he perceives it.

He was recently on same social media platform dishing out advises to the just concluded Big Brother Naija reality TV show housemates and he admonished them to take the opportunity as it comes now because Nigerians easily forget anyone that stays irrelevant.

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