Mompha fires back at Hushpuppi over shade

An old beef got reignited today, as Mompha fired back at Hushpuppi who threw a shade at him in an Insta-story post he made.

Mompha fires back at Hushpuppi over shade lailasnews

Hushpuppi who claimed to be real spender as he disclosed that he spent N10m on the new Virgil, had written;

Preordered 10million naira of the new Virgil shit, pieces coming in batch and a lot more coming today, ready to wear jackets on point. This why y’all drive big cars n see me and still be intimidated cos u know who the real money spender is

Mompha fires back at Hushpuppi over shade lailasnews 1

Mompha who fired back at Hushpuppi shortly after, wrote;

If you have money to buy expensive clothes and dont have money to buy expensive ride, means you are still a poor church rat

Mompha fires back at Hushpuppi over shadeMompha fires back at Hushpuppi over shade lailasnews 2



  1. Nonsense! Too much money right? For two adults to be exchanging words over the mass of wealth. Hmm. It’s baffling

  2. The rat in church is richer than the one outside the church because much food are in the church. Both of them are control by the spirit of money which they love so much. 2 idiots

  3. Word! There is nothing to brag about if you can afford a lot Virgil. Bragging just shows you’re broke.

  4. So u mean is only rat in the church that are poor abi why must u use a church rat please all this church assault should stop who even told u that rat can be found in church y not use a poor as gutters rat instead

  5. i pray that God will deliver and help you both to settel that matter… you should not insult yourselves

  6. What a myopic ideology. Socialites are entitled to their opinions. Expensive ride is meaningless if an individual chooses not to have that.

  7. All this beef is just for publicity jare. Expensive things kor expensive things ni. Is it not pipo that are still begging on the streets. What have they done about it?

  8. Clash of the Titans, continue, both of you chop Belle full, but remember the most foolish man is the one who does not remember his creator who has made it possible for him to be wealthy. One day body will turn to dust and if laid to rest it’s only one store, shoe is not even necessary, car wouldn’t go down to the grave. Worst is your mansion becomes a measure of 6 feet highest .

  9. Like seriously..ten million naira jacket. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I think you should spend your miton more reasonable investments and stop intimidating those who can’t afford it right now

  10. What an embrassment.Two adults that can’t control themselves emotion. They should go and learn how to control their manner of speech

  11. This is embarrassing. You guys should mature up the stop all this fighting for who is richer. If you are actually rich and want to show up, feed the poor.

  12. Both of them should just grow up already and be man enough to settle their differences. We don’t need to be seeing all their beefs on social media

  13. Wonders shall never end, nobody knows the source of your money, both of you should keep embarrassing each other.

  14. Stick to what you know. A church rat? Have u been one, seen one or experience one to say they never get reach. If u measure wealth with cars then you are more foolish than those thinking of getting it

  15. Why are they picking up beefs against themselves, these men should respect themselves and be matured o

  16. i agree with Mompha. Driving big cars aside wearing expensive clothes in balm. But I wish they should spend on the needy too.

  17. Hush puppy and this man mompha it only God that know who’s the best but I think hush puppies supposed to buy big car too

  18. What both of you is beefing about we don’t know, spending millions when millions of people in this country don’t even know where there next meal will come from?

  19. They should use their money to help the poor and led privileged in the society and quarrelling on social media

  20. I believe they are doing this to attract media attention… None of them are even as rich as they claim…

  21. Honestly, this is kind of embarrassing and somewhat childish. Hush Puppi should stop engaging in petty issues like this. Up till now i still don’t know the source of his wealth either.

  22. This is sort of embarrassing and childish to be engaging in this kind of social media fight about who’s got the spending power.

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