Moment a Lady struggled to eat fish with long artificial nails at a restaurant (video)

A viral video has shown moment a young lady struggled to eat a fish as a result of her long artificial nails.

The lady who had gone out in company of her friends to eat in a restaurant was served a tilapia fish but was enable to eat it.

The lady can be seen struggling with the fish as a result of her extremely long artificial nails while one of her female friend watch.

In the viral video, the lady is seen struggling to take a bite from the tilapia fish in a bowl of soup due to her artificial nails.

However, she was able to was able to claw the fish after several attempts where made.

A Twitter user, Emmanuel Oyiti who shared the video on the platform, questions why ladies put them themselves through a lot of stress.

Sharing the video, he wrote,

“Why do women give themselves unnecessary stress?😑”.

Watch video below.


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