Mom reveals what what found inside her 8 months after surgery (Photo)

A Nigerian mom has taken to Twitter to reveal what was found inside her body 8 months after her surgery.

According to the woman identified as Amaka, her surgical wound after childbirth refused to heal and this got her worried.

Mom reveals what what found inside her 8 months after surgery (Photo)

The mum said for 8 months, she was dressing her wounds and her doctor didn’t take it seriously and kept telling her that it will heal eventually.

She was later referred to another doctor who then told her that something must be in there. She said surgery was scheduled and something that looks like a wire was found in her body.

See below:

In other news, Nigerian medical personnel, @OlumideAdeuyi has sometime ago revealed how a man suffered a penile fracture while engaging in rigorous sex with his partner in a hotel.

The Doctor, who shared graphic photos of the fractured penis online, said the man was ”pounding vigorously” when he hit the ”Mons Pubis”, a part of the female vaginal anatomy, resulting in his penis fracturing.

“It happened around 5am Sunday AM in a nearby hotel. D guy ws pounding away vigorously. In a bid 2 give d hardest and strongest thrust from a little distance outside the box, he crashed his penis on the mons pubis. The next thing he heard was a sound kam , the penis was bent”.

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