Model kills millionaire ex-boyfriend after breaking into his home

A model shot dead her British millionaire ex-boyfriend after finding her way into his home while he was away with his new girlfriend.

The 31-year-old model identified as Mayka Kukucova who is from Slovakia waited in her ex-lover’s Andrew Bush’s bed before murdering him in 2014.

Model kills millionaire ex-boyfriend after breaking into his home

The inquest heard how Bush, 48, had jetted out to his home in Spain with his new girlfriend Maria Korotaeva, who found Kukucova in the bed, The Sun UK reports.

Bush told his new partner to go to the car and phone the police, after his swimwear model ex refused to leave.

But, after an argument broke out between Bush and his ex-partner, Miss Korotaeva heard three gunshots – and later found her partner in a pool of blood.

Then 26, she had begun stalking him and, from April 2, 2014 – three days prior to his death – had been in his house in Malaga, Spain, without his consent.

And Russian-born Maria Korotaeva, who was seeing Mr Bush at the time of his killing, has previously told how she “cowered” in the car as he was shot three times inside the villa.

At Kukucova’s trial in 2016, the court heard how the bikini model had become “obsessed” with Mr Bush after their split in November 2013.

The pair had been drinking champagne in the villa, which Mr Bush had been refurbishing for her, to celebrate their anniversary.

Maria said:

“When we got there it looked different. Things had been moved and there was nothing of mine. All her clothes were there.

“When I went into a room and saw her it was a shock. She was wearing pyjamas. There was so much security I could not work out how she had got in.

“When I saw her I ran out the house and locked myself in the car. I did not want a problem. I did not want any drama.

“Andy came out and said not to worry. It was all fine. He said she was a crazy bitch. That she was an illegal and he would get her out the house.”

Maria was forced to walk up to the main road to find an officer because police were unable to find the villa and then fire services took two hours to find the house.

The case was recently revisited after Bush’s sister requested that his body be brought back home for proper burial

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