Mob beats wrong person to death over stolen car battery in Lagos

An angry mob have been accused of beating a wrong person to death, over a car battery allegedly stolen at Nato Park, Tin Can Island, Apapa, Lagos.

Mob beats wrong person to death over stolen car battery in Lagos lailasnews

The 45-year-old man, Yusuf Ibrahim who works around Tin Can First Gate – some distance from the park, was beaten to death on Monday, January 7, 2019, around 7.30am after one of the truck drivers who resumed duty that morning, discovered that the battery of his vehicle was missing. The deceased who is said to be one of the destitute people, who sometimes passed the night on the premise where trucks are parked, was accused of stealing the car battery by some drivers.

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A commercial motorcyclist (popularly known as okada rider) in the area identified as Salisu, who confirmed that the mob had beaten the wrong person to death, disclosed that 30 minutes after the incident, the police came to remove the corpse.

 “I was on my motorcycle, coming from Liverpool, Apapa that morning when I saw a crowd at the park. I moved closer and saw a man (Ibrahim) covered in blood. He had been beaten to a pulp. I asked people what happened and they told me he stole the battery of a truck.

“The man had lost his strength and he was almost dead. Passersby were afraid to take him to a hospital. I later left the scene for fear of being implicated” he said.

“It was discovered that the battery was actually stolen by a young man called Yahaya. I learnt he worked around Tin Can First Gate,” the okada rider added.

Lagos police Public Relations Officer in the state, CSP Chike Oti, who confirmed the incident said six suspects, including Yahaya, had been arrested.

“On Monday, around 7.30am, we received information that one Yusuf Ibrahim, aged 45, of  Nato Park, Tin Can Island, Apapa, was allegedly beaten to death by some drivers at the aforesaid address.

“A team of detectives was swiftly dispatched to the scene upon receiving the distress call. It was found out that the deceased was wrongly alleged to have stolen a truck battery, which was later found with one Yusuf Yahaya. The victim’s corpse has been evacuated to the Apapa General Hospital morgue for autopsy. However, the said Yusuf Yahaya and five other suspects that carried out the jungle justice on the deceased have been arrested” he said.

“The suspects will be charged to court as soon as investigation is concluded,” he added.


  1. What a pity! May his soul rest in perfect peace. Cases like this should be well investigated. And civilian should leave justice to security agencies and not to be taking justice into their hands anyway.

  2. Nigerians always behave like primitive people. Why not hand him to the police if they think he was the one? Why jungle justice? I hope those who killed him are made to serve the punishment for such act.

  3. if the security on Nigeria is prompt and diligent in the discharge of their duty the would have arrive the scene put everything under control

  4. Jungle justice is bad. Now that the culprit has been apprehended, how are those drivers feeling over their actions. Now they have an innocent man’s blood on their hands. Lesson for us all. Yusuf Ibrahim, pls rest in peace

  5. This is why taking the law in to your hands is not good at always against this jungle Justice.

  6. People don’t have Patience at all before they act,that why they end up doing the wrong thing.may his soul rest in painful

  7. What sort of thing is this, that’s what I hate about those mob that will just beat up mob without allowing authorities to take charge of issues rather taking laws into their hands

  8. That was too bad, and atlast he is not the one who stole that battery, and dey just killed him just like dat, is not good atall, dey must face the jugment commtee for doing such kind of things to that man

  9. Jungle justice still happening in Lagos in 2019, is absurd and uncalled for. Now it was an innocent person that was unnecessarily killed.

  10. That is why will say it’s bor good to take laws into your hands. Now they have killed the wrong person because they do not investigate before taking action.
    RIP to the victim

  11. No one even has the right to take matters into their hands, now an innocent man has been killed. May his soul rest in peace.

  12. They would have investigated this stolen battery before the punishment, see now he is dead. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

  13. That’s why I don’t support jungle justice,see how they killed innocent man for a theft he didn’t commit ,may his soul rest in peace

  14. This is serious, cases like this need proper investigation and tangible evidence. why would they take justice into their hands.

  15. This is pathetic,they should have done thorough investigation before beating the guy, they just wasted the innocent lifeMay his soul rest in peace

  16. Why will mob take law into their hand they just destroy the live of the innocent without proper investigation

  17. Why are we always rushing to take laws in our hands,now they have killed the innocent one claiming he is the one when he is not the one. The criminals have to be put to justice

  18. What kind of beaten is that,before you do something or react think twice so that you will not be blame at last

  19. This so sad. Let’s say no to jungle justice! Even if he stole the battery as accused, he should be handed over to the police. We are not the giver of life and should not take it

  20. They should have find out the truth before beating the innocent man to death…may his soul. rest in peace.

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