Mo Salah wins 2018 CAF Player of the Year award

Mohamed Salah wins 2018 CAF African Player of the Year award for the second time in a row, after scoring 44 goals for Liverpool and Egypt in 2018.

Mohamed Salah wins 2018 CAF Player of the Year award lailasnews

The Liverpool forward held off competition from teammate Sadio Mane and Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to land the award.

Salah defended his crown after scoring 44 goals for Liverpool and Egypt in 2018.

He finished as the 2017-18 Premier League Golden Boot winner with 32 goals. A further 16 goals in 29 appearances across all competitions for Liverpool have followed so far this season, while Salah also contributed four goals in three Africa Cup of Nations qualification outings for his country in 2018.

A poll of CAF’s national teams’ head coaches and technical directors, members of the governing body’s technical and development committee and a panel of media experts selected Salah as the continent’s outstanding footballer in 2018.

The Egyptian received the accolade at a ceremony in Dakar, Senegal, last night, where he was also included in the Africa Best XI for 2018 alongside Mane and Naby Keita.

The 26-year-old’s performances throughout the year also saw him retain the BBC African Footballer of the Year prize and finish sixth in the Ballon d’Or standings.


  1. Congratulations Mo, you’ve been exceptional for these past few years, and you’re not showing signs of fading away so easily. Pray you continue to stand out among your mates for as long as your body will carry you. Wishing you the best.

  2. Congratulation, making it both in your country club and Liverpool has made you quite outstanding. Congratulation once again

  3. Congratulations Mohammed Salah. Your hardwork and dedication in the game of soccer is paying off right now. Keep it up.

  4. Salah you have done well and very well,caf is proud of you and venue we your fans we celebrate your victory congratulations sala

  5. This is really nice, I think he deserves it. Congratulations to you Salah, wishing you more success ahead.

  6. Mo-salah I join thousands of people in the world to say a big congratulation to you…. It wasn’t easy

  7. Congratulations mo_salah your hardworking pay off but this is just the beginning of new thing and more winning

  8. Sucess comes as a result of good work and in life, any thing you labour for always pay you hamsomly.

  9. He really deserves the award. Congratulations to him and he will be the world’s best player in 2019

  10. Mo sallah should be given world best player of the year….I so much love this guy. . Congrats bro

  11. Its not easy to score 44 goals congratulations in this life no pain no gain its also good to do well in whatever we do one day we all reap it Mo salah congratulations once again

  12. Congratulation to you sallah….your hard day training earn you this…more wins to you and keep it up.

  13. Wow this is what celebrating, after scoring goals in Liverpool and Egypt,congratulations to you.

  14. I had already know that he his the one that is going to collect that award, congratulation to you muhamed salah

  15. Congratulations Mohammed Salah, the coming CAF cup in Egypt will afford we Africans the opportunity to see your football antics live.

  16. Who else but Salah deserves to win this award? He was exceptional throughout the year. Congratulations to Mo Salah

  17. Congratulations Mohammed sallah. You worked really hard and you got your prize. Nothing worthy comes easy

  18. Sallah deserve the award, he is a talented player displaying that every minutes on the pitch.Congratulation.

  19. MO Salah you really deserve it, congrats on your award winning event, wishing you more energy to strive for world best some day

  20. Congratulations to Salah, he really deserves the award, more wins to him this year. He is really a good player with wonderful skills, 44goals for Liverpool and Egypt in 2018 is not an easy thing. He has very wonderful records.

  21. wow he is a great player in a short while he has gone this far…congratulations to him and more awards and winnings awaits him…i tap from such blessing…

  22. His really trying if we should be sincere congratulation to you keep it up so you can gain it this year

  23. Congratulations to salah,I knowvit will be u,u deserved it,continue soaring high in your career

  24. Congratulations to mo Sallah, more of it to come your way my man, you deserve the award looking at your performance.

  25. Mo salah is indeed a winner , he has been doing well ensuring that he continues winning everything

  26. It has not been easy for him too get too this bit may God bless him and let the God of soccer be with him, congratulations

  27. Congratulations No salah because yhu deserve this award. I wish yhu more wins and the sky is the limit

  28. Well deserved for Mo Sallah he was outstanding for Liverpool and his native country Egypt.. Its the women’s category of the same award that i don’t agree with, that south African Thembi Junior Kgatlana did not deserve the award for the best woman footballer, just because she had a good AWCON tournament which NIGERIA eventually retained she was given the award if that was the criteria used for the women’s category then our Francesca Ordega should have been crowned the winner afterall she equally had a good tournament and went ahead to win it.. CAF is a joke

  29. I watched the award live yesterday men i am so happy for blc he made in his statement that it was he dream and now he has it not only once but twice congrats man

  30. Cowngratulations to you! Sallah have actually played at his best! That was a wonderful emergence!

  31. Salah is trying to be like Messi and C Ronaldo but everyone has his own God given talent. A very big congratulations to him

  32. Honestly speaking, Mo Sallah deserve it, he play football with passion and also dedicate his time and energy in it.
    Congratulations bro, more success in your career.

  33. Congrats to Salah, he deserved the award because he really worked hard last season and banged some couple of goals, then he was also instrumental as Liverpool reached the champions league final which they later lost to real Madrid

  34. A very big congratulations to mo salah as he won the African player of the year 2018..

  35. Congratulations to Mohammed Salah on his wins and for retaining the BBC African Football player of the year award.He really deserves it.More to come

  36. A very big congratulations to mo salah as he won the African player of the year 2018..thats for the hardwork he has put in the line and a hib well done

  37. Big congratulations to mohammed salah as he won the African player of the year 2018..thats for the hardwork he has put in the line and a hib well done

  38. Congratulations to mo salah on this well deserved award, he has really worked hard to earn it… More awards to your name

  39. He has been doing well for liverpool and Egypt, he won the PFA, he was in the UCL final, Its well deserve

  40. Congratulations to you Mo Salah. You have done well for your club Liverpool and your country Egypt so you deserve this. It is a pity that our Nigeria players would rather just perform for their clubs and play rubbish for the country

  41. Congratulation to Mohammed salah… I really love him… He is my best player… I congratulate him again, keep it up…

  42. wow! i knew he is the one that will win the CAF player of the year.. thumbs up and a big congrats to him

  43. A very well deserved award! Go Mo Salah! It’s quite shameful not to see even one Nigerian in the best eleven.

  44. I dont think anyone would argue this, I think he is head and shoulder above others In the year just past. Congratulations to MO SALAH

  45. Congratulations Salah you deserve the best,caf is proud of you and venue we your fans we celebrate your victory

  46. Congratulations to you more Salah for this success,I wish you more breakthrough and wins in your endeavors

  47. A deserved win by Mohammed Sallah. He had a very good season and winning the award is to crown his hard work and efforts. Congratulations

  48. He deserves it Mo Salah is a good player so am not surprised if he is winning it again. Congratulations

  49. Very deserving no doubt he was outstanding last season and was even compared with the likes of messi

  50. Congratulations on winning the CAF award, you have been striving hard and you are doing a great job for your team. More grease to your elbow

  51. Congrats for the second time, you really deserve it thanks to CAF for recognizing him he really worked hard .

  52. No argument about this. Its a much deserved award. No other player came close in anyway.. He was second highest goal scorer in the UCL, highest goal scorer in the EPL, came third in the balon Dior… Who else deserves the award if not moh salah the king of Egypt

  53. Mohammed sallah wow I love that guy he is totally good at what he’s doing.. congratulations more grease to your elbow

  54. He is really a good player with wonderful skills, 44goals for Liverpool and Egypt in 2018 is not an easy thing. He has very wonderful records.

  55. Congratulations to Salah for this great award. It is a well deserved award because he is a talented and skillful player.

  56. Mo Salah keep at it, winning one time is not it but its worth, but mark and make it again…Congrats Mo!!!

  57. I knew he was going to be the one. Wish you all the best in the upcoming afcon. Congratulations Mo Salah

  58. Its an undisputable fact that he is africa’s best for now, congratulations to him on this well deserved award

  59. He deserve this award 100% with sane as the runner up , the philosophy of what the coach is bringing to the team is really a wonderful type of play and the fighting spirit is crazy Liverpool is winning the premier league under Mo. salah .

  60. A big congrats Salah. You worked really hard, and you deserve it totally. So happy for you. Carry on the winning streak

  61. Mo salah definitley deserved the award more than anyone else . Congratulations Mo salah . A champion indeed

  62. wow that’s good …
    congratulations to him
    Salah is in deed a great player… That’s a good achievement to start the new year..
    More Awards bro

  63. Mohammed Salad, congratulations to you. I have no doubt you are an outstanding player who knows what is doing on the field. Am happy for you.againgmst

  64. A big congratulations to Sallah. Though am not surprised coz he is a great player and very handsome guy too.

  65. As unbelievable as it may sound, i seriously dont know him or his skills of play because i am not a fan Of football, but i Say congratulations to him.

  66. Congratulations Mo Sallah you deserve it 44 goal in all competitions for Liverpool isn’t an easy task.

  67. Congratulations to Mo Salah, he deserves it. But when will a Nigerian win this award again? It is being a while, it is well.

  68. Congratulations to ”MO Sallah”’ on his second consecutive wins of CAF Player of the Year award of the year, more achievement and wins for you.

  69. Congratulations to my very own Mo,Mohammed Salah. Keep winning.. Proud of you.. Is an honor well deserved.

  70. Congratulations Mo Salah. Hope to see you retained it in 2019. The is absolutely the reward for hard work. More power to your elbow.

  71. Congrats to him, more wins to him this year. He is really a good player with wonderful skills, 44goals for Liverpool and Egypt in 2018 is never easy

  72. M o, congratulations in a very big way, it is not easy atall, this is to show that your God is behind you, keep it up.

  73. Salah has been very useful for both club and national team. I wish him the very best of his carrier

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