Missing DELSU student Elozino found dead, tongue and breasts severed

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Missing DELSU student Elozino Ogege, was found dead at about 2am today by residents along Ekrejeta road in Abraka Community, Ethiope-East Local Government Area of Delta State.

Missing DELSU student Elozino found dead, tongue and breasts severed lailasnews

However the DELSU student who was declared missing about a week ago, was found without her tongue and breasts. The missing DELSU student is said to be a student of the Department of Mass Communication, and it is suspected that she might have been killed by suspected ritualists, who pride themselves as “Yahoo Boys”.

Delta State Acting Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Andrew Aniamaka who confirmed this, disclosed that the family of Elozino has been going through excruciating pain.

 “The family of the girl is going through excruciating pain. They have not been informed.”

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  1. Please let be careful on those we call our friends,they might look innocent but very deadly
    May God console the family

  2. This is so touching, now its cutting off body parts again, kai someone schooling just to find a means of survival along the line missing then found later with two body parts cut off hmmmmm may your soul rest in peace

  3. This is so painful we need time be careful about all this young guy rich guys not all that glitters is gold and we should be careful even when we are in the streets. I pray the family find consolation

  4. This is serious. .desperate guys looking for money ..Rip…may good give the family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  5. This is serious, may her soul rest in perfect peace and may God give her family fortitude to bear the loss… So painful and may God protect all too

  6. This is so sad so young,please my fellow students be careful with who you associate and party with focus on your education and be alert

  7. When you tell girls to be careful they will not listen now see. You follow every man with money not knowing how they made the money

  8. What a sad way for her life to end,but girls should be careful mostly especially now that this ritual stuff is on the increase

  9. Seriously not only ladies should be careful but everyone. And some of this ladies who can’t control there urge for material things, this is the result. Just because he’s a yahoo guy, or because he has money you want to fling with him, not knowing that he will use you one day to buy G-wagon

  10. This is a very serious issue, how could this bad things be happening in this country all in the name of money. It’s true that money is the root of all evils




  12. Ritualist at work. That resident that found her corpse by 2 a.m, should be questioned what he or she was doing outside by that time of the night.

  13. If u tell girls to calm down they won’t listen now see d outcome….may her soul rip and may the perpetrators never see good

  14. Well, may her soul rest in perfect peace, but you ladies should watch your movements because many things happen this days.

  15. Many people want to make money with out working for it. This is too bad. Nemesis will soon caught up with them. May God Comfort her parent.

  16. Advice is that everybody should be very very careful both men and women and because it can happen to anybody nobody knows what happened and how it happened to her, may her soul rest in peace.

  17. It could be for rituals; for “yahoo boys” and also for politicians who are seeking diabolical powers. The general public needs to be more careful.

  18. Life sha , people want yo get reach by all means and the greedy one too are not tired of sacrificing them self because of the little they get from them

  19. God have mercy. Whether yahoo Boys or politicians, whoever is responsible for this evil for whatever purpose, it shall be turned against them for evil. Wicked and heartless people. God will preserve us from his evil men. They will know no rest in their lives.

  20. I don’t want to judge her, but we should not make friends with people because they have money. People will never hear

  21. May her soul rest in peace. This world is becoming something else , if this people are not looking to cut human parts they will be loaming around the school picking students sanitary pad . God help us

  22. Elozino may your soul rest in perfect peace,may God comfort the family to bear the lost, inadequate security,unemploymemt,laziness,bad company as lead to this,Our government should wake up,innocent people are dieing.

  23. What a world we live in, such an unfortunate news. May her soul Rest In Peace. Her killers will not go unpunished

  24. What a painful death. Rest in peace pretty girl. I think is High time ladies should start confiding in their friends each time they wan hang out a stranger. If you don’t want to disclose his number , disclose his pictures, car type and or location of the person. Social app should be useful in sharing info. Ladies be wise and stay safe from all these ritualists. As you try to hustle for money, some men out there are waiting to hustle your parts.

  25. Election is around the corner, December is here, yahoo boys on the rampage, babes be careful I mean extremely careful this period

  26. Ladies need to be careful with the people they call their friends,”all that glitters is not gold”.May God give the family and friends the fortitude to bear the loss.

  27. Ember month and elections campaign is starting one should be very careful of ritualist, they are everywhere, looking for their next victim.

  28. This is very bad, girls should be careful this days with the boys they mingle with, may her soul rest in peace

  29. This is strange. All these ritualist have not stop all these their evil acts. All these girls, their own is too much and I pray that others should learn from this.

  30. This is very sad and tragic, I hope the young girls in school learn from this. By the way most of these guys don’t just go for people they date, but also waylay girls, so no one can if she was dating them or not. May God rest her soul and comfort her family.

  31. Pls my brothers and sisters we should be very careful in this ember month, mind who u visit n who u go out with, may her soul rest in peace

  32. Only God knows what and who killed her. Ladies should be careful this period because election is coming and people are already fetching power through blood

  33. This is serious. .desperate guys looking for money ..Rip…may good give the family the fortitude to bear the loss

  34. Oh my God! What a tragedy. Ladies pls b careful of those u call friends who ‘re nothing but devils in human form.

  35. People needs to be very careful these days especially ladies. We are in mber month and so many want to travel like multi billionaires.

  36. This is ritual, people should be very careful of the friends they make and the place they go,such a young girl,all her dreams and aspirations has been cut short

  37. This is so pathetic, Kai such a young beautiful girl, had to disappear and found dead and her body missing some major parts Kai I feel so bad!

  38. This is very bad!!!! Killers are on rampage nowadays, killing people isn’t anything to them because they are monsters in human form. This is why I always advice people to be contented with what they have because our ladies fall victims of such situations due to too much of wants. When a student goes to school and face her studies and manage whatever her family gives to her there’s no way such person will fall into the hands of killers and also following friends to unknown destinations is very dangerous. May God continue to guide and protect us in Jesus name Amen.

  39. God will judge all the wicked people on this planet earth what a painful death may her soul rest in peace

  40. We all need to be careful this time of the year, and young girl should be comfortable with whatever they have, the eyes of big things put them at risk

  41. These Yahoo boys have used Elozino for rituals to make more money. All should be mindful of guys we hang out with cos boys ain’t smiling. I still feel the police should inform the girl’s parents. They need to really know.

  42. This ritualist self,there own is too much,people should please be mindful of were we go and police men please do your good job to bring them to book. May her soul rest in peace

  43. May your soul rest in peace.. wont judge u since i dont know what led to the incident…u may or maynot be d one at fault.

  44. What kind of wickedness is this? How can someone take pleasure in taking the life of his fellow human just for money.

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