Miss Inspire Nigeria Beauty Pageant 2019: 3million Naira Cash Prize, Exotic SUV, $70,000 Up For Grabs

Top dignitaries from around Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa will converge in Ikeja, the State Capital, during the Grand Finale of Miss Inspire Nigeria beauty Pageant, slated to hold on March 2, 2019.

Miss Inspire Nigeria Beauty Pageant 2019 lailasnews

Speaking with the Project Director Mrs Nkiru Stephen, who is overseeing and managing the successful delivery of the event, she affirmed the readiness of the group to deliver a world-class event set to redefine pageantry while attracting local and foreign investment into the Lagos State tourism sector.
She further explained that
“The Miss Inspire Nigeria beauty pageant is one that primarily focuses on harnessing the potential of women while also exploring her capacity to lead an army of achievers in addressing some of the challenges bedevilling the Nigerian society through charity and volunteer work.
“The Miss inspire Nigeria beauty pageant is designed to raise confident, elegant and inspirational women who would use the power of their inner strength and character to provide solutions to some of the challenges facing our country Nigerian”, she said.
Mrs Stephen, further noted that Miss Inspire Nigeria beauty pageant has long valued community service, adding that it is their basic requirement that each contestant from anywhere in Nigeria must champion a social issue that is important to her and meets the need of humanity.
According to her,
“Miss Inspire Nigeria beauty pageant has categories (Miss, Mrs. & Ms.) for every woman because we believe every woman has a unique voice at any stage of their life. Our pageant is built on the understanding that women are the catalyst to national development thus the need to create such a platform whose mandate amongst others is to build confidence, inspire hope, empower through entrepreneurship skills and groom women into agents of social and economic change.
“The grand winner will go home with an exotic SUV, 3million naira Cash prize and a $70,000 Dollars available for your Miss inspire Nigeria beauty pageant project. Visit www.missinspirenigeria.org or call 08065892480, 08119940401, 07034717948 or 08090915978 to participate. Contestant application form cost five thousand (#5,000) naira Only.
“Our pageant has five areas of competition; Creative skill, interview, fashion, sportswear, & evening gown. We delight ourselves in not having a bathing suit on as part of the competition” she said.
She further noted, that hosting the competition in Lagos State will be a great medium to promote and showcase Lagos State as power house of entertainment in Nigeria and Africa.
“Even as Nigeria focuses on stimulating and diversifying its economy, tourism and hospitality will certainly be a great alternative, it is expected that cash flow into the State will be improved.
“In addition, national and international trade including foods, consumer goods, and service will be supported, and deep-rooted Lagos culture will be divulgated to viewers and consumers worldwide”.
Miss Inspire Nigeria beauty pageant is a glitzy event that focuses on equipping all contestants with life skills but however, only selects and presents only the best among the contestants who will emerge as queen for each of the categories transparently setting the pace for excellence within the industry.


  1. Is really nice at least beauty is being appreciated but they should also improve on education level so they can appreciate people that do well in school with something this big

  2. That’s how they will be wasting money on useless things….. Why not put that money into good use, one fine mumu girl will come and carry the money after sleeping with those in charge…… Its high time we channel money into the right to yield positive and efficient results, enough of all these beauty bullshit.

  3. The beauty of a woman can not be over emphasized in character, intelligency, carriage and physical appearance. A very laudable motive.,

  4. Talent3d and beautiful ladi3s this one is up for you all. Hoping For the best from all participants and fair play also from all the judg3s. Good luck..

  5. That’s a huge investment if I may say. Continue the good work and remain prudent and transparent.
    God enhances your effort perfectly well and the participants.

  6. Nice but they should also try to inspire our people doing good in their education with huge benefits like this. It will encourage people to read well. Nigeria isn’t encouraging our educational section. They only give 5000 Naria if you emerge the best in your academics

  7. That’s a welcomed project, I will not only bring people from the world to Lagos but will also create more revenue for the nation as well as bring up intelligent and vibrant girls all around the nation as they compete

  8. I am yet to meet these winners and what they actually do with their achievements. But I am hopeful that they do touch lives in their spheres of contact.

  9. Going through the write up is a good project and also an opportunity for young, beautiful and talented ladies to show case their beauty.

  10. Like serious is enough to bring out the best in you . the best opportunity every for all fine babes in Nigeria as a whole

  11. I believe this pageant is unique as it encompasses the Ms and Mrs……well-done to the organizers….

  12. That is going to be a hit for the beautiful ones, and the most luckiest day for the winner. It could be u

  13. For me i think this is brand new and should be supported and taken seriously. I wish all the contestants.

  14. This is really a strong privileged given to our feminist to keep showcasing their talent….. It is really great and worth encouraging.

  15. What achievements did you guys use the money for, scholarship or taking care of the less privileged

  16. Is good thuo but my problem is that partiality is much in this thing and they shouldn’t only select the winner in the aspect of beauty only the should also add some quality of a good woman

  17. Just for beauty pageant you want to spend this huge amount of money for the prized. There a lot of people that can benefited from this money you just wanted to spend lavishly

  18. Just for beauty pageant you want to spend this huge amount of money for the prized. There a lot of people that can benefited from this money you just wanted to spend lavishly

  19. I swear, being a beauty queen or king is really fun. Talk about the fame, respect and other things attached. Hope it comes out a success.

  20. What are the examples of challenges that such events as pageantry can solve in this our nation. This thing is producing nothing but beauty without brains.

  21. This is good and most of all it is brave for you to be able to see the condition of your country and try to revive another sector of the economy which tourism

  22. It’s a good encouragement to those who will be participating in the contest, I wish them good luck.

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