Miss Earth contestants reportedly offered victory in return for sex

Miss Earth contestants were plagued by a “creepy” sponsor who offered them victory in return for sexual favours, the UK winner has claimed.

Abbey-Anne Gyles-Brown, 21, said the man demanded the number of her hotel room and wanted her to join him at his house along with “sexy dancing Latinas”.

Miss Earth contestants reportedly offered victory in return for sex lailasnews 4
Miss Earth contestants reportedly offered victory in return for sex

She said:

“From day one he was a bit creepy. He tried to take each of us away, telling us he had historic ­artefacts upstairs but there was only room for one of us at a time.

“He was weird and we all said ‘no’. When I complained, my team manager told me he was just ‘friendly’. I was made to feel like I was being dramatic.”

Abbey-Anne, from Northampton, says the businessman gave her his card at an official dinner on his yacht, saying she could call “any time” for “anything”.

At another event he asked for her room number.

Abbey-Anne went on:

“He said he could get me further in the competition if I gave him my number. It was in a public setting and I didn’t want to show myself up so I politely put him in his place. He approached again and said he had ‘sexy Latinas’ coming to his house to dance with him, did I want to join? I went to my team managers and reported it. My team manager laughed in my face and said I was being petty.

“The photographer said ‘don’t cry, you’ll ruin your make-up’.”

Two others accused him of being a pest – one saying he grabbed her bare bum.

But when Abbey-Anne, 21, complained to organisers, she claims nothing was done and was even told: “Don’t cry – you’ll ruin your make-up.”

Abbey-Anne is Miss Earth England and flew to the Philippines for the global version of the eco event ­honouring “beauty for a cause”.

But she said the month-long trip was ruined by the alleged sex pest.

Miss Earth 2018: Miss Vietnam

Abbey-Anne is a youth activist for Clean Up Britain and hoped success in the Philippines would boost her environmental protection work.

She joined 86 national winners and the crown went to Vietnam’s Nguyen Phuong Khanh, 24.

Abbey-Anne came home dejected. She said:

“I was heartbroken. I’d put four years of hard work into something I really believed in.”

She claims an official ­complaint was ignored by organisers. Miss Earth Canada Jaime VandenBerg, 21, claims the same man harassed her for two weeks.


  1. Don’t mind him thank God you know what you want and while you are there is not just to have sex with anybody

  2. Some people are heartless,,just bcus of money u are advising her to have sex just to get Victory,,what a wicked world we live in

  3. Thank God there are still people like you who would work hard to earn what they deserve. If it’s some other girls, they would have given in to him to earn cheap victory.

  4. I now believe that there are people who still stand for what they want and work hard to get it. Sex must not be a criteria for one to get to her level in life. Yes, she made the man know that she can’t exchange sex for her victory.

  5. Thank God she didn’t fall for his stupid moves,the same way he talked to her is the same way he must have talked to the other contestants.

  6. He want nothing but sex don’t mind the man he just told you to call him for anything you need not just because he is kind to help but to sex you

  7. That’s so much . More reasons I don’t really believe in beauty pageant. You never know what has done down behind you

  8. That’s their trade mark, they feel women are sex objects, so they demand for sex for every little favour, but thank God he didn’t succeed.

  9. Is a good thing you stand up for what you believe in and not giving in to sex for victory. I wish something will be done about it , so that such people would be removed from the hem of affairs.

  10. Some men can really be so annoying. I guess her manager didn’t mind as long as she comes out the winner. God help us

  11. Go girl! You did well by putting him in his place. Some men can be so annoying and pestering. Why offer her victory for sex when she didn’t ask you for it

  12. Wow I love your courage that you didn’t give in to that sex to spoil your reputation because that same man after everything will still go about telling others what you guys did

  13. The man is trying you use her, and because she has what she’s looking for the man what’s to use the contest as her weak point,, that’s why you don’t need to show desperation I’m any thing no matter how you wish to have it

  14. It has always been the story. Always trying to sleep with the girls or lose the contest. Such people are not supposed to be in charge.

  15. Am not surprised, because 85% of all those models and actresses sleep with men to get to the top of their careers

  16. This is good indeed at last, you stand up for what you believe in and not giving in to sex for victory. I wish something will be done about it

  17. Very big well-done to u for not stopping down to his level……ur dignity is more important than winning a competition u know u didn’t deserve to win

  18. now everything is now for sex,even when you go to a big company for job and you are qualify for the job,they will still demand for sex before you are employ.all this things can’t bring progress to a country

  19. That’s man needs to be penalized but I guess he has connections with the Organizers that’s was why every complaint about his was always Ignored

  20. Comment*that’s man need to be panalized but i guess he has connections with the organizers that’s was why every complaint about his was always ignored

  21. Nawaooo ,,this is nonsense , just for you to win , you gave yourself up because of victory , chaiiiii ,,this life self , what is all these for , so selfish

  22. It’s so sad that nothing was done to the so called individual pestering these girls. Why are women often ignored in matters like this?

  23. Congratulations….. Sorry for that is part what you should see in that kind of business…. It’s expected

  24. This is assault and molestation!!! So his main aim of organizing the so-called Miss Earth contest is to molest young ladies because he feels they need the money. Nice one girl, I love your guts.

  25. Comment*it could be that your team manager knows him for that and don’t be surprise he paid them to keep quiet and thats why they keep on ignoring your complaints. just know your self dear and don’t give in

  26. Seriously am proud of you, as in youth females of these days can do anytyfor money this is to prove that there are still some decent ones among us all

  27. This is everywhere, if you wanna become famous, your sponsor must wanna harass you sexually. This is bad, your children will report others to you too.

  28. That’s the order of the day, sex in exchange for what you want.
    Quite good you stood your ground girl

  29. It’s good she put a restraint to send a message to others too,letting them know that beauty shouldn’t be mixed with favor.

  30. It’s a relief that you stand up for what you believe in and not giving in to sex for victory. I wish something will be done about it.

  31. This is very disgusting,its quiet obvious the team manager was working with the business man who indirectly was asking for sex. It’s good that she never gave in, but for upcoming beauty pageant contestanta it very discouraging.

  32. Am always happy when women stand for what is right. An am so happy u didn’t fall for his stupid deman.congratulations to u

  33. If it’s true the organizers ignored her complaints then that can mean 2 things. It is true this man has the power to influence the judges decision on who wins and the event is not credible because the judges can be bought.

  34. People always use their small position to take advantage of others. I’m glad she was smarter and didn’t fall victim. This also shows organizers should try harder to protect people under their care

  35. I don’t no y people don’t take sexual harassment serious at first complaint did is how a step father was constantly harrasing his step daughter wen she complained d mother didn’t believe it until she was pregnant by dis same step father

  36. Had it been you were naive hw would have taken advantage of you. Atleast u stood your ground till the end

  37. Some men can’t just zip up, it’s a pity . All d same my dear don’t let men like dat spoil ur thing. Congrats

  38. It’s good to stand on ur fit and say no when you need to say it because many people cannot do that,in most companies today to make comparisons, people always do give and take stuff,am its not supposed to be…… Why not show mercy so you can obtain mercy(Matthew 5:7)

  39. Congratulations on ur achievement dear, thank God u did not fall for his tricks some many of them are like that they will get u if u don’t know where u are going.

  40. Am happy u know what u want. Any victory with an attachment is no more victory. Remain focused am sure you’ll get ur hearts desire.

  41. The organizers and team members are inhumane for not getting rid of the creep. I wish Abbey all the best in her endeavour.

  42. Men are still men, all over the world.. Sister thank God you what you want and your accolades for not compromisng your standard.

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