Miss Congo Dorcas Kasinde’s wig caught fire after being crowned Miss Africa 2018

Miss Congo Dorcas Kasinde’s wig caught fire after being crowned Miss Africa 2018.

24-year-old Dorcas Kasinde beat other contestants to win the crown. Miss Nigeria came second while Miss Zambia came third.

Miss Congo Dorcas Kasinde's wig caught fire after being crowned Miss Africa 2018 lailasnews 2

As Miss Congo celebrated her victory and hugged her predecessor, her wig caught fire.

Thankfully, Ebuka came to her rescue before more damage could be done.

Social media users have jokingly accused Calabar witches of being responsible. But it is believed the fire was caused by the stage flame positioned at various corners on the stage.

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A twitter user wrote:

That was how Miss Congo won and her head almost got burnt.
Calabar I fear



  1. This is really strange, would be glad to know more on this. How would it catch fire all of a sudden

  2. It’s funny. Thank God the new miss Africa was not injured. Congratulations to the new most beautiful girl in Africa

  3. Lolzzz
    Nigeria’s and their accusations
    Which one is calabar witches
    Congrats on your victory dear

  4. Nawa! I for tired wig just caught fire because of hugging this one na really Calabar witches work and God we thank you that nothing happened

  5. Wonders will not end for this country , how was the wings able to caught fire , calaber witches at work

  6. Funny and strange though but thank God no damage was done ,I think the fire is as a result of the flames,congratulations to her anyways.

  7. Africans always putting themselves in negative perspective to the rest of the world.. Is that carelessness or what.. Her crown caught fire was the crown soaked in fuel or what.. I fear ooo

  8. Hahaha very funny thank God Ebuka came to her rescue early if not it would have been miss Africa without a head.

  9. I think safety is the word here. We blame witches for our carelessness. Thank God for the timely intervention.

  10. This is somehow funny but very dangerous and bad, thou you’re looking gorgeous and awesome but thank God you’re still alive.

  11. Is it the crown that attracted the fire or was her directly under the flames on the stage. Thank God her head didn’t get burnt

  12. Everything u people will blame witches. What of if it is a reminder to her that she needs to settle some people. Well am happy for her.

  13. That is dangerous But hope she is fine and In good condition though I dont believe any Calabar witch anything

  14. thank God that the incident was arrested immediately if not it would have been a different story all together. Anywasy congrats to miss Congo.

  15. This is serious so if ebuka didn’t meet her up ontime she would have been burnt to death….these stage flames should be reduced

  16. This is so unthinkable, was she close to the direct flames, there’s actually more to this than we know. Black people with black magic.

  17. I can’t stop laughing, this is absurd.how come her wig caught fire, well thank God she was not burnt.

  18. Nawa! I for tired wig just caught fire because of hugging this one na really Calabar witches work and God we thank you that nothing happened

  19. How come, what explanation can tell how it happened, so strange and funny, thank God she got help on time

  20. Nigerians with their local mindset what does calabar got to do with that now? It is just an unusual accident.

  21. Haha nothing I won’t hear in nigeria. how the caribbean winds now reached there to go and burn her hair now but anyway nothing callebaut will not feel though

  22. The girl is lucky that help came on time, this would have resulted in another fire tragedy. Congrats to her anyway

  23. A wig to catch fire by a stage fire unbelievable. Was she the only one wearing wig that hers alone will catch fire. There is More to it

  24. Not funny at all, there more to this news, how can her wig catch fire just like that, some hands are behind it. All same congrats on your victory and may you continue to shy.

  25. Congratulations first but sorry for the fire, thank God you’re save. Will want u to be more careful in things u do.

  26. This serious and funny!
    I hope it’s not village people
    If it’s truly the lights on d stage, Isokay, thank God she’s safe.

  27. This is strange, thank God that the plan of the devil didn’t work. Congratulations to you African beauty queen, all your efforts were not in vain. I think it’s Calabar people that sent the fire.

  28. Her village people in colabo with Canaveral witches are at work. Hahahahaha. Maybe they wanted her to show her real African hair not borrowed one

  29. very funny after being crowned her wig was on fire lol cant stop laughing well maybe there head was too hot for the crown lol

  30. Lol…maybe the wig was kinda inflammable, thank God,it wasn’t bad,one happy moment turning bad,its saddening

  31. Lol maybe her rival found a way to put fuel on the wig. But she should be grateful she didnt catch fire herself

  32. Its somehow funny, since Nigerians are saying calabar people didn’t it. But just thank God she wasn’t seriously injured.

  33. Like seriously and how is that possible thank God she was not hurt before they could rescue her wonders shall never end

  34. You know president was even suggesting natural hair for African pageant. I believe this was the reason the president made that insinuation

  35. Sorry o miss Congo. I just hope that more safety precautions will be taken by the organizers of the event to forestall any more incidents like this.

  36. That’ll teach the Congo people a lesson.. Next fire will not be wig but skin.. Fear Nigerian people on top competition

  37. Lolz!!! So funny!!! Thank God she’s OK oh, her day of joy would have times sour. But I wish her a happy days ahead.

  38. Its funny how Miss.Congo hair caught fire after being crowned Miss.Africa, the funniest is that they attached it to Calabar people. So funny…

  39. This is funny infact this is the joke of the year. Africans we are the best weather you like it or not. Kudos to misd Congo for winning the miss Africa crown.

  40. Whoooaaaa!!!….Such an unfortunate event, i guess she didn’t see that coming. Congratulations to here though, hope the fire didn’t affect here that much.

  41. Lol. Before we blame calabar. The story said the fire was cause because of the stage flame. If she has use her natural hair nothing would have happened. But know ladies and passion for hair style..pls dont blame calabar ooo.

  42. This is so hilarious. Calabar juju don come again o! I congratulate her for winning and let her not have negative feelings about Niaja o

  43. Congratulations for your victory..
    Maybe the wig was so sensitive to flame, but all the same, thank God you your whole body didn’t get burnt.

  44. This strange and funny, I haven’t heard of such. Well thank God that she won and also nothing happened to her.

  45. Thank God she survived and only her wig got burnt. But Nigerians should be careful on how they call out states when bad incidents like this happens.

  46. Thank God you survived this, you just have to be careful all the time. Some wigs are highly flammable. Congratulations though on winning the crown as miss Africa.

  47. It’s funny. Thank God the new miss Africa was not injured. Congratulations to the new most beautiful girl in Africa.

  48. This is strange fire. Where did the fire come from? And what has the Calabars has to do with it. Well, thank God for her life.

  49. Lolzzzzz she’s lucky very lucky that it was her wig not her entire face else it would have been something else. I can imagine how embarrassed and scared she must have been. Congrats to her anyway but she has to be careful next time. Thank God for the timely rescue of Ebuka.

  50. It’s another pointer that the end is nigh, let’s be prepared for it because i still can’t understand the cause of the fire

  51. Congratulations dear.No witches and wizards weapon against you shall prosper..only God knows if you would have turned to barbecue if the help didn’t come on time

  52. That is why other every African countries fear Nigeria, we fond of charms thanks for her safety and congratulations to her as well.

  53. Village people at work. Babe go do Thanksgiving oo coz them be want burn your head but God pass them

  54. Wow! Such a tragedy. Thank God she was rescued. The contest is such a remarkable event. Can’t wait to see it again next year.
    Congrats to the winner,
    Congrats to all the contestants,
    Congrats to Calaba, Nigeria and Africa

  55. Do i smell foul play???
    Thank God she wasn’t hurt anyways, i just can’t understand how such a thing could happen

  56. Congratulations..maybe her village people at work ..jusy kidding…the light work in the hall is the reason for her hair almost getting burnt

  57. Are you sure about the source of fire??? Or could it be association of village people??? Lol, thank God there was no damage

  58. Hahahahaha.. Funny indeed.. She won but her hair burnt.. Lol.. Respect Calabar and Edo witches.. Anyways Congratulations Dorcas, thank God Ebuka came on time..

  59. Hmmmmmmmm…..witch oooo, the village people are at work…they God she overcomes it…congrat dear

  60. This is actually funny….they have been a lot of set up at places like this and we have never heard of such burnings

  61. Hmm, how can fire engulf a wig on a head with no fire nearly please we need more on this interesting story

  62. Hmm, how can fire engulf a wig on a head with no fire nearby please we need more on this interesting story

  63. Those igniting that fire work should be extremely careful. This is exactly what happened to Michael Jackson that got his hair burnt. Michael wore wig through out his life because of this silly mistakes.

  64. I’m sorry about this. Thank God Those persons in your village did not succeed in your life. Please settle with natural hair.

  65. Well I feel it was on fire literally which came to reality…Dorcas Kasinde thank God someone came to your rescue

  66. This is ridiculous, every story will always find it’s way out. Thank God it did not get to a point of pure disaster.

  67. This is quite strange and I have not heard such before. Thank God she didn’t loose her life a d didn’t sustain injury.

  68. This is so funny…. But I thank Jah for her life sha. God will continue to protect her and everyone of us

  69. In P Square’s voice, ‘she is on fire, she no dey tire’. Abi it’s her ogbanje that’s doing her

  70. Hahahaha this is funny but strange at the same time but thank God she was rescue before much damage could be done

  71. Laughing out loud here o. This is one of the opponents in action o. The opponent resolved that the battle is not carnal and thereby resolved to a spiritual way to fight the battle.

  72. Congratulations to her and also a big sorry to her. This type of occurence is very strange and should be looked into. Thank God she is still alive to celebrate her victory.

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