Minimum wage in Kano to be increased to N30,6000

The new minimum wage in Kano State will be N30,600.

Governor Abdullahi Ganduje disclosed this when members of the Nigeria Labour Congress staged a peaceful protest at the government house on Tuesday in Kano, News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Minimum wage in Kano to be increased to N30,6000 lailasnews 2
Minimum wage in Kano to be increased to N30,6000

He said that his administration has given priority to the welfare of civil servants in the state.

Represented by his Deputy, Alhaji Nasiru Gawuna, he said that Kano state was among the few States in the country that pays monthly salary on time.

“We are ready to pay N30,000 monthly salary because the welfare of our workers is paramount to anything and we will always give it preference.

“We will pay the N30,600 as soon as all processes are completed,” he added.

Ganduje then urged ‎women and youths to stay away from drug abuse due to their harmful effects.‎

‎”Our women, particularly married women and youths must say no to drug abuse and addiction. They should stop abusing it because it will ultimately damage their systems and cut short their lives,” he warned.‎

‎Earlier, the NLC Chairman in the state, Mr Kabiru Minjibir, commended the governor for his commitment to pay the minimum wage of N30,600.‎

‎”We are not surprised by this kind gesture taking into consideration your labour friendly disposition.

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  1. Thats so nice of the Kano state Governor to have the interest of civil servants at heart. And also the youths should adhere to his plea and using drug as it’s for their own good

  2. What stoped them from paying them since last year,they are waiting for what they will buy the workers with,election time…

  3. Well said as you’ve mentioned and always remember that the welfare of the workers are paramount to you.

  4. So nice its wan thing to make a a promise and another to fulfill it .hope your are true to your words and thanks for the advice on drug abuse sir

  5. So nice its wan thing to make a a promise and another to fulfill it .hope your are true to your words and thanks for the advice on drug abuse sir p

  6. Well done Ganduje, the executive governor of Kano state, lead the way for other governors who are still looking for excuse.

  7. That will be nice. Worker deserve honourable pay. God bless you as you fulfill your promise to pay that sum

  8. Mr governor hope this is not a campaign promise stand by your promise of 30,600 minimum wage.

  9. Very good gesture from the governor… At least it’s a sign that their peaceful protest wasn’t in vain

  10. I see politices here but all the same I pray he fulfills the promise this minimum wage has caused alot in this country.

  11. Our leaders are full of policy people find it difficult to believe them whether they are saying the truth or not…. but if he can do what he promised I think the people will be happy

  12. Wow kudos to Kanu government. The decision I awesome and your workers will be filled with joy. You have done a great thing. Well done an continue doing good to your people

  13. Thats good news, that’s the kind of news we want to hear from other governors
    God bless you his excellency

  14. civil servant deserve more than that 30000 thanks to all the states that agreed with the increment and urge other to emulate them. Kudos to governor of kano

  15. Let’s watch and see. In Nigeria making a promise is very easy, especially by politicians, however implementation has always been a problem.

  16. Good news if this should be applied applied to every state i don’t think there will be a problem during election

  17. Comment*
    this is so great Kano has a very good plan ahead so the youth can also enjoy them self.

  18. That’s great
    Other states should toe this path
    Minimum wage oughts to be more than even 30k considering the way people are suffering

  19. This is a nice move from the government of Kano state I hope they implement it, other state should learn from this

  20. Governor ganduje god bless you for this he will always increase your account and give you wisdom to rule the people of kano in peace and success

  21. It is a wonderful decision taken by the governor of Kano state but I think the major thing here is not the promise but the implementation of the promise

  22. Let’s hope you are doing it to make your people comfortable because this our country Nothing is impossible especially when election is around the corner

  23. What a great news for the peoe of Kano.I wish other state of the federation can emulate this move.The welfarism of workers should be the paramount priority of a leader.Kudos to you Sir

  24. God bless you Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, hope other governors too can increase their workers’ minimum wage too to N30, 000.

  25. Kano state governor just made a wonderful decision on the new minimum wage, i want to believe other states will learn from them henceforth

  26. Wow that’s awesome the man also include airtime allowance to the minimum wage which is 600 that’s nice,

  27. If any government body want to increase their minimum wages, its should done in all state not only one.

  28. Congratulations to Kano State civil servants, hope this is not election strategy Mr. Governor. May God help you to pay and other governors should emulate you

  29. A good one coming from the Kano State governor. I hope this isnt a political strategy aimed to have him been re-elected. Let’s see if this promise will be sustained and kept.

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