Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State

A migratory bird which was used for a research by an undisclosed university, was reportedly killed in Rivers State by people ‘thought it was evil’.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State lailasnews

Facebook user Nwibe Dumle, who shared a photo of the Migratory bird used for a research, disclosed that it was killed in a farm in his village. He wrote;

This bird was killed today in my village farm, and surprisingly rings were found on two sides of it legs with different inscriptions on them each.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State lailasnews 1

However one Bura-Bari Nwilo who debunked claims of the bird being evil, wrote;

It’s a migrating bird. Universities in certain countries use them for experiment and release it for flight. These birds travel hundreds of miles to different countries. If those who killed it were educated, they would have read the signs on those rings around its legs and would have seen the countries and location of its flight. But ignorance is a sad thing. This is why we encourage people to go to school. That bird could be the last of its kind and was released to mate and birth more.

What should be done when next you see a bird like this is to release it so it can continue its journey.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State lailasnews 2

Another Facebook user Miz Conquer wrote;

There is no charm or juju here. What is on one leg is a tracker, on the other is the inscription of the institution that own the tracker and the bird.

Someone who did not know better killed a migratory bird tagged and tracked by an educational institution from a different country. This bird should never have been killed. Now someone’s research is cut short because a human killed a bird that should have been left alone. Sad thing is, I wager whoever killed this bird will not even eat it.

This hurts my heart.

Migratory bird being used for research, killed in Rivers State lailasnews 3

However the Facebook user who shared photos of the bird, made a clarification in the comment section of the post. Nwibe Dumle in his rejoinder wrote;

I have carefully read through all comments, some have spoken ‘educatively’, while some have spoken foolishly than they feel we are. Let me register here that I and my people are not uneducated as you think. We are professionals in our various fields of learning except that I am not a zoologist. Lol. However, the bird was not killed because of the rings on it legs neither was it killed deliberately to end what ever assignment or research purposes…. So please mind what ever you will or are dropping as comment, because every body is entitle to his or her opinion (impression). However we are here to learn from each other, so do not feel you have known it all just because you are privileged to know about bird ringing or bird branding.

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  1. Why would someone even kill an innocent bird? Now someone’s research has been cut short due to another ignorance not all birds are witches. Nigerians are so fetish

  2. Wow, what a pity Nigeria and their illiteracy. I hope those that owns the bird will know that their bird is no more

  3. Ignorance is a disease, we need to send our children school, so as to learn the world around them.

  4. Ignorance is a disease. Especially in the village, every animal is evil of course you won’t blame them to an extent because a lot of evil things happen in the village. Very fetish people everywhere.

  5. Can we all see what illiteracy can cause. Our government should intensify efforts in providing education for all

  6. Ignorance is a very big disease. Let it be that the bird is the last specy of it’s kind, it has completely gone out of existence. Please be warned

  7. Now someone’s research has been cut short due to another ignorance not all birds are witches,they believe in their bad behavior.

  8. Truly the bird look demonic and the of the world made people to be careful of things within their surroundings. Rivers State is one of the most developed state both in brain and otherwise.

  9. Ignorance they say is a disease, truly it is. When are we going to embrace wisdom and be liberated from the shackles of ignorance?

  10. No one is to be blamed, a bird flying and was felled down, the person that killed it never knew it was migratory bird, but would blame anyone, as our people uses bird’s for their evil mission

  11. Hmm Education is key and knowledge is power let’s encourage conservation all Nigerians should know that

  12. Ignorance is a disease. But to be candid,if I see such bird ,fear will grip my heart and attempt to kill it.

  13. Ignorance is not an excuse Nigerians need to be educated on so many things and brush them off this their African belief.

  14. We never can tell who is right or wrong all we just need to know that is God knows the best.

  15. The bird should have been killed, there are things you keep alive for future use, this bird is one of such thing


  17. Special breed it is indeed. But it wasn’t there fault, they thought it was evil. But this is amazing

  18. They just suffered the researchers because he’ll start all over again. Not every birds are witches

  19. The people thought it was evil
    Killing it is not their fault
    I will do the same thing if I was in their shoes

  20. What type of nonsense was that, we are given authority to kill animals especially those evil animals, that bird is evil

  21. Is not weather being educated or not!!! If I see this type of bird anywhere close to me or ma house I will kill it times. Where did the bird migrate from self and why didn’t the school cage it?

  22. I think it is good how they killed the bird what kind of rubbish research be that but Nigerian are full of ignorance

  23. I wouldn’t want to blame the killer here, unfortunately, we have seen a lot of diabolic act in our country.. The bird itself looks strange and scary .. The researcher should just take heart and forgive the killer.. We learn everyday.. I have learnt this today

  24. What a poor bird,what did the bird do the peolpe that killed it. We Nigerians can give meanings to little things

  25. Any way nobody should be blame about the killing of that bird, because dey dont know that it been used for research, so they think it was evil spirit owns it

  26. Those who killed the bird think it something else not knowing it’s a research it means those people are ignorant

  27. Ignorance is a disease. Especially in the village, every animal is evil of course you won’t blame them to an extent because a lot of evil things happen in the village.

  28. Lol. I think this is not necessarily lack of education. I think it is an issue of being versatile in various areas of study. Personally, I’m just hearing about migratory bird for the first time but that doesn’t mean I’m an illiterate. I don’t really blame the killers shaa. Lol

  29. This thing could have happen to any educated person coz the bird wasn’t in their hand to see the inscription on it, so mainly seeing it flying around with that ring and tracker one would think that it’s evil remember we’re in naija where everything is almost possible. So don’t blame the killer too much. He May not even be illiterate as people said.

  30. we will never change every little thing we see or suspect is always evil to us…. When will this mind set stop….well I think is because our minds are not pure we always think evil that is why we see everything as evil

  31. Ignorance is a disease
    Just imagine, killing a migratory bird that’s been used a research work.
    This is going to be a serious setback to the people carrying out this research work.

  32. Ignorance is a disease. Though you won’t blame them because they have not seen or heard about such bird before. It looks strange to them that’s why they killed it. We learn everyday

  33. please don’t blame the people that killed the bird, the bird might as well be evil, we are in Africa not in Europe, so how did you expect them to know that the bird is a migratory bird, in Africa their is nothing like education in killing a evil-like Bird

  34. Ignorance is one of the things that will kill Nigerians, every bird flying is a witch as far as an average Nigerian is concerned

  35. Our Nigeria one thing they believe that has to do with a strange Bird is evil and this a a strange Bird with Even ring round his leg and you expect Nigeria man to keep quiet and watch no he go ran to the pastor that God has deliver him from the hands of the wicked.but very painful for killing the experiment bird

  36. Ignorance is very bad and that is why is good to be educated… But to tell you the truth if it where me I will still kill the bird because it looks suspicious

  37. I will not blame the person,if i am in his or her shoe,i will di the same,this is Nigeria,everybody they catch witch

  38. Ignorance is a disease and we Nigerians with much superstitious beliefs should please look at things well before judging. Poor birds.

  39. This is funny and at the same time annoying. Next time, they should create an awareness, I think that would help

  40. That is why they say illiteracy is sickness, it steals from those that lack the knowledge of understanding and affects growth. Hope they’ve learnt from the little they know now.

  41. It’s a result of their illetracy and ignorance, I just hope it won’t get them into bigger trouble next time

  42. It was caused by ignorance, the person that did it eventually didn’t know what the bird was for. So u won’t blame whosoever it was.

  43. Education is the key, I really do not blame the killers because they are ignorant of it, we need free education for all

  44. Honestly if the Bird land on my farmland I will kill it, considering lots of evil deals going on in our communities I will kill it even if na Obama send it as long as it landed on my property I will attack it simple.what rubbish assignment is that. Mtchtt

  45. People who lack education lack proper understanding that not every creature is a demon , because your country doesn’t have that bird doesn’t mean other countries don’t

  46. It is rather unfortunate for this to happen having caught short the journey of the bird for the research. Education is key.

  47. This is funny, some people take action with illiterate approach,when they see evil birds they won’t attack it like this

  48. Hahah,I have never seen such bird yet am not an illiterate. NOT ALL ARE ZOOLOGIST.AS FOR ME,THE IS LIKE PEOPLE TURNING TO BIRDS IN ThE NIGHT TO DO EVIL

  49. The person killed that bird with no aim of eating it. Just because its not of common species found in Nigeria…. This is really serious

  50. Ignorant is a disease especially in the village, anything they see is evil in their eyes. The person that kill the bird will that he has killed the evil one. This is serious

  51. I don’t blame the killers of the bird neither do i blame the people against the killing of the migratory bird. I blame ignorance and poor Enlightenment. Also,if it was to be a research institutes’ asset, someone, somewhere, would have made a far cry. People are scared based on the evil happenings around them. Life…

  52. Bird is gone dear, the persons on research will know even before you did and probably released another one. In experiments there are things you cannot control, like this one, when it occurs you record and observe and continue. Stop feeling bad.

  53. Can we all see what illiteracy can cause. Our government should intensify efforts in providing education for all

  54. Since it is a research why are they complaining again. do you know how many animals are killed by research scientist in a year just to discover the other side of the wall

  55. Can someone even kill a witches bird if the person is not a witch or wizard ❓
    Educated illiterates are worst than stack illiterate.

  56. Well, it wasn’t their fault, if they knew what the bird was meant for, they wouldn’t have killed it.

  57. And if they see the real evil bird now they won’t be able to kill it ignorant has taken over the killer

  58. Hahahaha Tnk God it was killed I would not have read abt dis. Not because dey said juju on, I would have said it’s an evil bird too…

  59. Hmmmmmmm
    Funny nigerians they thought it was sent by their village people
    Don’t blame them jarreh

  60. The institution that uses the bird for research think the bird will fly to educated countries

  61. So sad killing animals birds is common in this part of the world for just no cause what a pity and ignorance is a disease, even if is evil they are not supposed to kill it just like that.

  62. Nawao for Nigerians every rare creature is evil in one way or the other,illiteracy of the highest order

  63. Ilitracy and ignorant is a very big disease which we must be prevented from…….Nigeria is still far from modernization

  64. It a two way thing we can call them ignorant for killing the bird but at the same time a bird with rings flying in a village farm am sure you understand what am trying to insinuate.

  65. I don’t know much about birds but the migratory bird is used to carry message to his bearer all the same he villagers is not aware of this and they found it strange with rings on Bob legs I don’t blame them for killing he bird but they should a least check the ring if one of their name is written their or not

  66. Lol……this soooo funny honesty Nigerian with their character well is not their fault they might even think the bird serve as food..

  67. I won’t blame them we might say its ignorance but sincerely yours nobody knew that’s the purpose couple with all the occurrence happening over there so its sad though they should accept it like that

  68. Special breed it is indeed. But it wasn’t there fault, they thought it was evil. But this is amazing

  69. Well this is not thought in schools it not common am surprise because i only see this in a white man land

  70. That is called ignorance. They don’t know that a single research can take years to complete. Now this school or student as the case may be, will have to start afresh. That is a big waste of time and resources.

  71. Ignorant is indeed a disease ,,,but I wonder how people in this modern age still believe that some animals are evil

  72. Intact been illiterate is a disease, if the person that kill the bird is educated he wouldn’t have done that.

  73. Chai see comment oo. No wonder they said my people perish for lack of knowledge. Killing the bird is not intentional because u don’t catch a bird first and inspect the leg before deciding to kill it. What if they used catapult to kill it? Pls don’t crucify them. But it is a huge setback on the institution or the student as the case may be.

  74. Lolz. I think ignorance is the worst thing that can ever attack a generation. If an educated person had been there, he/she would have rescued the bird having seen some peculiar look on it for further studies and investigations.

  75. I know it wasn’t an intentional act, but then that what illiteracy can cause in this part of the world.

  76. I will not blame those that kill that bird education or no education if u see a bird with ring on both legs you will be scared to go closer

  77. Am sure the killer won’t kill it if he knows it’s for research, even me am just learning this kind of thing happens. Thou if it were me, I will just be lost in wonder not killing it. So it’s an accident, I pray the university will keep the research going

  78. Ignorance is a terrible thing indeed
    But I want to believe
    The bird was really not killed cos of the inscriptions but instead cos of it’s look I believe
    They came to the knowledge of the inscription after it’s been killed
    That’s why
    It went public
    Cos of that single spectacular inscriptions
    Birds get killed Daisy and we hear nothing

    The ignorant may think witchcraft but some are still educated I believe

  79. Wow is this true or they only want to have fun if it true Omo it really good to have this kind bird at home ooo

  80. The fact that it was found in the village made it bad for the unfortunate bird, but no matter how important education is, everybody can not be educated

  81. the fact that it was found in the village made it bad for the unfortunate bird but no matter how important education is, everybody cannot be educated, it’s a pity

  82. villagers are not educated which means ignorances is a disease they will think is bush meat they are not meant to b sue because of there ignorance

  83. Nigerians don’t know if the bird is for research or not, not every one is educated enough to know a research bird from an ordinary bird

  84. Lol, since he said it wasn’t killed for the rings, why was it killed. Though the guy said they saw the rings after killing the bird. We should show mercy to animals and stop killing them for sports.

  85. That’s by the level of illiteracy in Nigeria.
    The government should do something about our educational sector

  86. African belief in juju makes them not think straight. Everything is even. Poor birds they had to see their ancestors before their time. Lol

  87. We are just too diabolical. Well now they know better. To the owner, ” sorry for your loss” .

  88. I don’t knw why the person killed that innocent bird ooo. When a whole human being is not too big for them sha, am not surprise

  89. Wow, what a pity Nigeria and their illiteracy. I hope those that owns the bird will know that their bird is no more

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