Michelle Dede slams photographer who called for rape of indecently dressed ladies

Nigerian actress Michelle Dede has slammed a photographer, Arinze Onyisi, who called for the rape of ladies who dress indecently via a social media post.

Michelle Dede slams photographer who called for rape of indecently dressed ladies

Reacting to the post by Arinze Onyisi, Michelle Dede took to Instagram to educate him on the dangers of making the kind of statement he made.

Michelle Dede wrote:

Dear @arinzeonyisi I use the term Dear very sarcastically in this caption. I’m not someone who ousts people on insta when they rip me off or upset me. However, as someone who advocates against sexual abuse, your case is unacceptable! Someone posted your what’s app stories in their insta stories & it was circulated, till I was tagged a short while ago. My initial reaction was to call someone so I could get you arrested. Instead, I’ve decided to attempt to educate you, in the hope that this form of public RE-education will be a permanent deterrent to you & a reminder that many now know who you are. 1. Rape Is Not And Will Never Be Acceptable! 2. I don’t know how old you are, nor do I care, because from your posts I can only conclude that You Lack The Emotional And Mental Intellect to know that Rape Is Wrong, if you did you would never have posted what you did. 3. There are black & white areas when it comes to many things in life, but not in the case of rape! 4. Rape Is A Crime. Forcing someone to have sex against their will is an offence. 5. Following the recent arrests of the two men who raped/video taped the rape of a woman in a hotel room & ARE NOW BOTH IN POLICE CUSTODY, only a fool would type, share what you did via any form of social media. 6. Read 1-5 again, then ask yourself slowly Am I Arinze A Fool? 7.There are orgs like @standtoendrape @mirabelcentreng@dsvrt @cece_yara @projectalertvawng @warif_ng@nomore234ng who devote their time to help survivors & victims parents get justice from abusers, they & other orgs/individuals have successfully gotten rapists convicted. Hundreds of women, girls & boys lives are ruined after they have been abused. Many do not survive, many go on to battle years of emotional & mental trauma as a result of rape, yet you post about it as a joke! I fear for the women and models you work with now!. 8.There Is Nothing Funny About Rape! 9. A woman wearing a short skirt does not cause rape! Neither does a woman who is covered in a hijab who gets raped, nor does a two month old baby or a ten year old boy! 10. Rape Is Caused By Rapists.11. Let me also remind you of what usually happens to convicted rapists, they end up……..



  1. He Really do not have d mental and emotional feelings, rape is a really bad experiences and it’s nothing to joke about with

  2. this is really serious, tis matter of rapping is now coming rampant in the society and it need to be eradicated.

  3. Well said, a word is enough for the wise. Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. This is not just a joke, he meant every bit of it. He needs to repent or face the consequences

  4. I think those girls who think they don’t want to be reached should try and be moral in their way of dressing

  5. knowing that rape is a crime, he shouldn’t have said such in the first place. but anyways his reactions portrayed an element of the kind of bad behaviors he’s got in his sleeves.

  6. He’s very wrong to utter such statements out, ladies also should dress decently, that will curb sexual immorality and raping

  7. Lol this one really touched Dede well well ooo but the person that said it was actually laying a point in what was said not the other way round.

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