Miami building implosion: Watch South Shore Hospital implosion videos

Miami building implosion: Press play to watch Old South Shore Hospital implosion videos.

Miami building implosion lailasnews

Miami building implosion

The old South Shore Hospital building implosion happened today April 16th 2019 bring the hospital’s existence to an end.

The abandoned hospital at 600 Alton Road was imploded by a construction crew shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday to make way for a high-rise condominium building.

Before the Miami buildingimplosion, no one was allowed in the exclusion zone between Fifth and Seventh streets and Lenox and West avenues.

All roadways have been reopened after the implosion was successfully carried out.

The old South Shore Hospital building by the MacArthur Causeway has been abandoned for 10 years and the process to remove it has been long.

From the dust, after the implosion today, something beautiful is expected to rise — 44 stories of a high-rise condominium building, a Floridian condominium building, complete with retail space.

Press play to watch the Miami building implosion videos below:


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