MI Abaga finally drops full diss track for Vector, The Viper

MI Abaga aka The Chairman has finally dropped a full diss track titled The Viper, in response to Vector.

Just yesterday, Vector released the lyrics to his diss track for MI and now he has a response from him which he titled, The Viper.

MI Abaga finally drops full diss track for Vector, The Viper

When Vector dropped the lyrics, MI commented My G and Vector quickly responded “I’m not your G, you type too much.” This probably provoked MI further to releasing a response in the track titled “The Viper” today.

M.I plays a fatherly role to VEC on the song, claims he wouldn’t give Vector a diss instead Maturity. In the song, he shared wisdom on how to be a success and become a Boss so Vector could join the Higher Authority. In his words he said,

‘Vector is just bitter because he did get a feature, but i still love him like a son‘

Listen below.

Lyrics from MI The Viper (Vector diss)

[Verse 1: M.I Abaga]

And so the Viper wants to war with me
My OG called and said “yo M.I don’t reward him B
Remember, building bridges been our priority
Remember who you are Juddah promise me.”
So I swore by my name cause there is no higher authority
I will not destroy you instead I give you maturity
Your soul is unclean, your heart is full of impurity and
Jealousy, jealousy nigga jealousy ahh!
This isn’t a diss, this is truth listen
This is wisdom I’m giving to you cause you my youth
You can never battle Jude your default setting is lose
That’s why I choose when you raise the alarm
To hit that snooze, you’ve always hated me
Your very first liner, your first single showed how you rated me
But Lanre see, I’ve always rated you
You no be mate to me tho
You should look up to me like your pàle
I’m happy my son is taller
Doesn’t mean you won’t dobale, chale

You’ve had a jealous heart since you was a child
That why everybody who loves you ends up used and defiled
But yous in denial, blaming everyone but yourself
Already fake when no one knew you and then famed it in hell
Look how you treated YSG
When them niggas really believed in you
Fucking snake, always bite the hand of people feeding you
AQ was your guy you did nothing to help him blossom no
But since he’s been around me, that nigga’s been doing awesome
Your manager and cousin gave you all cause he believed
When you got arrested he sat in jail with you and wouldn’t leave
But as you head dey hot, got rid of nigga just like a weave
And he still put you on his CV we gave him a job at CC
See we rise by lifting others, who you lifted?
Nobody in all these years
Can say that Vector put em in position wow
You sinned against the order of heaven
That’s why the God has brought you to me
To be reborn and forgiven, my nigga let’s, pray

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