Mexican mayor killed within hours of taking office

A Mexican mayor has been killed within hours of taking office. Alejandro Aparicio Santiago was killed while on his way to his first meeting in office.

Mexican Mayor killed within hours of taking office lailasnews

According to reports, the newly elected mayor was making his way to City Hall after taking office in Tlaxiaco, when he was attacked by a group of men.

He was taken to a hospital, but sadly died there later on. Four other people were also injured during the attack.

Mr Aparicio was a member of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA), which is the party of newly-elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The Oaxaca branch of the party shared their condolences and demanded action.

The tweet said:

“We deeply regret the death of our friend and friend Alejandro Aparicio Santiago, Municipal President of the Heroic City of Tlaxiaco. We demand that the authorities act and punish those responsible. Our condolences to your family and friends.”

Following the tragic incident, Gov. Alejandro Murathas promised to carry out a thorough investigation into the circumstances of his death and confirmed that a suspect had already been taken into custody.

This is not the first time a public official has been killed in Mexico, and according to reports it can be an extremely dangerous career.

Consultancy firm Etellekt states that between September 2017 and August 2018, some 175 politicians were killed.

NPR reported that last year more than 33,000 people were killed in Mexico, and things have become so bad that morgues have been overflowing; unable to keep up with the demand for space, at times bodies had to be stored in refrigerated trailers, which even led to residents complaining about the smell.

A local resident named María del Rosillo Limón Maldonado said the entire area smelled of death.

She said:

“The smell penetrates you, totally envelops you.”


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