Mexican mayor killed within hours of taking office

A Mexican mayor has been killed within hours of taking office. Alejandro Aparicio Santiago was killed while on his way to his first meeting in office.

Mexican Mayor killed within hours of taking office lailasnews

According to reports, the newly elected mayor was making his way to City Hall after taking office in Tlaxiaco, when he was attacked by a group of men.

He was taken to a hospital, but sadly died there later on. Four other people were also injured during the attack.

Mr Aparicio was a member of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA), which is the party of newly-elected President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The Oaxaca branch of the party shared their condolences and demanded action.

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The tweet said:

“We deeply regret the death of our friend and friend Alejandro Aparicio Santiago, Municipal President of the Heroic City of Tlaxiaco. We demand that the authorities act and punish those responsible. Our condolences to your family and friends.”

Following the tragic incident, Gov. Alejandro Murathas promised to carry out a thorough investigation into the circumstances of his death and confirmed that a suspect had already been taken into custody.

This is not the first time a public official has been killed in Mexico, and according to reports it can be an extremely dangerous career.

Consultancy firm Etellekt states that between September 2017 and August 2018, some 175 politicians were killed.

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NPR reported that last year more than 33,000 people were killed in Mexico, and things have become so bad that morgues have been overflowing; unable to keep up with the demand for space, at times bodies had to be stored in refrigerated trailers, which even led to residents complaining about the smell.

A local resident named María del Rosillo Limón Maldonado said the entire area smelled of death.

She said:

“The smell penetrates you, totally envelops you.”


  1. What didn’t know that politics was like that outside Nigeria,The culprits should be found and arrested and made to face the law.May his soul rest in peace

  2. I tot things like this only happen in Nigeria, now i knw that politics is nt just for the strong but also a vry dirty game, world wide

  3. What is happening here. Is there no security aide with him. He shouldn’t have left himself unguarded.

  4. This is too bad I don’t think they have good security in that country how can they be killing people like that not even ordinary people but people in high post they should something about their security

  5. Politics is the same every where, I pray the killers be caught and punished according to the law.. RIP Mayor

  6. The dirtiness of politics isn’t only limited to Africa. Man and its quest for power and fame. R.I.P Mayor

  7. What a pitty his dear wasn’t something to call out for although I happen when he never expected it that’s life for you

  8. Politics is risky. The death rate in mexico is much o. Which is even worse, Nigeria or Mexico. RIP to the dead and may God console the family members.

  9. This is politics…you think you are cool with everyone,but No! you’ve got haters left,right,center….thread with caution!!!

  10. This is so sad and bad. He didn’t even get to the office for his first meeting as the newly elected mayor and he was killed. May his soul rest in peace. Things are really happening ooo.

  11. Politics is a dirty game,either u kill or u get killed.
    RIP to the deseaced……may God give the family the fortitude to bear the lost.

  12. this is horrible and pathetic. an offshoot of politics world over. whether you are good or not, with good intentions, to the hater’s immaterial. God be with the family members.

  13. oh my God thats was bad…please justice should take its full cause the authorities should put more effort in the investigation and get the killers to face the law..all thesame condolence to the family may his soul rest in peace…

  14. Some people with wicked heart, what happen is political issue, may his soul rest in perfect peace and God shall heal other people.

  15. Politics every where,a life has been lost now all in the name of achieving power,hmmmm life is vanity

  16. That’s the reason we need to be careful because politics is not an easy job to compete for.

  17. Politics is a dirty game no matter the country or place…. People can do anything to be in power.

  18. Politics is a dirty game they were waiting for him to take the office before killing him,may his soul rest in peace.

  19. This is bad how can he be killed few hours after his taking over this is bad may his soul rest in peace

  20. This is the worst thing that can ever happen to a man after victory he get killed ,politics is a very dangerous game ,anybody who wants to be involved in politics should be fully prepared .

  21. Well this shows that there is bad politics everywhere in the world not only Nigeria this is very bad .

  22. This world is filled of wicked people they killed without think of hell fire.this is sad rest in perfect peace

  23. Thorough investigation is likely to reveal that there are some people somewhere contending the office with him.

  24. As if they had timed him and waiting for him to get there… People are heartless.. May his soul rest in peace

  25. The Mexico government should fully investigate on the Mayor’s death and press charges to the culprit, if not such will keep occurring as was recorded that this is not the first.

  26. This is really bad oo all in the name of politics thay will be killing them self may is soul rest in peace

  27. Politics is a dirty game. If you are not up for it.. Then forget it.. Honestly too many death in it..

  28. Politics is a dirty game. If you are not up for it.. Then forget it.. Honestly too many death in it.. Death rolls.. God has mercy

  29. What a bad news. Just newly elected for that matter.
    May his soul rest in peace.
    Quick recovery to those that were also attacked.

  30. The opposition has done this, politics is a great risky game, l sympathize with the family and fans ,may God grant his soul enternal rest.

  31. I guess his assassins are his oppositions… Investigation should be made and the evil doers brought to book

  32. It was a conspiracy.. so sad he had to die untimely. May his soul rest in peace and may God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

  33. This is so bad, corruption everywhere, people must be enlighten that politics is not a do or die affair. May his soul rest in peace.

  34. My condolences to their families,and may the authourities act to punish those responsible for the suicide

  35. This is so sad, who could have done that, its dastard in nature. Politics should not be do or die affairs. May God fortify the family to bear the lost

  36. Dirty game! And this will lead to political political apathy in the country. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

  37. Politically motivated killings every where. I think sad tales from Mexico going by These statistics should be condemned.

  38. How is this kind of thing happing, how can a day of happines turn to mourning, my heart is withnthe family.

  39. It seems he has some wicked and heartless enemies, so bad they killed him as soon as he arrived the position, the killers should be sorted out, may his soul rest in peace

  40. May his gentle soul rest in peace. The people responsible for this evil act most face the panalty for the evil they’ve done.

  41. They couldn’t even wait for him to enjoy the new office a little, so sad. May his soul rest in peace .

  42. Power pays both good and bad ways. My those responsible for his death know no peace. Rest in peace Alejandro

  43. Politics is a game of devil, if you want to be a politician you should be ready to dine with the devil.

  44. Why are they killing their public officials ? Politics is really a dirty game. Force men should be assigned to any newly elected officials. Rest in peace sir

  45. Good night mayor. I believe he was a victim of the fight of Drug lords. They should improve the security of that nation

  46. Mexico from onset is a very terrible city sorry country filled with a lot of drug baron if he has a contest for any strong public post you have to be strong in all sects

  47. Since they don’t want him to rule them they wouldn’t have elected him in the first place now he was killed this world is full of wicked people all for politics or whatelse,may his soul rest in peace

  48. What kind of government and security works in Mexico. considering the continuous n increasing number of death rate of those elected into positions, are there no clear ways of bringing the perpetrator to book or even stopping them permanently

  49. This is a country where drug deals and other dastardly acts abound, so killing a mayor might mean nothing to the perpetrators..

  50. It either is rival never wanted him in office or he just a really good guy and the bad guyz dont want him in office

  51. She was helped into a room in the house that also houses the drinking spot by two siblings living there.

  52. May the soul of this mayor rest in peace. I’m sure it would have been drug traffickers that are responsible for the death.

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